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  1. Old PS2 games

    While it starts on PS1, any/all the Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver Games (Blood Omen 1 was okay, and 2 wasn't too great). You could get Soul Reaver 1 and Soul Reaver 2 for 20 bucks. THE STORY IS AmaZING. Blood Omen 1 isn't necesary, and neither is 2, for continuity, since they branch off. But, It's a well done game, and if you want, you could pick up Defiance (the next part of the story) for a bit more. It came out a year ago, so it probaly dropped a bit since then.
  2. The Incredibles sequel

    After his contract is up, he is stepping down. I think that is happening within a year from now...or so. His replacement is still be looked around for.
  3. Preorders = Bad? You decide!

    HA! That never stops me! If someone starts getting all pissy and shouts at me because they think I am the embodiment of all things troubling them, I hang up after a friendly goodbye.
  4. Xmas games for little Jack

    True, that's a shanzzy product, but you lose out on the togetherness of wiping the floor with Robotnik across Casino Night Zone.
  5. Xmas games for little Jack

    While I think it's rockin' to bring out these "mega collections" of the classics, I always have the feeling that there was something lost in translation. It may be the lack in nostalgia, since I'm used to it being on my old clunker Genisis. Whether by game collection, or the system it was originally designed for, I like the idea ofpicking up the old games. Aside from having the child develop an appreciation for what we now have, it also provides cheap, quality, entertainment for everone. I always loved it when my elder brother and I played as Sonic and Tails, and I don't see why a child and their parent wouldn't either.
  6. Xmas games for little Jack

    I vote for finding a used Sega Genisis for 20 bucks at a gamestop/babbages/etc. and Sonic the Hedgehog 1 - 3. It'll cost you less than any new game AND teach the lad about fighting evil robots! That, my fellow forum-goer, is an indespensible quality in todays workforce.