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  1. Need some advices on game creations.

    Lately I've been looking at all the games that I've really enjoyed and the ones I've wasted time on. One thing I've found is that most of the games I really enjoyed have a great story. Not just the "back drop story" as to why this game is happening. I mean a story that keeps going as you progress through the game. I hope I helped...a bit.
  2. Strategy to Go

    I also greatly enjoyed Civ3, and wouldn't be too disappointed if they just made Civ4 exactly like Civ3 but in 3D. Civ is more of a game where I have to use thought and be a little more zoned in. Where it would be nice to have a strategy game where you just sit down for 5 - 30 Minutes and just play, thats it just play. I find with most strategy games I play I have to put in at least an hour to get anything back, which is okay, but not when I'm exhausted from work and need a quick fix. And all this talk about cool strategy games coming to the DS is another nail in the coffin for my PSP . I haven't given up yet (theres still some cool homebrew I haven't tried yet) but probably after I play PSP's GTA I'll be trading it in for a DS.
  3. Age of Empires 3 demo

    I ran the demo with the same card (9600Pro) and had to turn down some stuff as well. The graphics are pretty impressive, I especially like when the buildings get blown to bits due to Artillery. I agree that it is kind of difficult, they don't do much to teach the player how the interface works. I had some experience with Age of Mythology (which I enjoyed) that helped out. I eventually passed the story missions, I found the second scenario to be a walk in the park compared to the first mission. One complaint I did have was the size of the interface, I couldn't beleive how much of the screen it took up when I started playing. I got used to it, but wow it's like over 2/3rds of the screen. Now I have a decision to make Black & White 2, or Age of Empires III...enee meanie miny moe...
  4. company outlook

    That's what I was thinking as well. It's not often that we pay homage to the mighty workforce of people who make CD's/DVD's. Disc pressers everywhere, I salute you . Your all my favorite. That is until games are distributed in different forms.
  5. company outlook

    Gotta go with Bioware on this one. Not only do they make solid games but they're from the same area as me (yea, not alot happens around here). I like their games because I'm huge on story, if a game can't hold a story well I don't usually stick with it for long. I really like Bioware's stories, but there are many other good devs out there. *edit* Upon further inspection of the question he asks what manufacturing company we like best. Yea, I don't even know how to answer that.
  6. Scarface Screenshot Strike

    Is that the PSP version, those Scarface graphics are horrible. Maybe it's a Scarface mod from some game a few years ago.
  7. San Andreas (PC)

  8. San Andreas (PC)

    I found the controls to be a bit akward at first too. I had been playing Vice City lately in anticipation of SA, so I overhauled the controls to be more like Vice. But there are more buttons needed for San Andreas for all the other crap, it takes a lot of fiddling. That train mission took me a few tries as well, Smoke shoots like a wimp and the guys on the train seem to take alot more hits then your average gangster. When I finally passed it, I concentrated on staying just outside the tracks and keeping Smoke lined up with one guy at a time. Overall I love the game though, I've always loved the open-ended GTA style and Rockstars humor. The story line is cool too, with some nice twists. There's just so much to do, it can be overwelming (I don't understand how guys can be acheiving 100% completion).
  9. Advent Rising Sucks

    Well, new sci fi universe, third person, telekenetic powers.....um, yea disregard my participation in this thread... P.S. I got nothing
  10. Advent Rising Sucks

    That's too bad, I haven't been following this one too close but it did have potential. Mostly because I seem to enjoy the third person shooters more than first person shooters. Hopefully other developers won't see this and go "OMG, trying to innovate doesn't work!!11@!!!".
  11. Did santa bring gaming goodness?

    I didn't get any games but I did get two of these. . Pretty cool, I can now play NHL2005 (I know it's an EA game, but does anyone else make a good hockey game??) without using the akward keyboard. Even cooler is my brother got a two for one deal on them, so he can get his arse handed to him. I tried playing Half-Life 2 with one, that didn't work out too well. Anyone have any other ideas for good PC games to play with a game pad?
  12. HL2: Stuttering fixed (supposedly)

    I did experiance a stutter at the beginning of the game. But not it doesn't happen anymore. I figure it got patched without me noticing through Steam. But before the stutter went away I did a number of things including changing vid drivers, defrag, changed some CMOS settings, and used some weird console command. Nothing really seemed to help.
  13. Rockstar loves us? Aparently so: GTA2 giveaway!

    Hmmm.... Still having trouble getting through, and have yet to find an alternate link. Anybody able to play yet? And does anybody recall if GTA2 had multiplayer? Cheers!