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  1. Delayed rewards in video games ?

    Okay, I agree that satisfaction doesn't come instantly in most games, but I think the point of Gondry is : games doesn't make you progress in real life. I mean, sure you can make the biggest Katamari in no time, but that can't really enrich your personality. However, by playing guitar, or drawing, or making short films for real, you can encounter a whole lot of problems and interesting points that will make you more aware of the creative world that surrounds you. So, to sum up, getting satisfaction in games may take longer than eating an ice cream, but it's just as much creative.
  2. Delayed rewards in video games ?

    What I understand from Michel "Godlike" Gondry's quote is that playing video games won't get you any creative skill, but apparently The Thumb thinks otherwise. Have you any example of delayed rewards in video games ?
  3. Warsow, a free multiplayer FPS

    I don't know if you've heard the news, but this week, Warsow v0.06a was released. The game is a free multiplayer FPS based on the Quake 2 engine with nice cel-shaded graphism. Like Quake 3, it's really fast but it's easier to do tricks thanks to the "dash" move. You can jump against walls and bounce like a sheep through all the map. It's pretty funny to see everyone jumping around. Unfortunatly, there are not much servers by now (I never saw more than two at the same time), but it's still worth trying. Warsow website Download (~25 Mo)
  4. Gabe Newell bashes next gen consoles

    This one has to be a Quote of the Moment. And this moment has to last at least five years, so people will never forget those words of wisdom. By the way, have you ever seen a picture of Gabe Newell with a clean shirt ? Can't seem to remind last time I saw one...
  5. Oh man, the banjo guitar on the ragtime theme song is driving me crazy. I want to learn to play this one !
  6. Star Wars vomit bags

    This has to be the most clever game goodie ever made ! The Star Wars : Episode III game vomit bags ! Too bad it actually doesn't ship with the game.
  7. Survivor, bad taste at its best

    As I was searching for some news about the nice looking Crash Day racing game, I found a new game developped by the same company : Survivor . Here's the concept : You should be able to play scenarios like Titanic, Hiroshima, Mexico City earthquake and of course 9/11. I don't know what happens during brainstorming sessions at Replay Studios, but someday, something went terribly wrong.
  8. Xbox's J Allard revealed

    Just found this picture. Man, J. looks so totally cool !
  9. Domo aligato Mr. Hideo

    Poor little guy seems to have lost his mind... Source : Boomtown / Kotaku
  10. Nintendo Revolution

    Good news everyone, it seems like the revolution is really coming, and it's set for tomorrow.
  11. Nintendo Revolution

    I just watched the conference broadcast live. It was deceiving. Nothing was shown, no games, no controller, nothing, except the console itself. Well, at least, the new GB Micro looks good.
  12. Nintendo Revolution

    I like it. It's not really creative, the colors make me think of the PS2, but the small size of it is very appreciable. I'm waiting too see the controller to set my final judgement.
  13. Ps3

    That Spiderman font is simply ridiculous. Well, in a way, it fits to the rest so it's not that bad. Edit: And the controller is just... wordless.
  14. Sonic Adventures 2 is excellent. I also had a lot of fun on Arcade games like Crazy Taxi. Soul Calibur is great as a fighting game.
  15. Which games should be released for free?

    Well, it's just my point of view, but I already know that I will absolutely enjoy re-playing Doom 3 in five and more years. The game has such a solid engine (like every ID games) and feeling that it will still be great. However, I already bet in 5 years everyone will be bored by a game which gameplay is only based around its physic engine.