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  1. Random Gibberish

    Cacaphony, his Eulogy, Spoken in Monotony. Where is his soliloquy? Out upon the balcony. FGM-Lyn
  2. Random Gibberish

    Lost in the backseat of a car, a tiny piece of flesh. The few drops of blood record a rite of passage. FGM
  3. Help With Feeble Files On Xp!!!

    MH - You may need to uninstall, and reinstall using the compatability mode. When you put the cd in the drive, and it wants to start, cancel out of that. Go to run and the drive letter to see the contents of the cd. right click on the install or set-up icon, and select the compatability mode. Try win98 first. When it installs, find the icon and right click on that, and again select the compatability mode, using the same setting as you did for the install. You may need to lower the video acceleration for this as well. For this, go to the control panel, and audio/video settings. There will be a slide bar to move - start by moving only one notch to the left at a time. You may have to lower your display settings from the control panel as well, to 600 by 800, or even 480 by 600, and lower your color settings to 256 colors. I can't give you exact settings, partly because I don't remember, and partly because each PC is a bit different from every other one. If this doesn't help, then uninstall and reinstall with the compatability set to Win95 for both the install and the running of the game. FGM
  4. Random Gibberish

    calamine, caramel and camomile yellow bellied sapsuckers and ruby throated sparrows FGM
  5. Grounded

    Considering he's older, he's still a nice looking guy - even if he's not Tim Curry. President Emeritus John A. Curry FGM
  6. Grounded

    My eighth grade teacher, Mr Curry, was absolutely wonderful. He knew how to reach kids and encourage them. He left teaching the year after I had him and went to work at Northeastern University, in Admissions. When I got to be a senior, he came to one of our functions and asked me to apply. I didn't know they had a Nursing Program, since it was primarily an Engineering school, but it turned out they were just starting it. He accepted me on interview, and actually gave me a ride home that day. He also got me a scholarship for my entire freshman year. He worked his way up the ladder there, and became acting President. Many of the profs protested this saying he wasn't qualified. There was quite an uproar over this and he was appointed President of the University anyway. By the time he left, 15 years later, as the only president of the University who graduated from Northeastern, he was acclaimed as the best President the school had ever had. He was an amazing man. I ran into him in a restaurant about 5 years ago, and hadn't seen him for close to thirty years and he greeted me by name! He was the one who taught me to look inside myself for acceptance, and don't worry about what anyone else thought. He was perhaps my own personal hero. FGM
  7. Giant game level maps

    What a cool word that is - automagically! Maybe I just haven't seen it before, but I love the image it conjures up! FGM
  8. NPR's take on World of Warcraft

    I know where you're coming from, yet I'm in there too. I kinda feel that way, yet not from being snobbish. I hate the commercials, can't get into sitcoms, etc. I, for a time watched a lot of PBS, science programs, history stuff, and they weren't bad, but, for me, I hate the time I spend with it. It feels like wasted time. I feel like I have to DO something when I watch it - during one basketball season that I watched all the Boston Celtics games with my sister, I crocheted a whole afghan! I guess on PC, it doesn't feel as wasted a time, because I'm reading and typing, or actively playing a game. TV is just so passive! I just keep thinking of all the stuff I could/should be doing instead of mindlessly sitting there. The last time my TV was even on, was New Years, when I had some friends over and we watched the ball drop in Times Square in NYC at midnight. I guess I just prefer the PC for my entertainment! shrug... FGM
  9. Gamespot storytelling feature

    Some people react this way when nervous and afraid to say the wrong thing. I kinda wondered the same thing, though. Ragnar was the most interesting, IMHO. FGM
  10. If graphics could induce orgasms....

    Yes, it is mean, and he's a friend of mine, and believe me, he's very opinionated, but he's no Luddite. And he's not an old codger with a cane, he's only 43, lots younger than me! Okay, Okay, so I'm an old lady, but he's not an old guy! FGM
  11. Sondheim

    Sweeny Todd is what I put on the stereo when I have major housecleaning to do (boy do I hate housecleaning!). It's the darkness and passion of the music that suits my mood and gets me through that onerous job! I can slam and crash and bang things all around, and it just goes with the music. FGM
  12. Question for Americans

    Deadworm, please don't think I was trying to malign you or any other guy by saying that. There are, however, many 6-10 yr old boys, for whom cleanliness is not the prime object, and these are the ones who get the complications, and in whom the foreskin shrinks (phimosis) and is unable to be retracted to get clean underneath. If it can't be retracted, then it is difficult to clean under the foreskin, and possibly even painful. A circumcision at this age is painful, and it would be better to have it done as a baby. Once past this age range, and with proper care, there isn't a problem. FGM
  13. Question for Americans

    While originally done for health reasons, most American guys probably are circumsized since birth or shortly thereafter. (I'm in nurse mode, here) When boys don't push the foreskin back when bathing, it becomes tight and uncomfortable to do so. Then the dead skin layers become gross (smegma), and can infect the head of the penis (balanitis). It can also cause a constriction of the head of the penis, causing pain and swelling. Circumcision can cause some desensitization of the head of the penis, because it is now exposed to clothing and rubs on it, causing the male to ignore part of the sensation received. Because of the cleanliness issues, uncircumsized males may be more prone to some venereal diseases, though this is a highly political issue, and maybe just hyped up. Oral sex may be more difficult and less desired by the fellators if a foreskin is present, due to the smegma smell/taste, and more awkward reach of pushing back the foreskin. Vaginal and rectal sex seem to be unaffected either way. Anyway, there is no best answer, and reasons for doing it or not. I know a couple of guys who had it done as adults, and wished it had been done as a child. No easy answers here. FGM
  14. They call it JEWTOPIA!!

    I am of the nasty opinion that anyone who pumps you for personal info DESERVES to get any sort of crap you feel like spewing at them. Right on Yufster! FGM
  15. RIP Hunter S Thompson

    Okay, I'll play - what's the ancient roman way of suicide? FGM