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  1. Having a Job Sucks

  2. Having a Job Sucks

    My students give me funny looks when they see me in GAME and ask me if I'm buying games for my boyfriend. When I tell them my boyfriend doesn't play games they look blankly at me again and say 'Your brother?'. Kids r dum. I have barely any time for game playing
  3. my kitten is here... photo thread.

    Haha! In about four weeks (I think actually 5) I finish for the summer so can be coming down to Brighton whenever! I would love to see your spankily newly decorated house.
  4. my kitten is here... photo thread.

    Your collection of cat pictures made me slightly short of breath with excitement: I am coming to visit you and will pretend to talk/pay attention to both of you but really be thinking about snuggling with your kittens (not a euphemism). To conclude: fucking cute kittens.
  5. I feel I should comment on my love of Spaff The first time I met him was the first time I'd met any of Rich's friends and I was a bit about it all and I got talking to Spaff and we talked about Lucasarts and he gave me some Monkey Island grog and lots of merchandice stuff and gave me a hug and I thought he was awesome He also has a lovely habit of giving me wine when I go round his house. Generally in mugs. Much Spaff <3
  6. Awesome - First Family Guy, now this Someone up in TV land loves me.
  7. Just how awesome is the DS Lite?

    They look awesome and cute and stuff, but I have a great love for my beautiful DS and shan't be replacing it any time soon. So much DS Love.
  8. Berfday!

    I'm Liv, and thank you for berfday wishes