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  1. Editorial: No Promises

  2. "Anonymous" declares war on Scientology

    Hahahahahahahaha ohhh that's my country oh fuck.
  3. Movie/TV recommendations

    You'll have a better idea once you get through the whole thing. It was such a conceptually schizophrenic show that you can only like two of its three seasons. Either 1 & 2 or 1 & 3. You'll see once you get there Also it's not an X-Files spin-off.
  4. Riven

    I think, in a way, that was the best puzzle in the whole game.
  5. Editorial: Dealing with Death

    By the way thanks for discussing this article everyone. It warms my heart.
  6. Reminds me of this. Can't wait until Joystiq or Kotaku pick this up!!!
  7. Opening credits

    Yes, sorry, I wasn't trying to lecture at you specifically, it was more a general point I saw an opportunity to blurt out
  8. Opening credits

    The thing about getting into the Wire is that (most) fans of the Wire didn't watch those first three (or however many) episodes and immediately start proclaiming it the best show ever. We didn't see something you didn't. I started watching season 1 and was like "this is ok... I guess." The experience you have watching the first couple episodes is not the same experience you'll have watching all the others. And it's not that they're bad episodes. I've watched them since and they're great. The pacing is really so unusual for TV -- it's not that you suddenly get to an episode which you love, it's that you suddenly get to an episode where plot points click and are paid off, even in very small ways, which makes you realise how good it always was and how much you want to see it continue. That said, even by Wire standards, season one's pacing is rather leisurely. Once the show starts expanding in scope it does get more engrossing episode-by-episode.
  9. Opening credits

    Yes yes yes. I love the Wire's opening credits. Note how it's a) different from everything else HBO does in that it's a montage (and also that there's a teaser) and different from everything network TV does in that the montage isn't of the characters or of money shots from previous seasons. Instead you have all these shots which seem sort of mundane but are assembled so well and create such a sense of place and atmosphere. I think season 3 has my favourite credits. There's a great energy to that one. January 2008!!!
  10. The Backlog

    I wouldn't call 3D a Jordan Mechner game. I believe he helped come up with the story and that was it (if even that) -- he didn't write the entire thing himself like he did Sands of Time. ("Jordan Mechner games", for reference: Karateka, Prince of Persia, Prince of Persia 2, The Last Express, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.)
  11. The Backlog

    Wow, and I was feeling bad for not having finished System Shock 2 yet. That's the only thing in my backlog. Also, not to get too patronising, but I can see a really easy way to thin down some of these lists. (Runaway? Prince of Persia 3D?!)
  12. A warm welcome to our latest forumer...

    "Be nice to our newest member, girlfacialblonde!" wtf is happening
  13. Deus Ex 3!

    I would love to know how Bethesda has apparently disrespected the franchise and "the communities that continue to foster most of the interest". Who, NMA? These guys? The most insane gaming fans on the internet? Sorry but the hardcore Fallout fans act so ridiculously entitled and hostile I can't take any of their criticism seriously, because their criticism is basically "we know best because we're true Fallout fans and that's not what we would have done!"
  14. Deus Ex 3!

    Yeah I blogged about this earlier today. Not that I'm just trying to promote my blog or anything... although secretly I am. I am cautiously optimistic about this. At this stage there's not really anything to react to. Invisible War doesn't have me concerned for this (unless it's a direct sequel.) since it's a completely different studio. I think the Fallout 3 analogy is a good one. Eidos Montreal mentioned that this was a project they'd like to do months ago... I wouldn't be surprised if BioShock helped greenlight it though.
  15. Futurama's Return: Bender's Big Fail

    IGN gave it an A because they're nerds reviewing new Futurama so it doesn't matter how good it is. I was really disappointed by it. What a mess. It wasn't paced like a movie and it wasn't paced like four episodes strung together, it was just fucked. It was remarkable how clever it wasn't. There were a few jokes I liked a lot but it was a weak script. Really underwritten and obvious. It was clear with most of the dialogue that they took the first joke that came to mind and never tried to top it. They were all really easy jokes to make. Classic-period Simpsons and classic Futurama were so funny because it was rewritten so much with so many people involved and they rarely settled for the okay joke that was easier to come up with than the good joke. This one was a first draft.