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  1. "Next-gen" Sonic info and screens

    Eggman's his original name, was changed for outside of japan, afraid you'll have to concede on that point Full name Dr Eggman Robotnik, his first name was Ivo for the rest of the world. edit: I also wanted to mention, it's essentially like the whole Princess Peach / Daisy thing that Nintendo had going on in the early days, both companies felt they should unify the character names but Nintendo handled it a little differently by splitting them into two separate characters. oooh actually it's more like the King Koopa / Bowser thing where his full name is King Bowser Koopa or something.....
  2. If it's the albino mouse (or rat, I forget) you missed then you are plum out of luck, I missed it and got pissed off as it is the ONLY animal in the game that cannot be photographed at a later point, sadness!
  3. Just how awesome is the DS Lite?

    Haha! I am in exactly the same boat as you miffy, roll on monday!!
  4. Just how awesome is the DS Lite?

    Miffy the Power Adapter info I was talking about was all for Euro users only, America and Japan use the same voltage so there's no issue with the plugs there
  5. Just how awesome is the DS Lite?

    All of Nintendo's portables have always been region free, their reasoning being they want you to be able to play it anywhere and region locking would restrict that somewhat..... so yeah all the slots are region free
  6. Yep, that makes sense. I guess the Dead Zone idea mentioned earlier is probably the best way to go.
  7. I had exactly the same thought and almost mentioned it in my previous post, but then I thought back to playing FPS on my PC and realised it's down to the sensitivity of the turning. As far as I recall I don't generally have to lift the mouse up and move it back, the turning is easily done with relatively small movements and no loss in accuracy (ignoring for now that I am a RUBBISH shot )
  8. Just how awesome is the DS Lite?

    Enamel Navy and Ice Blue are both readily available at Liksang and PlayAsia. huzzah!
  9. Just how awesome is the DS Lite?

    The converter I was talking about was for converting the Voltage, as the japanese power sockets use a higher voltage than ours. However I recommend getting this instead as it is much cheaper and less obtrusive! (or get a USB charger, but be sure you are getting one for the Lite and not the original DS) LJ P.S. as a result of this thread I have now bought myself a DS Lite, so.... thanks
  10. Just how awesome is the DS Lite?

    The charger for the DS Lite is different to the original DS, and there is also no USB charger in the box. However I have just found out that both Liksang and PlayAsia are selling UK / Euro power adapters for the DS Lite and also a USB charger, so THAT would be by far the best option for you (and I'm beginning to get tempted....)
  11. Just how awesome is the DS Lite?

    You'll need a step down power converter which should set you back somewhere in the region of £20. You can get them from many places, but I'm afraid I have never bought one so have no recommendations.... Aside from that you'll be good to go
  12. Why do you assume the crosshairs have to be removed?? It could function just like a mouse on the PC where you aren't using it to point directly at you want to shoot per se, you are using it to point the direction of your view with your target always being centre screen.....
  13. Double Fine got two awards

    I think the drivel produced is more indicative of publisher tastes than developer tastes, the developer oftentimes doesn't have much choice...
  14. Children of mana

    Gah add another game to my massive DS backlog. The moment the Lite comes out I am going to be dead under a pile of games. RE Secret of Mana : You never could maximise the levels of ALL the weapons as there weren't enough of those orb things due to a damned BUG! Still the maxxed out spells were win! GO GO Fireballs that become dragons at top level >_<
  15. Delayed rewards in video games ?

    I believe the thinking was probably something along the lines of "we need a cash cow to fund our R&D for more innovative things....."
  16. Headsmiley contest, post 'em here

    At first I thought it was Uri Gellar, but after minimal research it turns out he is Stephen Colbert host of a Comedy Central program "The Colbert Report". hooray for knowledge! edit: see marek's better post above with links and things, damn you simultaneous postage!
  17. Headsmiley contest, post 'em here

    There's only one woman head smiley in the original lot, so my contributions are a cheeky and inquisitive Audrey Tatou!
  18. Why games feel irrelevant?

    Ok while I agree with Yufster's last point, (the enemy is the bad guy.... shocking), I have to say that ,yes, realising there is an underlying metaphor or something similar can make the experience better if done subtly. I can enjoy such a thing, it will make me smile, but if you don't then fine, quite why you think there is something wrong with that is very bizarre to me.... LJ P.S. I just noticed that your last post was evil
  19. Favorite developer logo intro seq.

    I enjoyed playing with the particle based lionhead logo in the intro to black and white, an interactive logo is always a nice little bonus.