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  1. [GDC]Real nice news from Sony

    I think Home is incredibly ambitious. A lot of questions remain for me (like max number of users) but if you see companies setting up shop in second life, I think this is only going to get better. The question to me though is if Sony is going to make the whole system open enough so it can flourish. I sincerely think that something like this IS going to be a factor especially because there is the chance of increasing ease of use with good controls on this. So yey, I am happy and will be even happier once I can actually use it on my Playstation. What excites me the most is to have a WingCommander/X-Wing -esque trophy room! Also imagine games like GTA or the next ElderScrolls allowing you to use the same character. And performance within games granting you abilities in home... the possibilities seem endless... but that obviously means the chances for Sony to fuck this one up are huge too... we'll see
  2. Neverwinter Nights 2

    Actually I find the story really engaging and rather enjoyed the game after overcoming the first "game-stopping" bug I described earlier especially the whole idea with the trial was quite nice. But now my latest safe-game doesn't work anymore because the game just hangs up on one of the MANY LONG loading screens. Ridiculous how this game got through Q&A... It really is a shame that Obsidian didn't spend the time to overhaul the backbone of the game as I really like the storyline and the setting, but I am simply amazed at how lazy they were when it comes to loading times and scenarios. Not even the main setting, the city of Neverwinter is one scenario but three and to go from the docks to the other parts of town you have to go through the "travel" screen. And then you wait while the game loads for a minute or two. Oblivion took only seconds to load on my computer and now this??? Too bad. Gets a 6 out of 10 from me up until now, and I am being very generous.
  3. Neverwinter Nights 2

    yeah my copy arrived yesterday and it's just plain ridiculous. loading-times are atrocious and now when I just decided it was worth playing after all, I run into this stupid error where it dumps you in a mini-map for a random-encounter and you can't exit the map!! just ridiculous! but reading what tanu went through I count myself lucky. You should sue their asses!
  4. I really think that it's high time that they elevate the GDC-awards to a higher status as far as the general media are concerned. The game industry desperately needs an "Oscar" and the GDC seems to be the only real possibility as there are simply too many idiots with internet access out there. And on the whole PSP issue I think that Sony really dropped the ball. They thought they could do no wrong after the PS2 and somebody figured out that they could essentially do a PS2-portable and that's what they did. Without making any assessments about the fact that this in essence was a completely new market. Obviously the original offense that GTA:LCS should not be best portable game of the year is down to the fact that GTA is immensly popular and Rockstar don't HAVE TO give a fuck about really adjusting the gameplay for a portable because people buy it anyway. Should they have done so? Yes.
  5. PS3 launch units drop a further 20%

    Actually I don't really see Xbox 360 expanding to a point where they would actually threaten PlayStation territory. For a huge chunk of people video games==PlayStation as it was their first step into video games. As we speak PS2 outsells Xbox360 in some markets. But with further delays PS3 looses more and more of its exclusive deals and that might hurt them down the road. That and IF THEY NEVER MAKE IT TO MARKET
  6. Girls and Games: Some Statitsics

    First of all I think Yufster is making a good point. A Gamer in my mind is someone who actually goes out and spends money on games. I also think that the "social acceptance"-factor is a huge part of the equation. But that will probably change over time as more gamers become parents and gaming is made more and more acceptable as a paradigm change from classical board games to video games happens. Of course this is relying on companies like Nintendo being around in the future and making games like Mario Party or Mario Kart. But even though this will make gaming more socially acceptable I still don't see gaming becoming a mainstream thing like movies. Games still have some way to go in that respect but they probably will get there. Funny enough the Automobile industry was/is facing a similar problem as companies are trying to find out how to design cars for women. And they didn't really have a clue either until they actually let a group of women design a car which as I seem to recall was neither Pink nor did it have curtains or look especially CUTE. Apparently the divide between men and women is still too big. In the end there is no "men" just as there is no "women" apart from generally accepted physiological norms. As individuals every person makes their own choices. If the discussion about "women in gaming" leads to some new ideas and better games, it has served its purpose but it will lead to nothing as long as "women" don't step up to the proverbial plate and simply say what "they" want in games.
  7. PS3 launch units drop a further 20%

    I am worried, apparently last time around (at the PS2 launch in Japan) someone killed himself, so maybe this time it'll be two? Anybody interested in getting a pool going on this one? Honestly at this point it will be a relief simply to see the PS3 actually make it to market. I wouldn't be surprised if Sony simply folds over the difficulties of the past year. As far as the European launch is concerned I believe the official statement has always been that it's too diverse a market in terms of lingual and cultural circumstances.
  8. Grindhouse (2007)

    There can be no doubt in my mind that this is going to be a blast. My only concern is if this is going to be released for mainstream audiences since the whole "grindhouse"-concept is something that is completely unknown outside of the US. I hate Tarantino for not making more movies...
  9. What are you listening to?

    Strange, I just recently listened to Toxicity and thought of the exact same thing. At first I really liked the Mezmerize/Hypnotize Album but it simply does not have the same depth to me as Toxicity, which was an album I it took me a long time to fully appreciate. I really miss the more honest and soulful sound of Toxicity in the new material which is too brainy too me. A fact that to me seems to stem from the writing focus shifting more to Daron Malakian whose voice simply doesn't have the same mesmerizing quality as serj's. Anyway. I am listening to a lot of Tori Amos since A Piano:A Collection was released. I still listen to some Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails. A lot of older 60s and 70s rock. The new Justin Timberlake album (there I said it). A lot of Johnny Cash and am expecting the release of the collabo between J.J. Cale and Eric Clapton which will never live up to my expectations. Still trying to get into more Classic and listen to some Keith Jarret but there is only so much time in a day.
  10. Movie/TV recommendations

    I can't see how the hobbit coming out in two movies could be a bad thing. Personally I experienced a huge let-down when I realized that there wouldn't be any more Lord of the Rings movies. So to me this is great news and the more of that stuff the better. I thought I heard Jackson WAS gonna do these too, non? As far as The Good German is concerned I think it is only fitting to use this kind of poster since it feels to me like it's been since the 50s that anyone bothered making these kinds of movies (noirish-postWWII-y movies). I have to say that I can't see any bad choices Clooney is making since Oceans Eleven.
  11. Battlestar Galactica Season 3

    I really loved the last episode. But it still annoys me how neatly they managed to reverse all the important changes that happened over the last season and go back to just one battlestar and no colony. I can see the reason but I still think it just happened all too neatly and fast.
  12. Hellboy: Sword of Storms

    yeah I actually liked the story but thought that technically it wasn't very well executed. But it's still Hellboy and the voiceacting was obviously brilliant! Can't wait to see the next one. But I still wish they would have gone with 3D animation.
  13. Sony's E3 Conference Thread

    I think it's a mistake though to think of Nintendo as real competition. Given the position in the market they aim to take with the Wii, I think it's safe to assume that they will be running another race. Amongst my friends at least buying the Wii is a done deal. So the real fight is between Microsoft and Sony. I still think it's probably going to take at least two year until we will know who wins this one. I still think Sony is a favorite but they are really dropping the ball at the moment. As far as prices are concerned I don't think it's really a fair comparison you guys are making. After all, everybody who paid 499€/$ for the regular XBox 360 with the 20GB drive gets the exact same deal with a next generation Bluray Player to boot when buying the PS3. And all those people will have to shell out another 99 €/$ to get the HD DVD drive. I only wonder how long it will take untill Microsoft releases their games on HD DVD only. Given the huge advantage that gives them with the PIRATES!!! And we all know how concerned everyone is about those! Another problem that the 360 is running into with its "optional" Harddrive is the fact that by making it optional they removed it out of the specs and -I'm sure- made some developers think twice about using it for their games, which to me is a step backwards. As far as the controller is concerned I can only say that I am looking forward to playing the new WipeOut on the PS3! Games like that should be ace and the controls could usher in a new era of space-simulation-shooters á la Colony Wars!
  14. Sony's E3 Conference Thread

    I am just wondering what will happen to Sony if this thing doesn't take off. They have a lot riding on the PS3, basically the future of the entire company! At this moment it seems entirely possible that the PS3 will bomb. On the other hand I don't think that the 360 has really gained any traction in the market as there is still not nearly enough interesting titles 6 months into the product-lifecycle. The one thing Sony still has is lots of commitment from important developers which will help them stay ahead in the foreseeable future. But if this thing with the controller is any indication of how Sony is going about this new generation (and especially the online portion of the console), I am less then enthused. I just can't believe how clueless they are. At least make the new controller "feel" next gen like the finish of the 360 controllers! If they have the same bad fit as the old ones (my poor tortured hands) I would feel cheated beyond belief. Also the ergonomics of a symmetric setup isn't really all that great! I don't think there is any point in arguing with Nintendo's excellent position at this point. They are doing everything right and as an old SNES fanboy "I am as happy as a little boy". I don't quite see microsoft taking over the old PS2 ground. A lot of people out there probably don't even know that there are aother systems apart from Playstation! I am talking about the massmarket that will probably make its decision based on marketing and "stand-out" titles. But all of that could be changing since video games are constantly moving more towards the massmarket.
  15. Oblivion

    So is somebody writing the review for this?