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  1. Adult Swim

    CNX used to show quite a few adult swim programmes. Then they decided to be lame and changed into 'Toonami'. I miss CNX.
  2. Epic Saga by Raz

    That’s the only Gaelic sentence I know. Which is pretty sad actually, considering I have more Irish and Scottish in me than filthy stinking English. Also, I miss Happy Funnies.
  3. Man, what am I, an illegal Chinese immigrant?

    Couldn’t you just call in sick? You could say that you fear if you go into work, you may vomit on a customer. Not many bosses like that. I felt so cheated when I found out that was how it was supposed to be said.
  4. Xmas games for little Jack

    My 3-year-old niece likes Crash Bandicoot. So like Bc9b, I’d suggest some kind of cute furry platformer. I agree with the suggestions Yufster made as well. I loved playing Monkey Island when I was little.
  5. Viva la Revolution!

    ‘Is your mom dead?’ was a superb thread. You can learn all about me in it! Here’s a summary of what you can find: I’m a seemingly insensitive, ignorant bint. Yay! Now, who wouldn’t feel all warm inside after learning that? In other news; I can’t stand people who wear Che Guevara t-shirts, and have no fucking clue who he was. I just don’t see why anyone would want some stranger’s face on their chest. Personally, I like knowing I’m whoring out someone/ something I like. But what do I know?
  6. Game Packaging

    There are some cases that come with a magical extra plastic flap inside to hold multiple CDs. I know I’ve got at least two games that have them. It’s strange; I’ve never seen a PC game case with one though.
  7. Attn: Game Designers and Artists.

    If you didn’t want complete the 100 games challenge, but just analysed the games you did play in a similar way, I still think it would be useful. The good thing about attempting a challenge like this, even if you didn’t complete half of it, is that you are forced to play games you might never usually bother with. That way, like Rodi said, you can take things that work well or interesting ideas from one genre and implement them into another. I do agree that it’s not very realistic to analyse 100 games in any short amount of time, especially if you have a demanding job etc. But to be fair, it does say it’s a passion test. Oh, and if Chris did chronicle it for a Thumbs article, you wouldn’t need a book about it. In other news, I just found a ‘new’ challenge for the designers. It’s weird; I could swear I’d read all of Ernest Adams’ Gamasutra articles before.
  8. Attn: Game Designers and Artists.

    I’m glad some of you found this interesting at least. It’s only because I was thinking about Earthworm Jim that I even found it. I find the artist challenge a bit weak though. The designer challenge looks like it would help your knowledge of different aspects of design, and be pretty fun too. The artist one doesn’t seem to be as useful. Maybe it’s because I’d have a hard time analysing characters like Lara Croft objectively. But I don’t know, perhaps a giant pair of boobs really is the secret to a creating a great character.
  9. Call yourself an Artist? Call yourself a Designer? Some challenges set by David Perry of Shiny Entertainment. If you complete them well, you might get some pretty stuff too. [A personal letter of recommendation, a design award & a ‘DP Recommended’ logo for your resume have all been mentioned so far for completing the first challenges.] I just thought this might be useful for some people. So yeah, feel free to harangue me if I’ve been super naughty and put this in the wrong place or something. Edit: Dogma 2001: A Challenge to Game Designers by Ernest Adams
  10. The Giveaway 2: The Singles.

    Don’t worry dear; I believe I just fell. I’ll commence swooning…now. Also, “Hey baby, wanna make an easy 50 bucks?” I love lame chat up lines.
  11. The Giveaway 2: The Singles.

    Again, I have no interest in the very generous giveaway you offer. Yet I continue to contribute. Out of love. So, here’s a beautiful line I found for you. “Hi, will you help me find my lost puppy? I think he went into this cheap motel room across the street.” I would fall for every line in this sexy thread.
  12. Grim Fandango!

    Yep, Grim Fandango is one of the games I can play countless times too. Why did you find the ending disappointing? I thought it was very fitting. I think you mean the Xbox Nation article, ‘Like Schafer himself, Psychonauts is deeply goofy with shreds of genuine emotion squeezed in between the gags.’
  13. Psychonauts in mags

    Thank you for posting the scans. It’s most excellent of you to do so. Why would they leave the sexiest page off of the official site? Surely all the badasses would have appreciated the Kiss picture in the back. As well as the all the sexiness, of course.
  14. Killzone PS2 Demo giveaway!!!!! omg.

    I’m not going to demand a demo, so you can have this hilarious joke for free. What do you call a prostitute with white eyes? Full. I just remembered another hilarious joke! What do you call a dog with no tongue? Smelly bollocks.
  15. Dear (most of) middle America....

    I think that's called Stockholm syndrome. Just so you know. I stayed up until 7 this morning waiting for the fucking Ohio result. Like a fool.