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  1. I'm a bit less excited for this than I was a couple of months ago after how crappy they've been on social media and seeming like they have no idea that non-binary people exist. Maybe they can turn it around in the next year or two before the game comes out.

  2. I suppose I liked it even though I guess it kind of removes some of the mystery from the recent season and the way it was structured was so much less interesting than the Secret History book but was about stuff I actually cared about. It also kind of ruins Audrey's scenes in the new season for me? So basically that was her life anyway up until the last year or two, and then she was just imagining it was her life? I also hoped something more interesting happened to Annie.


    I'm just glad we got that M.T. Wentz storyline straightened out. I was worried that Cooper's messing with time somehow caused it to go away, as setup in the Secret History book, but it turns out Norma just had a stepmother that she called Mom. Thank god for that.


    also James apparently had an insane life after season 2.

  3. 25 minutes ago, lethalenforcer said:

    Is everything we saw leading up to 17/18 now essentially wiped/meaningless? Of course those things had to happen to get Coop back in position to (attempt to) alter Laura's path. Or is the reality with Pete finding no body, and the existence of Carrie Page, an alternate reality? Or are those things completely independent of one another? And why was the girl at the Roadhouse scratching herself so much? This is my mind today.


    I don't know what happened but I don't think it's wiped out. Maybe Coop goes into an alternate universe though? The Secret History of Twin Peaks book has inaccuracies and apparently people questioned Mark Frost about it and he said it wasn't a goof. So maybe the history was slightly altered but not in a huge way?

  4. Just now, UnpopularTrousers said:

    Twin Peaks is just about the only way Lynch will get a big enough budget to make something, and I'm thus hoping for more things called Twin Peaks. But I'd prefer it if it made an even bigger break from what Twin Peaks has been up until this point.



    This is what I want. Episode 8 was one of my favorite things ever and I would love to see Twin Peaks basically being used as an excuse to fund Lynch's art and trick people into watching something they normally wouldn't.

  5. That was kind of the first episode I've been disappointed in so far. It was pretty short and not a lot seemed to happen? Or maybe a lot did and I just need to think about the episode some more.


    EDIT: The more I think about it I think I like it now. I think some things were just a little off putting to me like Richard Horne and the Vegas girls being dumb gag.