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  1. Phil Harrison busts out the doublespeak (again)

    It's just lovely that BR has a slower read speed than DVD. That'll really help load times, especially when there's 16x as much memory as a PS2 to fill up.
  2. I don't know if there's a spoiler tag, or how to use it, so my apologies. Don't read on I thought Jade was a good character, for the most part. I liked her interactions with Porco Rosso. The rest of the characters were shallow (the good/evil/good guard) or forgettable (I've forgotten if there are any other characters). I also had a big problem with the end plot, especially the Jade plot twist. With a name like "Beyond Good and Evil", you'd think that some moral uncertainty would be eventually injected into what appear to be the bad guys. During the game there are certainly hints that there might be. Not at all. At most, we get a little bit of cutscene that threatens to turn Jade into a bad guy but it's obvious that this is just a hollow threat. In the end, the game turned into "Just Good and Evil". Sigh. Nicely polished gameplay, though.
  3. company outlook

    dOuble finE producTions
  4. Why isn't Psychonauts selling well?

    Dude, that was some rant. What store do you work at? Is it in Berkeley?
  5. PSM scored Psychonauts a 9.0 and rated it a "Buy or Die" "Psychonauts is hands-down the most refreshing, must-play, re-invention of the platform action game since at least the first Ratchet & Clank."
  6. Random Psychonauts Tidbits (possible spoilers)

    I know you won't like this answer because it's so prosaic, but it went something like this: Spoiler: who is the milkman? This is much cooler. My favorite thing: