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  1. Can We Save Planet Earth?

    Would you people step down off your soapboxes and get your heads out of your rears for a second? I never said that things like cutting back on pollution and taking a stand on environmental issues was a bad thing. what I'm saying (and pay attention, those of you who like to quote people) is that the terminology used is flawed. Saying we need to "save the planet" sounds altruistic, when what we're really referring to is saving our own hides. Just be honest about it and say "save the humans"!
  2. Can We Save Planet Earth?

    Lets be honest here: whenever some tree-hugger starts taking about "saving the planet" I automatically tune them out. They all try to act like it's some big problem. The planet was here long before us, and it'll be here long after we're gone. We're nothing more than a surface irritant, like fleas on a dog, and when we're gone, the planet will shake us off and start over. So when you get right down to it, when you're talking about "saving the planet" you're really talking about saving our own over-consuming asses. Just call a spade a spade, would you? forget "save the planet", try "save the humans"!
  3. Rockstar Presents the Warriors

    I saw the movie ages ago, and loved it! I still watch it every time I catch it on TV. I'll probably rent this when it comes out (because I'm not that into fighters), but if it's good, I'll go get my own copy. Come on, who can't like this movie? "Caaaaaaaaaannnnn yyyyyoooooooouuuuuu dig iiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttt?" I keep waiting for someone to remake it, since they seem to be on a streak with every other movie/tv show from that era.
  4. Tough customers

    The same thing happens here in America with the spanish-speaking clerks (be they Mexican, Cuban, Puerto Rican, whatever). And yet, if I was to suggest that if you live and work in a country, you should learn the language of that country, then all of a sudden I'M the asshole.