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  1. I think if I were to continue working on it I'd definitely try to get the dialogue and the world working the way I want it to. Might try to find someone to partner with and work on this in my free time. If anyone wants to work on this just msg me !
  2. Well presentation went well, I've got a dropbox link if any of you want to try the game ? Its pretty rough but why not ? https://www.dropbox.com/s/k5bkqs4hk8akh48/uv.zip Ali
  3. Thanks, I'll try that today (Sunday) for the camera. For game time is there a way to fake it by fading one skybox into another ? Not sure I have the know-how to figure out the sun.
  4. Its in photoshop, still playing around trying to do it in unity. Its a series of aggregated bitmaps. Not really big on any schools, I tend to think more along the lines of particular inquiries rather than styles I suppose. If you're into architectural work you should check out my instagram aikarimi , its got a bunch of student work from the Grad school of design here. I'll try that, also if you've got any tips for having the camera change over time ? Or to have a game change from day to night ?
  5. Hey guys, my big review is on Tuesday, I was wondering if anyone with unity expertise would be up for a conversation to help out with a few questions, nothing too complex, just how to get a splash screen in game and getting the camera to pan properly.
  6. Just presented a copy of the design doc to my class. Went pretty well, I'll post a summary of the game design later tonight. Also , don't suppose there's a unity guru here that can help answer a few questions ?
  7. "All matter is condensed apathy" I know I haven't updated with text. Bear with me !
  8. Incoming big post tomorrow, but in the meantime here's a test portrait for the Maker character for a possible convo screen. As well as the two endings (sort of, not quite)
  9. Dear Idle Thumbers, Intro You may have seen me around, I'm on the forum on and off-ish. I'm a graduate student studying architecture, and this semester I am taking a video game design course. I have never really had any experience with the Unity Engine, or game design for that matter. I decided to start a little work/progress journal here, hoping for the occasional feedback and discussion. I'm open to all sorts of criticism, I have respect for the community here and thought it would be the place to get productive going on the process. WEEK 1 - The goal of the class : Semester-long project to design a "Garden of Eden" using the Unity Engine. Thats pretty much the larger framework of the class, they haven't said anything about 2d vs 3d, or what the game has to do. Because the class is largely made up of architects it'll probably be more of an exercise in manouvering through a landscape, however, I'd like to try something a bit closer to an actual game than an engine sandbox. First week was mainly providing a groundwork for showcasing what we are interested in. I'm particularly interested in the Garden of Eden narrative, so Adam,Eve,Snake,God,and the Tree. The games I would cite as key influences in general as : Monkey Island, Loom (in particular), Fate of Atlantis, Superbros. I've started writing a general framework for the narrative, still not thinking of whether this will be 2d, 3d, point and click, 1st person, 3rd person, etc. First thing is creating a world. Perhaps it'll be a point n click adventure game focused solely on dialogue choices. Or a game with some sort of gameplay mechanic and a story arc above that, (space battle?). Or maybe an exploration game ? Haven't decided. Thoughts on the story thus far is : You are a slave, with his mind blanked and sold off to a slave owner on a spaceship far far from home. You are given the name Batthai and put in the service of a powerful seemingly omnipotent master. All is not as it seems, and as you delve into the secrets of your faceless master, you find out the price of knowledge may be greater than the price of freedom. And attached some quick sketches of a possible intro. As you can tell my comic skills are on par with my game design skills (dismal). Heres some intro text/general flavor : i must have drifted off to space... consciousness slowly creeped back into my mind as i opened my eyes onto a blanket of twinkling stars they floated before me like motes of dust caught in midday sun my mind as empty and as unfamiliar as the firmament which yawned before me all i could muster was a single nameless thought accompanied by a sense that i had been there before maybe in a dream ? more likely in a story I had heard, once upon a time. the story always begins in the same way a young boy or girl wakes up on a frieghter or trade ship their mind blanked and ready to be sold into slavery and the terror grew within me rattling against the inside of my mind whatever or whoever i once was gone the stars shone in strange colors and my nameless thought found its title there was a name for the places the children in the stories were taken to a name for places where they would never be seen a name for places outside all they could have ever known places called the ultraviolets I've also gone ahead and designed a type-face for the game. Goals Write a general narrative structure. Write down 2-3 mechanic ideas Maybe do a mockup or two of possible camera angles ?
  10. Books, books, books...

    Sorry, couldnt go through 74 pages of this thread. Thyroid, are you of Arabic origin or are you just on a Orientalist-binge for a bit ? I'm currently between Patrick Rothfuss, Lovecraft, and wrapping up some Frank Herbert.
  11. Quitter's Club: Don't be ashamed to quit the game.

    I couldn't get through Gravity's Rainbow....
  12. Papers, Please

    Was thinking that as well. Matubula, the binder in game has 21 rings, not 18. You'll have to redo your drawings.
  13. The Big LucasArts Playthrough

    That Nazi backstory was hilarious. I remember playing FoA as a kid and being glad I put that Nazi out of his misery. Also, one less Nazi to fist-fight. Can't wait till you get to Grim Fandango.
  14. Wasteland 2

    I supported it. To be honest I'm surprised (and yet not surprised*) at how negative everyone is being. *see guide to Idle thumbs