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  1. californians: everyone ok?

    We had an earthquake yesterday during one of my final exams. Don't worry, I didn't die. I'm a bit disappointed actually, I thought you guys had started towing us to Europe already.
  2. Boycott Star Wars III

    Just for fun I'm looking at the Star Wars Databank and I see that there's something called the Sith Infiltrator, which is probably a closer precursor to the Tie Fighter, since it's made by the same imaginary company.
  3. Boycott Star Wars III

    Maybe the Jedi fighters are cheaper. I guess a Jedi wouldn't need shields and all those silly accessories if they're using the force. Since the Empire probably had an unlimited number of pilots I guess they might have adopted a more simplistic design that could be produced in mass numbers. The X-Wing fighter is probably more expensive but more powerful, and since the Rebels had a limited supply of pilots, they would have chosen the X-Wing design.
  4. Boycott Star Wars III

    Maybe he doesn't have any of those things. He will pee on the couch though.
  5. Boycott Star Wars III

    Burger King has the coolest online games. Have you guys seen the Subservient Chicken?
  6. Hapland

    It is. I have no idea what to do.
  7. Hapland

  8. Who is best at starting a campfire?

    If we see in the news that there's another devestating forest fire sweeping across Southern California, we'll at least know who to blame.
  9. Announcement

    I feel sorry for the baseball bat, personally.
  10. notebooks

    My experience with Dell has been a mixed bag. I own their Inspiron 5150 laptop. It's a good machine, but has one major problem: it has a fan at its base which sucks in dust and causes the laptop to overheat quite often. As such, the system will freeze and shutdown often, mainly when I'm using 3D applications, such as games. Apparently this is a problem in the Inspiron 5100 and 5150 series, and someone even wrote a website about it. Unfortunately Dell hasn't really been too helpful since my warranty is up (problem started happening after it expired). Otherwise though, the laptop is great. Other than their denial of their model having a design flaw, I've been very pleased with their support. Also I'm sure they've fixed this problem in their newer models, so this information might not be very helpful. However I would stay clear of their 5100 and 5150 series.
  11. Worst show ever?

    These religious shows are hilarious. When I visit my grandparents in Texas, I like to watch these shows on TV, because they are so bad they're funny. I remember there was this one guy who wanted people to send money to him and his church so that they could expand whatever version of Christianity they follow. They had a clip of them opening a radio station in Russia which was so obviously not filmed in Russia and was so obviously fake. But this stuff takes the cake.
  12. A little tip to share

    "Roofinex changed our lives." "What's Roofinex?" "... Nothing."
  13. nice painty thing

    Now you're talking!
  14. nice painty thing

    I don't want to sound rude, but would you mind putting us a little further south? Maybe in the Mediterranean? I realize that it might be a tight squeeze through the Straits of Gibraltar, but we haven't fully looked at the possibility of an airlift. The reason I make such a request is that I think most of us would prefer a somewhat warmer climate. Thanks for the consideration.
  15. Is it just me or is Majesco.....

    Mako sharks, my favorite shark species, can "jump" very high. http://www.newenglandsharks.com/_derived/shortfin.htm_txt_mako21leapingkent.gif