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  1. Kinetic typography in games

    I was actually thinking about video game intro sequences not to long ago. Some standouts for me are the Half-Life, Fallout, and Metal Gear series. MGS 3's intro was done by Kyle Cooper's (of se7en fame) Prologue Studios.
  2. Diablo III

    Never did play any Diablo's and the only Blizzard game I've played is Warcraft 3 (and The Frozen Throne). I've seen some friends try to get back into it and all I can remember thinking was "What a waste of time" what with the mindless click-fest grinding. Watching the gameplay demo though...well I want to play it. Also, Dr. Dog rocks (they're coming to Rochester (NY) on the 26!). Nice avatar Nachimir.
  3. So I just played Dreamfall...

    And I have to say, I'm very very disappointed. This is certainly some of the sloppiest storytelling and game design I have seen in a while. Literally, 75% of the story should have been cut. The game tries to hit so many thematic points and introduces so many mysteries, the whole is lost. Between the three characters, the multiple plots intertwined that each deals with, and just haphazard introduction and dismissal of characters and events, the story leaves a lot wanting. Granted, some of the basics of the themes/plots are interesting, such as Zoe's search for meaning and drive or April being a used former messiah, but you can only do one properly. Its kinda' like the reverse of Half Life 2 in that HL2 presents the user with a very simple and economical story (join the Resistance and fight the Combine) but has so much underneath that, if they want, they can find. Dreamfall gives you a cluttered mess of story, ranging from a prophet, crazy fat guy, etc., that are not part of the real core story of Zoe. It plops down a pile of bits (not developed or critical to the larger arc) and depends on the viewer to pick out the important ones. HL2 gives you those and teases you to look for the more minor parts. As they are, they are implemented terribly. They are so blunt, cliched, confusing, or unnecessary that it throws you out of the fascinating world of Stark/Arcadia. Yeah, I get it, the whole Westlander vs. Eastlander is related to the conflict between the West and Islamic fundamentalists in the east (etc. etc.), I don't need to hear "insurgent" and "terrorist" every few sentences (words that have only come into common use in the last decade or so, its very awkward that middle ages-types are using it). Not to mention that aspects are nearly plagiaristic. Between Faith (ripped directly out of the Ring) and the whole Azadi soldiers/tower (ripped from Half Life 2 in that its the first thing you see, mysterious, invaders build it, etc), I had a hard time taking it seriously. Not only is the storytelling sloppy, but the game design gets in the way of the good stuff. I love the art direction and audio (voice work and ambient music). Really, I love it. But I never get to immerse myself or enjoy it. My best example is the Dark People's city. Really great stuff, but you've got some annoying guy always telling you to follow him. I want to get lost in the place, soak it up, not just run through it so I can watch another cinematic, which, by the end, I was sick of. I felt like I didn't play the game, I watched it. I will admit I never played the first one, but then again, I shouldn't have to know it other than skimming a Wikipedia article (and I understood it as not needing it, that the stories intersected, but were not serial). Am I missing something here? Does anyone feel the same?
  4. Half Life 2: Episode 2

    I just finished it (took me 5.2 hours according to steam) and yeah...Best game ever made. No question. I'm just sad that Valve are the only ones out there doing games of this quallity. Really, the color alone is absolutely beautiful.
  5. Movie/TV recommendations

    Greatest animated series = Batman: The Animated Series Greatest Batman movie = Batman and the Mask of Phantasm (the animated feature) Awesome storytelling, art direction, animation, voice work (Luke Skywalker is the joker!), soundtrack (Danny Elfman), etc. I'm watching them now. Not as good, but still nice is Batman Beyond.
  6. Team Fortress 2 and Portal

    I'm fairly certain that they are doing writing for Portal (sarcastic/sadistic announcer for example).
  7. Prey demo

    Seemed to me like it was a B-Movie ( trying to be an A. Story, art direction, imersion, etc. were not that great. Gameplay was alright, I wonder what they can do with it. Strangely, however, I did enjoy the demo alot even though above reasons.
  8. Steam - Why do you hate/dislike it so much?

    Practically, I love steam. Constant updates (which can be paused I believe), demos, trailers, the information gathering (why is it bad that a software developer wants to know what kind of computers their customers use? Not big brotherish at all, just smart business that helps them make better games), having your games without discs, etc. Heck, I even like the design. I, however, have not read the EULA thus don't know everything. I doubt Gabe has any nefarious plans though, I like the big guy.
  9. Beyond Good and Evil 2 rumors...

    Meh news. BGE was an alright game. Gameplay wasn't all that great, art was mostly superb (some bits a bit too silly/cartoony), developed themes which I ultimatly thought were a bit absurd and did not relate too (Government does suck, but reporters?). Coming out to the world in that game though was genuinely memorable, however. I really don't care for Jade
  10. Dad 'n Me

    Dad 'n Me (at A 2D brawler made by Tom Fulp and Dan Paladin (of the Behemoth and Alien Hominid). The art is great, programming is unparalled, and gameplay is good. The only problem is that most of the enemies do not attack, but its still fun to beat up little kids My best combo was 32 hits. Some moves I've found - aaaasa; dash ss; dash, stop, ss.
  11. Dad 'n Me

    I don't know, one guy got 62 hits (saw a screenshot). Probably hit more than one guy at a time or some bug.
  12. The Behemoth's Next Game

    Ye Olde Side-Scroller Video I cannot wait for some 2D brawlin' action with Paladin's style. Looking like this will dethrown Alien vs. Predator as my favorite brawler. This is extremely early and probably will come out in a year, so I assume that they will get more enemies on the screen
  13. Gym class will now be... PSOne class?

    For one, if a kid won't do kickball, they won't do DDR. That game is hard, frustrating, and tiring. Also I wouldn't encourage video games during gym class, especially expensive ones like DDR. We want kids to play outside, kick a ball, whatever, not want to play a video game. Taxpayers dollars should be spent on balls and such.
  14. Gym class will now be... PSOne class?'m sure DDR will motivate obese kids to exercise. God I hate American public schools...
  15. Games that don't cut the mustard...but are quite good, actually.

    I stopped playing the demo when it told me that holding money would cause inflation...
  16. Just saw Leon: The Professional

    ...and wow...One of the best movies I've ever seen. Action is great, story is compelling, acting is phemomenal, and I just built up an emotional attactment to the characters. Simply amazing... GO SEE IT IF YOU HAVE NOT YET (and are of age due to violence, minor drug use, cursing, and sexual themes) AND IF YOU HAVE ALREADY SEE IT AGAIN! Oh yeah, see the uncut international version because the local version has some GREAT scenes that establish relations cut.
  17. Captain Planet & Duke Nukem... WTF?

    Captain Planet...I loved that show. It was just so funny, even when I was 8 or whatever when it was on, I knew it was Eco-Propaganda. And Whoopi is in it Ha Ha! Captain Planet is my classes homecoming theme, although they didn't get its ridiculious-ness. 'Twas fun seeing some Hippies get into it though... (/sidetrack) (/offtopic)
  18. Echo: Secrets of the Lost Cavern

    Anyone else play the demo to this? I liked it, especially because you don't see many adventure games today. Graphics, music, and style are very good. Puzzles seemed a tad too easy however. Demo at
  19. Game Packaging Sucks

    Most are not great. But there are some gems. And the two European European boxart's for Alien Hominid which I could not find a link too even though I could find the pictures...
  20. Psychonauts hate thread says it is shipped but that no local stores have it... Perhaps it is for the best with APs coming up the next few weeks...
  21. Briiiight eyes

    This as actually pretty old, pre-Numa Numa crazyness
  22. Psychonauts hate thread

    This is getting ridiculous... Even more ridiculous than this ->
  23. Psychonauts hate thread

    I do not like Chris Remo.
  24. Psychonauts hate thread

    Not 'til Tuesday is what EBgames just told me (This always happens when I want a game as soon as its out, waiting for Alien Hominid gave me grey hairs)
  25. Current good PC games

    Silent Hunter III looks like it will make your X800XT cry ( Got an 8.9 on GameSpot and sounds great. $30 at Game Stop, but DVD only.