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  1. I'm not following the rewatch, but I have to mention this painting by Scott Campbell:
  2. Some of the quotes from the SimCity 2000 manual are actually by Neil Gaiman. Full text on his website. I think the essay was inspired by the Sandman story "A Tale of Two Cities".
  3. The Mass Effect discussion reminded me of this episode of the Play of the Light podcast, which is two guys - Jason McIntosh and Matthew Weise - talking at length about video games. The latest episode 6 was about Zombies in games (and films), with frequent mentions of The Walking Dead.
  4. Walmart has changed the Diablo 3 description, but the one for the Collector's Edition still has a jem or two (emphasis mine):
  5. I had this weird feeling of Deja-Vu while listening to the Driver 2 discussion. For a few minutes I thought I that section was cut from an older episode ...or maybe I could download files from the future. Then I realized a very similar discussion on the Gamers with Jobs podcast with Chris as guest. (at minute 1:44) The discussion went the same way on both podcasts: What the twist ending should be.
  6. the white chamber (Lowercase intentional)

    I played it. Other than the art-style, it wasn't so different than many other indie adventure games. I liked Yahtzee's Chzo Mythos better, if you're looking for horror adventure games.
  7. I never heard of Deadly Premonition, and when I first heard this, I didn't understand why you were covering a Super Mario World song. So after this podcast, I checked youtube and realized this is music from a .Does anyone else think it's a Super Mario World cover?
  8. This is what a real malfunctioning robot looks like, foaming mouth and all:
  9. Far Cry 2

    I'm also at that place in the game. I will not miss the annoying Warren who wanted me to kill some dudes just so he could get high. Josip was cool, though. I did alot of side-missions (I'm a completionist) which felt like a lot of grinding and was kinda boring. Maybe new area in the second act will help alleviate that feeling. Has anyone seen Permanent Death? Someone is chronicling his game from a first-person narrative, and stopping after his character dies.
  10. You call this a wizard?? I assumed the podcast had professional wizard content...
  11. Indeed, how does the game compare to sacrifice? Video is available here:
  12. I think I found That Guy. Here's a quote from his report of the 2008 EA Shareholders meeting (emphasis mine):
  13. Idle Thumbs 18: Citizen Killzone

    Fargo from Gamespy recorded an audio sketch around the "Locked myself out of the mech" joke, based on Metal Gear.
  14. DS Games

    Hi, Sorry to hijack this thread, but I'm looking for some specific old/new recommendations. I'm getting a DS now, probably along with 2-3 games. I have another friend that has a DS with one game currently: FF3. Suppose I want to enjoy my DS both for stylus adventury goodness and multiplayer, what are the must-haves? Is Mario Kart great in single cart mode? Or should my friend get a copy as well? (If Wi-Fi gaming is fast enough, I guess I could play with others) - Is Advance Wars a good substitute for that (multiplayer), if I'm more into strategy? I know that I'll probably like Hotel Dusk and a Phoenix Wright, but don't they have a short shelf-life? (I know... silly question to ask about adventure games) Dawn of Sorrow is on my list, and if I can find it, the GBA aria/harmony double-pack And finally, what of the more "weird" games such as the stylus kirby and warioware? Thanks for the help!
  15. Warcraft Adventures (old old stuff)

    Has anyone read the Lord of the Clans novel? It fills the plot gap between Warcraft II and III that the game should have filled. It's not a translation of the game to a novel like Jane Jensen did with Gabriel Knight, so it may interesting. If you're willing to risk it, tell if if it's any good Oh, and the Lord of the Clans trailer is on the original Starcraft CD
  16. Half-Life 2 Spoiler Thread

    What paper clippings? I remember the resolution being too small to read anything. I'm going to look in the subtitles file of HL2.. see if there are any dialogs (monologues, more likely) I missed, or were dropped from the game altogether.
  17. Half-Life 2 Spoiler Thread

    Some stuff to think about (Also, Hi. I'm new here):