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  1. DSiWare

    Oh man! I wish I had known that when I had my DS, I thought I had raped the shoulder from excessive jumping in mario kart! Unofrtunately the DS was later stolen when my house was broken into last year so..... irrelevant now ;;
  2. Hope she recovers quickly wrestle! I don't often venture into this area but saw this and was saddened by the news. Also my brain replaced the word "ward" with wizard
  3. ODST - Your fathers Halo

    Try looking under "Odious Tea"
  4. Mass Effect 2

    Yeah I was speaking more to the environments being flawed than procedural being the problem, my response was equally flawed
  5. Mass Effect 2

    Speak for yourself, I found it pretty dull that every building on every (non-plot) planet in the galaxy had one of three interiors. It was like IKEA space outposts.
  6. You are starting to edge towards Hungarian words for trousers.... or cat. I think
  7. Life

    Sure, why not?
  8. So.. Batman: Arkham Asylum

    So you are suggesting it fails in every way at being a game?
  9. The All New XBox Gamertag Exchange Thread!

    Fraid not, Mr Bean was Rowan Atkinson not Hugh Laurie.
  10. 25 years since Elite was released!

    Sounds like you are talking about EVE ... ;;
  11. Favourite endings to games.

    It most certainly is NOT dumb to suggest Super Mario World, I love that ending. Especially watching it with the weirdo alternate enemies after you finish the star levels!
  12. Mass Effect 2

    Except it wasn't, KotOR had exactly the same thing where you decide how the game ends with a single binary decision, none of your choices compound to affect the plot at all. Every good / evil game seems to work this way and it always dilutes the experience for me when your character is basically asked close to the end "so do you want to continue to act in character or have a completely absurd shift and see the other ending?"
  13. Tesco's responses are actually pretty good! "Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda and Luke Skywalker all appeared hoodless without ever going over to the Dark Side and we are only aware of the Emperor as one who never removed his hood."
  14. Mass Effect 2

    I'm not sure I would say that, but there are things I prefer in Mass Effect. The options available to you are much less clearly EVIL or GOOD in a lot of case, a lot more nuance which is very pleasing. I find the combat in ME is a bit less coherent than Kotor, the TPS aspect seems to be more developed whereas the biotic and tech skills can be powerful but I found their effects either samey or not well communicated so weren't as enjoyable to use.
  15. Mass Effect 2

    That was the original, such an awesome droid, I loved Kotor and never got around to playing the sequel but am in the middle of a second play through of Mass Effect. To quickly summarise my opinions on it I pretty much echo everything Chris has said on the podcast, although I have determined that the best way to do well as non-soldier classes is to thoroughly abuse the Radial menus to freeze the action and aim frequently.
  16. PSP

    It seems you still missed the first part of my original response, which is that they HAVEN'T added more. They removed the UMD drive and changed the shape, that's all. PSPGo is an iteration akin to DSLite. There's nothing additional to draw you there from iPhone or DS because nothing has changed I would suggest the PlayStation Portable as a brand idea was not great really, for the reasons miffy suggests. In theory if you ask someone, would you like to play games on the move that are like the ones you play at home, they will most likely say "Hell yes!". In practice it doesn't really work out so well. I wasn't meaning to imply they should have added touch to their existing machine. However not having touch in future generations of the platform would seem foolish to me, it's not as though it would overextend or overcomplicate it as a device. (likewise a second analog nubbin wouldn't go amiss)
  17. PSP

    Would you say the same for d-pads and analogue sticks for consoles? I know that's being a bit facetious, but I think touch has proven itself a great fit for portable gaming and excluding it from a future handheld would only seem to be stubborn self-sabotage.
  18. Direct mp3 download

    I use my iPhone for all sorts of things and usually charge every 3 or 4 days. Turning off bluetooth and lowering the brightness helps.
  19. PSP

    No they haven't...... edit: Also would it be so terrible if they did? It makes perfect sense at this point for them to add touch to the PSP brand, that way developers who make anything for the DS or iPhone can easily spread to the PSP.
  20. I'm going off the rails on a crazy (hype) train

    I think that's his point, they are spoilers so they should be expected to spoil the experience
  21. I'm going off the rails on a crazy (hype) train

    Likewise on Arkham Asylum, it came out of nowhere and I loved the crap out of it.
  22. Movie/TV recommendations

    A Lord of a Ring : A Fellowship of a Ring etc
  23. The Last Guardian

    Yeah the name is a several layered pun Toriko = Tori + neko (bird and cat) Toriko = baby bird Toriko = prisoner Toriko = Trico (the game's codename of sorts)
  24. The Last Guardian

    There's no reason they couldn't make trophies for incidental bonus stuff, like say... something similar to finding the mace weapon / lightsaber in ICO, or doing the time attacks in SotC. They don't have to interfere with the core experience and I'm sure Ueda + team are perfectly capable of making them unintrusive.