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  1. I want to know what happened on the 1st that caused everyone to shun weinhandlers until IdleThumbs led to a resurgence of interest.
  2. Nick is on the far right, the guy at the bottom is a miscellaneous human.
  3. Cataclysm

    You keep mentioning a Tarren Mill PvP zone in cataclysm, but I'm pretty sure there isn't one. The equivalent of Wintergrasp in the new expansion is an island called Tol Barad, which has the same fight over a fortress to gain control of a zone thing and additional daily quests (frequently compared to the Isle of Quel'Danas).
  4. Mass Effect 2

    Did you buy them on someone else's Xbox? Because I've always been able to use DLC that my housemate bought / unlocked for his account and vice versa (Including some ME2 DLC).
  5. Mafia II

    You can get the first game free if you preorder through steam
  6. The system is based on a lunar cycle, the ides is when the full moon for each month would occur in the roman calendar.
  7. Red Dead Redemption

    When I first started playing I was a little confused by only being able to shove people or shoot people, so I totally know what you mean. Need more verbs that don't begin with "sh".
  8. Who do you write like

    My Shadow of the Colossus review was apparently similar to Arthur C. Clarke and my Okami review was like George Orwell.... weird! A random forum post of mine was apparently also like Wallace.
  9. Anyone Remember?

    I think it was a Gabriel Knight game, you had to make a disguise which involved tricking a cat to go under a fence with a sticky surface in the underneath of it in order to get a ridiculous moustache ripped from its back
  10. Red Dead Redemption

    Actually miffy
  11. Happy Birthday!

    Hey you can't welcome him to 27, you're in 32!
  12. Happy Birthday!

    Welcome to 27 toblix!
  13. Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse

    I downloaded it from steam earlier today, may be a regional thing though I guess.
  14. Journey (thatgamecompany's next thing)

    If you know of other games that play anything like Flower, then please point me in their direction! I'm not suggesting Flower is the most amazing thing ever made, but it is fairly unique in my experience and very relaxing while still remaining fun. I wasn't that interested in flOw though.
  15. Injuries That Prevented Gaming.

    I've damaged my palm by spinning the analog stick as fast as possible in one of the Mario Party games on the N64, but that's the only one I can recall.
  16. Yeah the equipment is not small or convenient to transport at all, it was hassle enough when we moved it across San Francisco for the Conf-Grenades!
  17. As E3 takes place in LA and not San Francisco, that is sadly not likely.
  18. Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse

    Maybe cmd-M to minimise would work? Also Jake, make someone add steamcloud support please I play at work but want to continue at home sometimes
  19. Piracy has hit a new low....

    I frequently install games both at work and at home, putting them on a USB stick is probably more hassle than just letting them download in the background
  20. Real Lives

    I would argue that Film is thought of as entertainment by most people, but that doesn't prevent harrowing or tragic films from existing. If anything I think games are exactly the right medium as experiencing something can be a lot more powerful than merely spectating.
  21. Plain Sight

    The leaderboards are steam exclusive, the stats and achievements are tracked outside of steam but they aren't yet displayed in game (this will be added in a patch in the near future).
  22. Plain Sight

    Aaaaactually no I'm afraid not. Microsoft didn't want to go for it, so we're taking it to the PS3, which will be about a year in development.
  23. Plain Sight

    Yeah unfortunately the steam overlay had to be disabled as it wasn't playing properly with XNA, we're trying to fix it but it's a tricky one. Since everyone is requesting password saving I guess I can put that in Only steam has those features at the moment, although the game will still track the data so we are planning to roll out those features for other platforms later on.
  24. Plain Sight

    Glad you're enjoying it Brannigan! Sorry for ruining your school crap, but I'm pleased that you like the Achievement names, even one person enjoying those makes the time I spent on them worthwhile Hermie: Robin was the guy in the quicklook, he is not a thumb guy.
  25. Plain Sight

    Thanks Patters glad you think it's rad I should probably have posted about the release myself ;;