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  1. Must-play PlayStation 2 games

    Action-Adventure: God of War/ God of War 2 Metal Gear Solid series (Metal Gear Solid 1-3) Okami Devil May Cry series (1 and 3. Forget 2) Shadow of the Colossus ICO Killer 7 and Resident Evil 4 (if you don't have a cube) Bully Platformers: All 3 Sly games Kya: Dark Lineage (A brilliant game but highly overlooked) Viewtiful Joe 1,2 Jak and Daxter Ratchet and Clank (1-3. Don't bother with 4) J-RPG's: Final Fantasy XII (haven't played it but got some rave reviews) Dragon Quest 8 Rogue Galaxy Fighting: Tekken 5 Virtua Fighter 4
  2. Half-life 2 - episode one

    From what I understood, Nihilanth was like Breen, a traitor to the world it lives in. It was collaborating with the combine to keep the Vortigaunts on a leash through mind control(and thus they were fighting you in the original Half Life). Once you kill it, you remove that leash and free the Vortigaunts, but the combine don't like that, so they invade both Xen, and then (through the portal Freeman has opened to earth in the Dark Mesa incident) earth. At least that is how I understood the story
  3. Half-life 2 - episode one

    That was the most awesome moment in the game, when I completely knew that this game is special. I also love how if you stay in the dark for a while, then point your flash light towards Alyx, she puts her hand towards her face to block away the light.
  4. Microsoft: hey why not buy a Wii?

    So if I actually liked the PS2 with all its exclusive Ratchet and Clanks, Jaks, ICO's, Shadows of the Collusi, Katamaris, Slys, Gods of War, Metal Gears, Dragon Quests, Guitar Heros, plus all the other great third party support, does that make me a teenager eager to be cool? Talking about appealing to the teenager crowd, how about the Tattoo weilding Moore, or the leather jacket wearing J Allard who enjoys middle stage crouches. Or maybe that MTV unveiling.
  5. Microsoft: hey why not buy a Wii?

    Typical poor little Microsoft. They are doing the same in the Internet space, villifying the market leader Google and even trying to team up with the third giant Yahoo! by making their MSN messenger communicate solely with Yahoo's to fight the big bad wolf. Once the market leader is out of the picture, they will strike hard. Wooohoooo monopoly. There's only gaming that is not owned by Microsoft yet
  6. Sony's E3 Conference Thread

    Sorry for sounding stupid, but I didn't understand this part. Without Wi-fi, does it mean that you can't use the PSP with the PS3? What is a multi-card reader? And what is the impact of not having an HDMI port? Does it mean that you can't run games in HD, or you can't watch movies in HD?
  7. Microsoft's E3 Press Conference

    He said "Available on 360 "from day one" " with exclusive Xbox Live content. He never said (Not available for any other platform on day 1). People will read this sentence, see 360, day 1, and exclusive and think it is an exclusive game. Marketting 101.
  8. Microsoft's E3 Press Conference

    Alan Wake exclusive on the 360 and PC. Now that is one title I am looking forward to.
  9. Microsoft's E3 Press Conference

    There There "Available on 360 "from day one". So presumably it's on the others too. "
  10. Sony's E3 Conference Thread

    Nintendo fanboys shouldn't really worry too much about this controller. It is not a wii controller for sure. It can detect 6 axis of motion, left/right tilt, forward/backward tilt, and up/down, but you can't just move it around like a mouse to point at something, so it lacks the precision of the wii. Also It doesn't understand the notion of depth, so I believe the experiences will definitely be different. I don't believe it is a total ripoff in terms of implementation, although the idea of having motion sensored movement(although there is no sensors) seems like a ripoff. I think what bummed me most about the PS3 over anything else is the price. I thought 400 for the 360 was expensive, so if the PS3 will fail, it will be because of its price point.
  11. e3 predictions

    I predict there will be a lot of virgins at E3... With horrible body odor.
  12. Age of Empires 3 demo

    Oh sorry. You can find it in 3dgamers here
  13. Age of Empires 3 demo

    Did you guys try it? That game looks gorgeous, and on my 6800 GT card, it ran like a dream. I'm really surprised how well it ran, seeing that so many uglier games have had slow downs. Oh and it's fun too Check it out.
  14. Strategy to Go

    I also loved civ 3 and am pumped about Civ 4. They really have done so many things to improve the gameplay. I don't think you should worry about them dumbing it down to be more accessible, because it still is definitely not for everyone. But the additions get rid off the tedious tasks that you had to do like building a road on every single tile, and then upgrading that to a railroad, or having to worry about pollution and cleaning that crap up at the end of the game. That part definitely took a large portion of the time and was not fun. Also it's cool to know that a Phalanx can't destroy a tank anymore. Add to that the civics and religion and I'm totally sold.
  15. Murdoch buys IGN

    Oh no Murdoch seeping into the game industry One major change I can see in IGN. In The babes section, women will wear veils.