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  1. Suspect Advice from Suspect Characters

    Wow. How in the hell did someone asking about advice on how to get her boyfriend to pay more attention to her turn into, "Sweet Jebus, show us a picture. I can't decide if you should stay with him or not if I don't know how ugly you are!" It's comments and people like that that remind me why I've lost all hope and respect for the human race. And hey, like Yufster said, she'd feel threated by the pretty girl and repulsed by the overweight "ugly" one. So it looks like Vlynn is damned either way, and basically any other female you would happen to stumble upon.
  2. Willy Wanka & The Chocolate Factory

    You would say that. Meh. Wasn't exactly a fan of the original and I doubt I will be of this one. I might go see it at some point, tho.