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  1. A quick Bard's Tale question

    Gamespot's review says they come with the game.
  2. Somebody justify Beyond Good & Evil to me

    Actually I found the gameplay to be better than OoT. It's just really damn fun and there's a lot of variety in the gameplay. But then, the first time I played it I rented it and said "WTF is this crap?" but when I bought it and took the time to enjoy it I found it to be really fun.
  3. Dad 'n Me

    I got up to 43 by just bouncing a dead guy up in the air.
  4. Kotor 2

    Yeah, the ending sucks. But the actual game is really good. But if you're planning on getting the PC version you might wanna wait for the patch.
  5. "Video games may make children addictive"

    "In the lower ages, everyone masturbates. In the higher ages, fewer masturbate, but among them, the amount of "Heavy Users" is higher."
  6. Star Wars: KOTOR II The Sith Lords GOLD!!

    Only gold for the gatesbox though.
  7. IGN reviews San Andreas: "9.9"

    WTF? 9.9? No game is that good!