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  1. Seen any good movies lately?

    Was The Dark Crystal on TV over easter? I can't believe I missed it! I do have it on a deteriorating videotape because of al the times I have watched it! It is such a cool film
  2. Seen any good movies lately?

    I agree with all of the above - my brother introduced me to this film a couple of years ago and my reaction was pretty much the same as yours. He actually told me before we watched it how disturbing it was, but nothing could have prepared me for the feelings I experienced when I watched the whole film!! Crazy, fucked up and disturbing are the only words I can think of to desscribe it
  3. Bard's Tale

    Damn!! I just saw a review of this on a gaming show here in the UK and it wasn't very positive I did think it looked quite good though, and I don't normally take much notice of reviews - I prefer to make my own mind up.....
  4. Earthsea

    Hey Jazzie, I see your point about the sex scene, but it really wasn't that graphic at all - the only point of it was to emphasize the relationship between the priestess Kossil and the Kargad king. You shouldn't have dismissed it so early because the rest of it was wewll worth watching! If you enjoyed the basic concept you really should read the books - they totally beat the Harry Potter series!! With regard to Dinotopia - the original mini-series was excellent, but unfortunately the producers decided to take a gamble and extend the story, which was one of the worst decisions they could have made!
  5. Help With Feeble Files On Xp!!!

    Oh man! If you've never played The Feeble Files then you're really mising an adventure game treat - its an old Win 95 game about an alien called Feeble who's job is to create Crop Circles down on earth!! Feeble is a bit of a pussy an dis played excellently by Robert Llewellyn of Red Dwarf fame (you'll probably only appreciate this if you're from the UK!) But, if you have an old system with Win95 or 98 installed then I wholeheartedly recommend this game!!!
  6. Help With Feeble Files On Xp!!!

    Hey FGM - thanks for your help here and on AG but I tried with compatibility for Win95 and 98 - no joy whatsoever! Looks like I'll either have to buy an old PC or download Virtual PC
  7. Tell Us About Yourself

    Oy!! I hope you're not intending to use that on me?? Its not my fault if you guys follow me to other forums
  8. Help With Feeble Files On Xp!!!

    Today I re-installed The Feeble Files on my XP machine, really wanting to replay it. It installed fine but when I tried to run the game all I got was a black screen. Settting compatibility mode to Win95 or 98 doesn't seem to help, so I was wondering if anyone here has got this great adventure game to run on XP??
  9. Earthsea

    I hope you enjoy reading this but please don't blame me if it fails to live up to your expectations I for one, really enjoyed reading this series but I was quite young at the time. To be fair though, I think it is really aimed at more mature readers.
  10. Earthsea

    Are you sure? Look at the success of LOTR after being given a big budget, and then compare it to the the pretty appalling animated version that came out in the early 80s (I think?) But, getting back to Earthsea, I suggest you try and pick up a 2nd hand copy and give it a go. If you like to read fantasy then this might appeal - but then again maybe I only appreciate it because it is one of those childhood memories that stand out.
  11. Earthsea

    Are you querying why, after watching this show I wanted to read the books again? If so, the answer is simple - although the show was a "dumbed down" version of the original story, it did remind of the characters I had come to know and love, and it was because of this that I went to my bookcase and picked up my old, dog-eared copy again
  12. Old PS2 games

    Sorry - that was 30 UK pounds, and if you know the exchange rate for dollars/pounds you will realise how expensive that is! Apparently ICO is impossible to find in UK gamestores, and we don't really have that many shops that sell used games. The main place to look is Ebay, but the majority of sellers and buyers know what games are hard to find, so consequently the price is always high! I've been trying to buy the PC version of FF8 for over a year now but it always sells for over 30 UK pounds!!!!
  13. Earthsea

    I just made a very similar post over on Whilst I agree with you about the content of this show, if you are watching this for the first time and have never read Le Guin before, I think it is a very good introduction. Just watching it made me want to reread this amazing fantasy epic!
  14. Old PS2 games

    ICO and Sly are both great games but I think you will find it very difficult to buy ICO at a cheap price - most gamestores have sold out and it usually sells on Ebay UK for at least £30
  15. Tell Us About Yourself

    Hi guys - I just registered here about 10 mins ago and was pleasantly surprised to see a lot of familiar faces from the AG forums Anyway, I don't really have anything productive to post at the moment - I just thought I would introduce myself