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  1. Grim Fandango!

    yea.. its really wierd i cant replay most games.. but GFD.. just omg
  2. EQ2 Review

    this guys on crack.. i enjoy EQ2 immensly
  3. "I suck..." (countdown to Bloodlines)

    hmmm, who shall i get to review Vampire bloodlines... ... drools
  4. Kerry won the 2004 election.

    im frightened...
  5. WoW Beta

    yes.. even more!
  6. Guild Wars

    they tried many new concepts with it like eq2 did.. but eq2 pulled it off much better.. ok im off to get my labret pierced now
  7. Guild Wars

    i played guild wars during e3 .. it was decent, not my cup of tea
  8. So I just got KOTOR....wot now?

    no.. you may not
  9. *****-***** ... wants you!!

  10. WoW Beta

    ..if you dont buy it .. they cant let you down :-)
  11. Who's going to win?

    i beleive bush will win, though i dont want him to
  12. WoW Beta

    i got in a long time ago.. but i lost my cd key.. too busy playing everquest 2 anyways
  13. So I just got KOTOR....wot now?

    i thought it was a very bland un-interesting game .. meh
  14. Flatout

    this game isnt even on our computers at software ect. ... wierd
  15. So I just got KOTOR....wot now?

    we agree on something!