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  1. Braid

    I'm pretty sure you're actually approaching those puzzles from the wrong angle Dan, since the game isn't a "proper platformer". Any time you think you see a solution which requires you to have excellent platforming skill then there is a far more elegant solution that involves a new way of using the time mechanic of that world...
  2. A League of their Legends?

    Clash of Fates?!
  3. Crayon Physics

    You can delete any object you've drawn by right clicking on it...
  4. Plain Sight

    You don't even need an account for the latest build wrestle. Also I've been meaning to ask you, did you run it in full screen? I know some people have had really bad frame rates in windowed mode but it has run fine when full screen...
  5. LittleBigThumb

    I'd also be in / up / on ( / under?) for this!
  6. Five BioShock sequels

    Didn't say I was shocked, just confused about the premise
  7. Five BioShock sequels

    It's definitely the case, so much so that I was baffled at the original announcement that ONE sequel was being made, it seemed like such a stand alone game.
  8. Plain Sight

    Just out of interest did you try dropping the resolution down to see if it had any impact? (It's hard to test if that has much effect when we have no lower end test machines)
  9. Plain Sight

    Not all went according to plan, but we will be releasing the new version tomorrow morning, sorry!
  10. Plain Sight

    If all goes according to plan we'll release a new version tomorrow.
  11. Plain Sight

    Miffy, that sounds like a .NET 3.5 issue. Do you have multiple versions of the .NET framework installed? Perhaps try re-installing .NET 3.5 from scratch. Thunderpeel, did you try both the direct link and going via the website front page?
  12. Plain Sight

    As far as I'm aware the website is not having any issues... Try going to www.plainsightgame.com , login and select Download under the Beta sidebar.
  13. Plain Sight

    No need for that, I'll give you access when the time comes
  14. Plain Sight

    Yar, everyone who has been invited will have beta access added to their accounts at about 17:00 GMT.
  15. Plain Sight

    You possibly haven't read the invite completely (or alternatively robin didn't write what he said he would) It will become available in a few hours time!

    More likely a pun off of the Latin word Ludo for which the game Ludo is named.....
  17. Plain Sight

    everyone: thanks for signing up, look forward to testing this with you all soon elmuerte: the store should be fixed now for international orders!
  18. A lovely christmas story!

    A couple of months ago there was an amazing headline in several newspapers over here : "The Queen: 'I used to take cocaine at parties'" By "The Queen" what they actually meant was "Actress Helen Mirren, who once played the Queen". I could not believe my eyes when I saw several versions of the crazy inflammatory headline.
  19. Wrath of the Lich King

    Try rolling a healer and having that same perspective Some of my favourite moments soloing have been when I have helped the opposing faction, on more than one occasion me and an alliance char have simultaneously helped each other with quests. The massive communication barrier is really pleasing to overcome. Revenge isn't something I have any desire for in anything I do, and I hate self perpetuating circles Having said that being ganked doesn't bother me beyond the instantaneous annoyance of having to corpse run, if some corpse camps though that's a whole other matter. Also as far as story and history goes, the characters I play really have no reason to PvP indiscriminately and the Horde and alliance have various subgroups which co-operate and others that don't.
  20. How should I connect my Xbox 360 to a HD monitor?

    One thing you'll want to do for VGA is use the Expanded Range setting in the Xbox's visual options, makes it look a lot nicer! And yes, using VGA is the best route, since there would be nothing to gain by converting the VGA signal.
  21. ‫‬‭‮‪‫‬‭‮Mirror's Edge

    I'm pretty sure toblix is being sarcastic signor Trilogy games are pretty cliche now, so much so that it's absurdly comical to me when a company announces that a soon to be released game is the first of a trilogy.
  22. The British pronunciation for colonel is exactly the same as the American one unless you are more than 400 years old... Solder is actually pronounced both ways in this country, but the pronounced L is far more prevalent. If you follow the etymological route further back than middle English you find the L comes back in (i.e. the latin solidare). Video Games!
  23. Resident Evil 4 Wii

    Nice try, but their logos aren't even slightly similar! I feel I should mention Tecmo to try and confuse things further.
  24. Wrath of the Lich King

    The little I have seen of Northrend so far is absolutely gorgeous, Howling Fjord is full of amazing details and really feels alive. They've really outdone themselves.
  25. Þe Olde Videogame Muzak

    I feel I have to defend Halo's piano theme in the third iteration, as I thought that was quite nice. The rest was pretty blah.