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  1. Recently completed video games

    Invisibility potions are for suckers. I hide in the shadows of the woodchip wallpaper. - ;) ;) ;)
  2. Recently completed video games

    I know the feeling. I always end up hoarding all the enhancements in RPGs, and in the end I never used most of them for anything. Like the runes you could permanently engrave on your sword in "The Witcher". Or the meteorite rocks, with which I could craft new swords. I thought "I'll save the runes for a special, final sword", and thought I'd use the rocks for such a sword (though I wanted a unique one. The fact that you can only carry two swords, one silver sword and an extra weapon restricted hoarding a bit. So towards the end I didn't actually plan on making a meteorite sword after all.). I *never* get to that point. I hoard, and hoard, and then the game is over. This seems to be a common practice in RPGs. Even worse with Elder Scrolls RPGs, by the way. Why am I carrying 500 wooden bowls? I don't know! But I might need them at some point. And in this case, it's really pointless clutter. (Except for Fallout 3. You never know what some NPC might need for some weird quest). - :erm: :erm: :erm:
  3. Please, tell me...

    I could be really blunt and say because it triggers the release of dopamine, thus giving my brain and body a reward. That's technically true, but I guess you want to know why the games trigger this release. Well, for me, it's stories. I can play games like Tetris, but that is just mindless passing of time. But a game with a story is like a good book. A good story can make me play a genre I normally don't play, like FPS. I really enjoyed playing Bioshock. Of course, the gameplay has to be engaging too, because for me to force myself through a game, the story really has to be exquisite. So the genres that I tend to play are RPGs, Adventure Games, with some exceptions. Bioshock was said exception to me not liking FPS. Also, single player is important, because usually multiplayer does not offer as much story as the single player campaign. Especially in the case of MMORPGs. You can build up a world, but if you stay away too long, you lose track. I don't need another world to keep track of 24/7, real life is enough. Single player is ideal in that you can go out and do something, and when you come back, the world won't have changed from when you left off. I have played Multiplayer, but only in the form of modules for NWN with a group of friends. Oh, and some strategy games are fun too. In that case it's like chess: It is a mental achievement. You have truly beat the game. So yeah, it's mostly the stories. To me an unfinished story (lots of that in NWN fan made modules, sadly. Classic scenario of the modder losing interest. But there's also lots of complete stories, so that's a relief at least.) is terrible. When I finish a good story, I am always a bit sad. It feels like something is missing, giving you an empty feeling. Like you've lost something in your life, but also the happiness of having experienced it. That's a sign of a well told story for me. It doesn't have to be a happy ending all the time, sometimes a happy ending would ruin it. Or a sequel (thinking of all those guys demanding a sequel to the Baldur's Gate Saga: Stop it! This series is perfect, it has come to a perfect end. Adding on to it would simply ruin it. Yes, I want another game *LIKE* Baldur's Gate. But no sequel to it. ). So the reason I play is experiencing new worlds, learning new tales. Like watching a good movie, but different. More like a great book, actually. 'nuff said. - :yep: :yep: :yep:
  4. Recently completed video games

    I finally completed "The Witcher", after having started from the very beginning again. Last time I stopped playing towards the end of chapter 3. I don't really remember why - I had originally thought it was because neither the order guy nor the dwarf would trade with me due to my choices , but that was chapter 2, and chapter 3 has a smith too. So I don't remember. Anyway, completed it after about 1 week of playing. I can now get down to starting "The Witcher 2"...that is, once I get my new graphics card installed. That might take a while. The reason for that being the graphics card seemingly getting bigger and bigger. Seriously, the thing is too long for my case, because it would hit the box where my hard drives are secured. So I will have to either cut a bit out of that metal cage, or get a new case altogether. Both paths include an uncomfortable amount of effort. The cutting one because, well, you're cutting pieces out of your computer, and the new case path because I would have to migrate everything in there to the new case. Yay! Even though the second one is likely the one involving more cursing and stress, I am leaning towards that one, because it would prevent future hassle with too big computer parts. I mean, it already is a bit tight inside there. So I guess I'll have to talk to my father to help me finance a new case - good thing he has access to a business supplier...at least they are a bit cheaper there. Still, to the people who thought adding another 10 cm to a graphics card was a swell idea. - :hmph: :hmph: :hmph: P.s.: The witcher was great fun! Awesome story and execution. And finally less clichés. I really have to get down to reading the books, does anyone know whether the German or English translations are better? My Polish is a bit rusty...as in: Non-existant.
  5. The threat of Big Dog

    Yes, but most of these cables (specifically the one where the guy pushes the walking robot), are likely just power supply and maybe connection to external computers. These are not final, so in the future these things will be integrated. Or a giant extension cord able to go around the world and beyond will be constructed. But walking up the stairs, while managed, seems to not be perfect yet. The guy pulling the rope seems to be there for the support - the rope is still necessary. Also, awesome table. - :) :) :)
  6. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hey there, I don't know if anyone remembers me (my last post was in on the 13th of April in 2005...that's 7 years. Oddly appropriate considering 7 is my favourite number. ), but I see some of the guys who *might* still know this here Loon have last been active at least yesterday (Hi Erwin! *waves* ). I did some posting in the old Zork thread, and some other stuff. I'll try to post some more again, I just have been very busy the last few years. It's good to be back? - :D :D :D
  7. Web Comics

    True Magic - Three revolutionist peasanst take to the road to free them from the rule of the nobles. (includes Zombies, Ducks [beware!], Tentacle things, an inexperienced god of light, and Kiku...gotta love those claws...) No Rest for the Wicked - A sleepless princess, a cat, a homicidal Red Riding Hood...and the boy - They want to find the moon, who has vanished one day, and not been seen since (this is loosely based on an awesome English fairytale). The Order of the Stick - A party of Adventurers in a world of Roleplaying (they are quite aware of it...). The funniest Stick Figures ever. Tourniquet [NOT FOR THE WEAK OF HEART] This is an awesome webcomic about the demon Demeter, who has been expelled from Hell (He has "risen"), and has been cursed with a conscience of his own (a terrible thing for a demon). Fallen - This one is the opposite of the above webcomic. It is tale of the woman Singe (whose record at the police is not all that clean...), the fallen Angel Faustus (who is a special kind of angel), and the dragon Void (she smokes like a chimney...and she has quite a temperament - no, I'm kidding. She's just plain bad-tempered). [on a side note: If I remember right, then the authors of "Tourniquet" and "Fallen" are friends] return to sender - This comic has a unique art style, a down-to-the-earth protagonist, a sugar-silly-hyperactive second protagonist, a new apartment...and the _things_. Kevin & Kell - This comic revolves around the family of the married couple Kevin and Kell, who are a two metre rabbit and a wolf respectively. The family includes Kevin, Kell, Rudy (Kell's son from a previous marriage), Lindesfarne (the adopted porcupine daughter from Kevin's previous marriage), and Coney, the carnivorous rabbit baby daugther. Drowtales Moonless Age - The Chronicles of a Drow Sorceress - This comic is epic. It is only loosely based on the D&D Drow, and has mostly a structure of its own. The protagonist is the young Drow Ariel. [The older comics are currently being re-drawn, due to being horribly drawn, and plotwise no longer correct] Golden - A dubious experiment in Storytelling - As the name suggest, this comic project is an experiment. One artist drew the first page, and the next comic artist drew the next. There is no pre-written script; Every artist makes up the things he draws as he goes along. Currently the artists involved are Colby Purcell ("LinT"), J. Harper ("Feyenne"), Zachary Parker ("Flatwood"), Aja ("True Magic"), Komiyan ("Darken"), Andrael ("No Rest For The Wicked"), and Ping Teo ("The Jaded" and "The Longest Sojourn"). Demonology 101 - a webcomic about higschoola nd other forces of evil - (THIS ONE IS COMPLETED) I quote: Demonology 101 is the story of one teenager's attempt to conquer high school with her soul intact. It's also about how family can both mess you up and give you a chance to be a better person." Did I mention that the protagonist is a young demon? Currently the longest completed story-based online comic. Zombies Calling - The other comic by Faith, the author of "Demonology 101". This one has just started. Oh, and then there's that comic... Isn't it JOLLY - [WARNING! SOME OF THEM HAVE ADULT HUMOUR AND MATURE CONTENT]A collection of comics (mainly stick figures), about the characters from the novels of Tamora Pierce ("Song of the Lioness" quartet, "The Immortals" quartet, "Protector of the Small" quartet, "Daughter of the Lioness" boos [only 2], and also "Circle of Magic" quartet.). You don't need to have read the books to find them funny, but it definitely helps (just to clear this up: Kel is a GIRL). I also submitted a comic. The one about Mr. Staghorn (okay, in this case you need to have read the book, in order to really get it.) - :) :) :)
  8. That was maybe because it was originally intended to be a make-shift toy for the children in germany, after the war. It was made from scrap plastic, and kind of ended staying around (it is made of better plastic now). And I LOVED Playmobil. I also loved Lego. I combined both, and it was great. Also, I sometimes used simple things, like the plastic box I stored my playmobil in, for playing: The lid tipped against the box created a skiing-hill. I used to have very little playmobil, but now I have more. I also sewed clothes for the playmobil humans and animals (and also sewed them tents, and hats, and those coverings for the horses of knights [i didn't have the knight set, and I only wanted those coverings anyway]) - let me tell you one thing: Giraffes have Hat-heads. They look great with hats! I think I was more creative even than the you Lego kids, in that matter: You were creative using the given things - but this works only to a certain limit. I was creative without any given things, and ended up having more of it. - :) :) :)
  9. Tell Us About Yourself

    Mansie! *glomps* Welcome! -
  10. Random Gibberish

    Jackie Chan singing "I'll make a man out of you" in Cantonese rocks Ah, yes. The famous warcry... - :) :) :)
  11. Earthsea

    I saw the beginning of that. I wanted to see it, actually, because it looked quite good, but in the end I switched to another channel pretty early. Isn't it that pretty early in the TV movie, there is a scene where someone is nearly in bed with their lover or something? If yes, then that was the reason why I changed the channel - If there is something like that so early in a movie, then I know that it is not worth my time, in most cases. On the other hand, I liked the Dinotopia TV movie (And it didn't have anything sexual at ANY time). Maybe I will also check out the books, because the base idea of all this sounded good. -
  12. That's me...

    Mmmh...I don't think I ever visited the Bioware boards. I am at the Sorcerers Place forums, however. Maybe you have seen me at Adventure Gamers? Or the Divide. Or the Official TLH forums. Or RaMa's Dreamfall forums. Or the LucasArts forums. Or the Reality-on-the-Norm forums. Or several other forums. I am called "Jazhara7" at all of them. What do you mean by #afp? (I have difficulties with such abbreviations, sometimes). Sorry, Jizmonkey. I didn't want to make you sad. - :) :) :)
  13. That's me...

    Thank you, I will try to. But I just wanted to tell you that I am not really a god. - :) :) :)
  14. Zork test 2

    # I have to go to bed now. Carry on.
  15. Zork test 2

    take platinum bar # no problem, Erwin.