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  1. Games giveaway

    Includes 8 items: Train Simulator 2013 , European Community Asset Pack , Great Western Main Line Add-On, Somerset & Dorset Railway Add-On, East Coast Main Line Add-On, Ruhr-Sieg Line Add-On, US Community Asset Pack , Cajon Pass Add-On No idea if any of those have anything to do with milk bottles.
  2. Games giveaway

    I know I'm a bit late to the party. I have a couple tradeable games via steam if anyone's interested (tradeable, but I'm intending to happily just give them away). Amnesia: The Dark Descent Railworks 3 Train Simulator + DLC (come on, you know you want this) Half-Life 2 Half-Life 2: Episode One The Orange Box ALSO, probably the only item of actual worth on the list: The Banner Saga multiplayer beta key
  3. By the hammer of Thor!

    Stay classy, gerbil.
  4. By the hammer of Thor!

    Invoking the name of Mjollnir is the best way to describe my surprised and delighted return. It was over eight years ago that I found my way to Idle Thumbs (part of me misses all the red of that old site). A year or two later, life happened and somewhere along the line, I completely forgot that this place existed... and life went on. Meanwhile, I have 4 years of a podcast to catch up on and a few games to play. You lot have been busy! All of this, I suppose, is to say... hi! Again.
  5. There are few gamers at Virginia Tech that don't play Counter-Strike, as of a few years ago anyhow (I lived in that town for a number of years) - not the least reason being that one of the creators of the game was a Tech student. Hasn't the military used it to train soldiers? I'd like to see good ol' Jack Offson use his same rationale to rail on the government for training killers responsible for tens of thousands of deaths overseas. But I digress.
  6. Welcome (back) to the forums!

    Somehow this is more anti-climactic than I anticipated.
  7. Age of Empires 3 demo

    Awesome. I can't even install it because my motherboard it "old". Yet Half-Life 2 runs beautifully on my machine. Imagine that.
  8. Karimi's Guide to Joining Idle Forums

    One thing you forgot, other than not to suck, is that the bandwagon of signatures that say "Currently Playing: XXX :tup:" must be jumped on if you want to fit in at all. You fail, sir. But goot post. +1 for you. Kingz thought I was from AdventureGamers because I'm such a dick. I still don't know if that's a good thing.
  9. This Spartan Life

    Did you stop after the Bob Stein interview, or did you watch the second interview also? The second may be a bit better - but the subject is more about the game space they're in, so it's not necessarily that the host isn't doing the same thing, but that it does directly relate to the conversation.
  10. This Spartan Life

    Never really noticed that. He was more role-playing than being a 'talk-show-host'. But at the same time, there are so few talk shows where the guests all say very thought-provoking, intelligent things. I do think though that if they were only running around talking, and not doing much in the game world, that it would start to beg the question "Why the hell are they even doing this as machinima?".
  11. This Spartan Life

    http://www.thisspartanlife.com/ I've heard this compared to Red vs. Blue, though I think the similarities stop at "Halo 2" and "machinima". It's a talk show that's I find rather intelligent and funny - and the site has some very nice 8-bit tunes. I'm curious what the rest of you think of it? Also, I happen to think that if IdleThumbs were to do some machinima, it would fucking rule.
  12. Dig up your shit!

    I found some more games the other day. Day of the Tentacle (yeah yeah, I know what you're thinking, that I should never have let it out of my sight) Abuse Strife (fuckin' A!) Sven 004 XXL (any european who's played this, 5 points for you) Happy Throwback, Marek.
  13. The Swordmen Game(Prince of Persia3;o)

    The site looks more like a church. "Join the mission!"... I weep for the days before Ubisoft made the Prince into a 'warrior'. It makes me smolder with generic tmeh.