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  1. cartoon elephant jazz

  2. A riddle-y type thing.

    i actually had a legit answer for this, it was her twin sister. she saw the man and fell in love with him a first site, she was jellous that she was talking to his sister, so she killed her to pose as her.
  3. 1Mbps! Yay! (Happy dance!)

    nope, not just your case, i think that would be anyone's
  4. 1Mbps! Yay! (Happy dance!)

    i'm stuck at 3Mbps with a cap around 250k download and 30k upload, i pay around 50 bucks a month (USD) i dont even think i have the option of reaching a higher through put threw my internet provider.
  5. Folding your shirts

    it works for me but the shit still end up folded realy big, i have to make an other fold to get it to fit correctly in my dresser.
  6. Half Life 2 First Impressions

    if it makes you feal any better i was'nt a fan of the first game, i played it in a few days time span and i ddi'nt think anything great of it. but i love the new one. it's easily game of the year in my book!
  7. Half Life 2 First Impressions

    i bought the special edition for 80 USD which came with a mine book. the book contains segments from the strategy guide and the above book you mentioned. from what i have seen in the mini book the artwork alone is enough to get it, it also fills you in on somethings but not allot. I'm going to get it, i just don't know when.
  8. Platform acronyms

    thats a good point with the PSX but i never refeard to the gamecube as GCN on as GC
  9. Half Life 2 First Impressions

    marek is telling the truth, my next door nabor said he hated it, i just found out that he's in jail or rapping 4 puppys. and how the hell do you get those thumbs up/thumbs down thingys....?
  10. i have the PC version and i do like it a lot, i cant get that far in it becuase of the controles. i say, get the X-box version.
  11. Half Life 2 First Impressions

    has anyone heard of this rumor
  12. got llama?
  13. Extraordinary League of Gentlemen

    i thought the movie's fite sceans were confusing, you could'nt tell who was fighting who and what was happening to whom.
  14. Bear vs Gorilla

    i think the gorrila would win, they have fingers. a simple eye gouge and the bear is fucked.
  15. New Playstation 2

    i already own a ps2 so i wont be getting it, but it does look nice. it can stand vertical but you need to by a special stand for it. kinda pointless though as mentioned above because of the top loading. the only draw back is that you cant get a HD for it. not that big of a deal because not many games would use the HD.