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  1. Maniac Mansion

    The AGA chipset of the A1200 and A4000 does a very good job at emulating the OCS chipset calls which A500 games make - in fact, 99% of all Amiga games will work on the 1200. The reason why it can't do it 100% is because Commodore (in their infinite wisdom) lost the schematics to the original chipset. I use a program called Relokick. Essentially, it fools the OS into thinking its kickstart 1.3 (the white "insert disc" screen instead of the purple one) and patches a few registers in the AGA chips.
  2. Maniac Mansion

    You can get "degraders" which fool the games into thinking they're running on an A500. Personally, there aren't THAT many A500 games which would warrant getting the 500 instead of the 1200... The A1200 will go straight into your TV, either via composite, SCART (with an adaptor cable) or even RF.
  3. Don't you just HATE breakout games?

    Yes, that's it! Great times had by all... In fact, I don't think I got near my miggy for a couple of weeks thanks to my dad being absoutely hooked on that game.
  4. Maniac Mansion

    In I come... No new "classic" Amigas (like the A1200 or A4000) have actually been produced since 1996. The last was the Amiga Technolgies (when they were owned by Escom) A4000T. So these "new" machines are, in fact, ex-stock. Still good though. A1200's tend to last for years anyway, thanks to no battery on the motherboard (no risk of leakage). There are new Amigas being built called AmigaOne's, but nothing like the old machines. They are based around the PowerPC processor (G3 and G4 models), contain no custom chips, and are generally very expensive compared to the PC industry and even the Mac market. However, due to the lightweight requirements of AmigaOS, the new AmigaOS 4.0 (still beta atm) absolutely FLIES on the new hardware. I have an AmigaOne, and it's a lovely bit of kit. Nothing special compared to a top-of-the-line PC mobo though. :edit In fact, the link above actually have AmigaOne's for sale!
  5. Holiday cash=Console for me.

    "Despite"? Shrinking the chip size is probably the reason it will overheat without a fan!
  6. Don't you just HATE breakout games?

    Obviously you never played MBall on the Amiga... Best... Breakout.... Game... Ever... And it was free!! (I think)
  7. The Sims and Girls

    I think the control device also proves a hazard to female gamers. Give them a microphone (SingStar), dance mat (all kinds of dance games) or EyeToy (erm, EyeToy?) and women seem to open up to gaming a hell of a lot easier. Maybe the keyboard and mouse are synominous with computer users/geek culture? Discuss.
  8. EA and MS: Which company is more evil?

    I don't want to seem like I'm sticking up for EA here, but they did release Freedom Fighters which I absolutely loved... Plus I have a phobia of all M$ products... Ask spaff, he'll vouch for me!
  9. I hate SLOW people

    I walk fast, so fast. In fact, I always have the urge to get in front of the person in front of me. It can get very knackering very quickly, cos there's always someone else in front of them... What winds me up is couples walking on thin pavements. It's like they HAVE to walk side-by-siide, forcing you into the road. They seem to walk too slow as well. Grr and grr again (for effect).
  10. M.A.M.E.... Am I being to strick with myself?

    If I really wanted to play a certain arcade machine the way it was meant to be played, I'd head down the arcade. For instance, if they ever get Daytona USA working on MAME, I still think I'd put a couple of quid in the machine for some great four-player racing action! But MAME is good for those "just a quick go" games. Like Golden Axe. Ho hum.
  11. Gamespot's Best/Worst of 2004

    Where's Burnout 3 in this? Surely they can't have missed the uber-bloom on the European "winter" levels?!
  12. EA and MS: Which company is more evil?

    Dang! That's true... But still, EA did›release Burnout 3, even if the online play is infuriating at times.
  13. Top Gear

    Best... Show... Ever...
  14. EA and MS: Which company is more evil?

    EA brought us Deluxe Paint. M$ bought us MS Paint. No contest really...
  15. Maniac Mansion

    You can always emulate, but then again, it's never the same as actually owning the machine itself...