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  1. The positive thread

    Love those posters. It was weird I woke up this morning with this strange desire to play Fallout 2 then I logged on to this Forum... coincidence? Played SpeedBall 2 last night and beat Revolver 606 - 2. That made me very happy. Also found myself getting sick pleasure on Hunter the Reckoning: The redeemer. The four player co-op is it's biggest strength and weakness.
  2. Why games feel irrelevant?

    I love this comparison we are making to 'art' and computer games. For centuries paintings and statues were generally made only of rich people or of historical and religious occasions. They were merely symbols of wealth and power, it wasn't until the advent of the industrial age, and the introduction of the camera that 'artists started to experiment with other forms of expression. It wasn't until the beginning of this century that actors were ellevated to the height that they are now considered, and saying that one was an artist/actor was tantamount to saying you were a 'whore'. Books are a fairer comparison, but then I always find it difficult to imagine intellectual musings as 'art'. I find it odd that gamers feel the need to justify their enjoyment of a craft, by lumping it in with the prozzies of Hollywood and the stuck-up-my own-bottom navel gazers (interesting if they could do both at the same time) painters of this century.
  3. Ahh yes vote for her

    What?!?!? Idle Hands is genius, well I don't know about genius, but any film that has a possesed hand ripping off the Lead singer from Offspring's scalp, quite definitely rules.
  4. How did you lose your gaming virginity ?

    First game I played was either Granny's Garden or Yie Ar Kung Fu on the BBC micro computer. I remember thinking that I was never going to stop playing computer games during a 4 hour caning session of Arcadians on th BBC when I was about 6. But the first game to make me gush was probably Snow Brothers in the arcades of a water slide park. Everyone was out on the slides or swimming, I spent the entire time trying to get past the first Boss... I tried to get an import copy of Snow Bros on the Megadrive but it was 80 quid!
  5. DS release list

    As usual I show myself to be up to date with breaking news... Man do I suck, must buy a DS.
  6. The sad tale of how I ended up with an N-Gage...

    The much maligned pocket Kingdoms was pretty fun. It was a remake of Dragon Force on the Saturn.
  7. DS release list

    Does anyone know if they are going to release Mr Driller for the DS? That would seal my decision if that came out. I might even stop playing Biomotor Unitron on my Pocket Colour and fork out for the Nintendo oddity.
  8. Goddammit, I'm going to talk about Quackshot

    Just completed yesterday, with Scar the best way to get it so that he is so wounded he starts licking himself (sounds dirty but I assure you it is innocent), is to angle your jump attacks to diagonally hit him at his eye level so that instead of just hitting him once you do a pummeling move that really hurts him. Then when he is in that state you need to get him to the far left so that you are standing between him and the edge of the screen, then perform a throw on him to send him over the edge. that scene is completable in about three minutes. Going to aim to complete Mickey Mania in the next couple of days (graphically it hasn't really dated in the last decade)
  9. Goddammit, I'm going to talk about Quackshot

    Duck tales and Darkwing Duck on the Gameboy... I really want to play those. Didn't rate Alladin on either platform to be honest.
  10. Goddammit, I'm going to talk about Quackshot

    I almost bought a copy of this game yesterday... Loved the Indianan jones inspired 'leap of faith' area at the end of the game. By far the best Disney game, close second is Donald Duck's lucky Dime Caper, which was setup in the same way but with a mallet.
  11. Capcom Figthing Evoltion/Jam

    It was part of the Street fighter anniversary edition (definitely for Xbox, and maybe on the PS2 version as well) 3rd Strike wasn't particularly hard (well I didn't think it was) it was just tweaked so much all the old school gamers had to adjust to the new style.
  12. Suspect Advice from Suspect Characters

    Sticking with someone (if you are ugly or not) because you are afraid to be alone (or as yufster put it, you are afraid of not getting laid again) is never the answer to a good relationship. Not that I would really know, as I haven't had a relationship for two and a half years, too busy playing games
  13. Guy gamers with girlfriends

    Yeah, pretty much second what knar said. But if you really think he's worth it, it is going to pretty difficult to drag him away from WoW.
  14. Capcom Figthing Evoltion/Jam

    You had troubles with Street fighter 3? Was that Alpha or third strike? Third strike was a markedly different game to the rest of the genre with there being more empahsis on blocking and counters (something that appears quite a lot in capcom evolution and confuises a lot of peeps). If you want a decent fighting game try samurai showdown 5 when it comes out, or at a pinch King of Fighters: Maniax. Capcom have neglected their fighting franchise for some time now (gone are the days of Alpha 3 and X-men vs Capcom) adn it shows. You mentioned the lazy graphics, that has been going on for years now and I think it is downright rude. The last decent Capcom game was SNK vs Capcom 2. And it is in great part thanks to SNK that that wasn't a turd (the PS2 version is the better of the lot).