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  1. Viral Market in this thread

    Shucks...! I'm out of Kim Jong avocados, it's a hot item these days. Kim Il Sung tangerine have been outlawed since the sixties for "classified reasons". But I like you, so I tell you what, brother-man. I'll sell you a Fidel Castro papaya and a Muammar pear-Qaddafi for just $9.95. Specially for you, brother-man! I'm gonna open a web site sometime this month. Those hobo servers are so troublesome, you know.
  2. The big names in gaming

    I never played any of their games. Gish looked nice, but it didn't make go "yay!" inside just from looking at a screenshot.
  3. Hot titles you're waiting for

    I forgot Virtua Fighter 5, yesterday. The only next generation game shown that made me drool. And Porntris, I gotta tell ya
  4. The big names in gaming

    Some other people that I don't see mentioned: Takashi Tezuka Eiji Aonuma Shigesato Itoi - Mother 3 is coming. It's his comeback, people! Mitsuhiro Takano, Hajime Takahashi - The script and event planners in the Wind Waker. They were rumored to be directing Twilight Princess when it was first shown, so there's definitely some potential in those two. Kenji Kaido Dave Grossman And if Loco Roco ends up being as good as it looks, the heads behind should be added.
  5. Viral Market in this thread

    Hello, brother-man! I am a traveling hobo that sells fruit and other edibles that are shaped like historical dictators. They have brought pain and misery to their country and the world, but they sure make a lovely fruit basket. Would you care for an apple shaped like Stalin? A kiwi Hitler? A peachy Nero? An orangey Saddam? Or Tomito Mussolini for your sauce? All for just $39.95. "We keep the evil of the world united in cute pink fruit baskets"
  6. Flames

    Palm trees piss me off for some reason. I live in the mountains and the government keeps planting them around here because they're cheap and they are claimed to be "pretty". I hate those damn palm trees! Mother Nature doesn't love them, you know.
  7. Hot titles you're waiting for

    Anything that has 'Nintendo game' and 'on the Revolution' in its desciption. I'm also looking forward for SEGA's, and Capcom's projects on it. The others: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Okami (TellTale's) Sam and Max LocoRoco New Super Mario Bros. Mother 3/Earthbound 2 Final Fantasy XII - It doesn't look too great, to tell you the truth, but it got a perfect score in a Famitsu, and my brother said he'll pay for it. A Vampyre Story Metronome I also still really want Nintendo to localize Giftpia. it's been out in Japan for years now, but I think there's still hope for a localization... sigh... And I still haven't bought Chibi Robo. Hopefully sometime in the Summer. EDIT: Spore also looks pretty cool, so that too. EDIT 2: Also, the Ico team's next game. I think that's it. EDIT 3: Oh, and obviously Double Fine's next game. That's it... hopefully.
  8. Game designer publicity photos

    I voted for Garriott, but looking at the pictures again, I say Molyneux wins. Garriott's inferno in the backround tricked me into thinking that he's an alpha being from Hell that can conquer the world and set it ablaze in mere seconds. Then I noticed that his smirk isn't even evil enough for enforcing child slavery... maybe adult slavery, but that's not evil enough. Molyneux on the other hand, shows patience and shrewdness, with a look that says "I'll cut out your liver and feed it to enslaved children if you dare just to look me in the eye". Just look at him. I wouldn't want to be in a knife fight against him. Molyneux is definitely the supreme being here.
  9. Headsmiley contest, post 'em here

    Well I tried cutting them, but I had some trouble so I gave up and just croped some pictures without shrinking them. Obviously, anyone is more than welcome (needed) to make a smiley out of any of these if they like them. You can even take the credit for them and leave me dying in the gutters while you get rich from pictures I posted, and I won't hold it against you... for now. To be honest: I just want a GOB and Franklin smiley. "Let's put some brown sugar on that oatmeal!" The picture I took this one from had a chair blocking everything below were I croped, so some of his hair is missing, and it's a bit dark, but his facial expression in it is just priceless. I saw these guys in the UK Resistence. Indeed the greatest promotional picture of all time. And of course, there's always Mr. Belvedere.
  10. Who are you and what have you become?

    I watched all episodes of Arrested Development gearing up to the glorious finale (I already miss that show so much... sigh...). Tons of Colbert Report. Etc. Visting tons of drawing blogs, (John K. of Ren & Stimpy fame started one, cool!). I've became a even bigger fan of Tom Waits, Tim Buckley, Billie Holiday, Bert Jansch, Skip James, Django Reinhardt, Incredible String Band, and Fred Neil. I've rediscovered the greatness of Bob Dylan and Stanley Kubrick. I've bought a shiny white headband! I'm contemplating on learning how to play the viola. I think I'm slightly taller And I've bought shoes that do not squeak... as much. ...I think that's it.
  11. Games Played

    -Shadow of the Colossus :tup: I loved it even more than the smilies show. -Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time -Animal Crossing: Wild Life -Mario Kart DS -Fahrenheit ... er... - I just thought it was very lame, and really disliked the animation (animation is life, it's essential for proper story telling and they blew it in my opinion). Replayed: -Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Wind Waker -Grim Fandango -Super Mario 64 -ICO -Earthbound - It was even better the second time around. -Psychonauts they all get galore. EDIT: It's Animal Crossing 'Wild World', not 'Wild Life'. The culprit that was responsible for this mistake (which was my memory) was beaten with a baseball bat in the face, shot four-teen times, and was fed to a lovely blue shark named Freddy. For some reason, the name Freddy is always suiting for a blue shark. And I'm also playing VF4 Evolution a lot.
  12. Welcome (back) to the forums!

    While the forums were off I had so much free time that I listened to more music than ever before, played more games, watched more movies, read more books, and started exercising to the sound of The Final Countdown with my fashionable white headband for that oh so '80s feel (the jogs around the mean streets were especially sweet). And I even met a cute girl. I guess that's over for me now that the Idle Forums are back... oh well. Anyway, I have a delima. I named the Miyamoto smiley as the awesome-est smiley of all, but then this guy came: and now I'm filled with confusion and have a salty bland taste in my mouth. Miyamoto's creativity against Colbert's truthiness................................ ah screw it, Mr. T wins it because we have a history.
  13. The positive thread

    I'm currently mostly playing SNES games that I played a thousand times such as Yoshi's Island, Super Mario World, and Zelda: A Link to the Past. And I replayed Mickey Mania which I haven't played in years, still a great game with fantastic animation. I've also played the CD version of Loom which I never played before. The writing and voice acting were great, my problem was that it's hard to keep track of your spells and know exactly what they do as you get them (which required me to play the 'write down then guess' game). Overall; a fine game. And I'm anxiously awaiting this year for Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, Shadow of the Colossus, Bone, Chibi Robo, and We Love Katamari (which I'm not positive that I'll get because I have no money and want to finally buy a DS). Well here's something good about a game that I wasn't really excited about until I saw this scan: Steamboat Willie's gonna be a world in Kingdom Hearts 2. Now I want it.
  14. How did you lose your gaming virginity ?

    The first game I played was probably Hang On on the Master System. My brother loved it, but I always found it to be frustrating (I don't remember correctly how I felt about it back then, I was about 2 years old). Super Mario Bros. 3 made me love video games, but I only started being interested in who made them when I played Super Mario 64. Not because it was 3D - I like Mario Bros. 3 more than Mario 64, but because it came in the right time when I was in a highly influential state of 10 years of age. Really traveling in worlds, meeting silly characters, seeing sights and exploring in the developers imagination. That's really what I love about games... well that and them being fun.
  15. Karimi's Guide to Joining Idle Forums

    Don't make me start using Mr. T again. I'll do it. Fine, you made me do this. Mr. T: You the foo'! Foo' with teeth! I pity the fool who doesn't respect Dingo's punk-ass, fool!