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  1. Thank you. I see all my late nights watching Seinfeld reruns finally paid off.

    Just to clarify though, my comment was a biting sarcastic remark on a thread in which you could easily exchange the term bandwidth with the term dick, and the term Mb/s with the term inches.

    At least in my case you could.

    nope, not just your case, i think that would be anyone's

  2. I don't dislike it, but I fail to see why it is praised so much. In a way it feels like a Half-Life 1 mod. The worst thing is that I don't have any idea why I am there...

    if it makes you feal any better i was'nt a fan of the first game, i played it in a few days time span and i ddi'nt think anything great of it. but i love the new one. it's easily game of the year in my book! :tup:

  3. i bought the special edition for 80 USD which came with a mine book. the book contains segments from the strategy guide and the above book you mentioned. from what i have seen in the mini book the artwork alone is enough to get it, it also fills you in on somethings but not allot. I'm going to get it, i just don't know when.

  4. i already own a ps2 so i wont be getting it, but it does look nice. it can stand vertical but you need to by a special stand for it. kinda pointless though as mentioned above because of the top loading. the only draw back is that you cant get a HD for it. not that big of a deal because not many games would use the HD.

  5. yes, dogs can look up...i have 2 full bred english mastiffs, when they beg at the table they put there head to the ground and stare up at the diner table.

  6. I'm really excited about this, I'm glad that the battery is rechargeable. in the future their will probably be newer batteries that give it longer life.

    on slightly different subject concerning Nintendo DS. the presales in japan have sky rocketed, so the DS does have a chance. compared to the PSP i think the DS will make the same amount of money.

  7. After extensively played several MMORPG's for the past 6 years, I can easily say that FFXI is the most fun, balanced, and complete MMORPG I have ever played. After being trained for years to accept the incomplete, beta quality, buggy, broken quest having, emergency patched, enforced jump through hoops gameplay type of games, FFXI was a complete breath of fresh air. It made me realize that I don't have to put up with the crap that other companies have put out. It is possible to have a finished, polished, and fun MMORPG. Going back to something like EQ2 would be a steel toed kick to the balls.

    i hated FFXII, i thought it was a complete waste of my money. i found the game to be extremely empty and boring. i raised my character all the way to level 11 (which isn't that high) the games combat is really meant for a party of people not a soloist.

    now to get back on topic, i enjoyed FFX. i thought it was very entertaining. the storyline did get annoying once in a wile but other then that it's a fairly good game. it's nothing compared to FFVII though.

  8. i played this game for dreamcast and it was extremely glitchy....i'm glad to know that there is a PC version. i liked the art stile of the game and am now looking forward to getting a copy.

  9. i bought my version for $10USD

    I'm a huge fan of the series and love the game dearly but it's just not the same as rayman 2. game play wise it's a little different but i just feel myself getting board with it. I've only played threw about half and had to put it down. i recommend the game to anyone who wants to give it a shot but don't get your hopes up for anything great.