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  1. Idiot that plagues the internet (WOW and MMOs)

    I only played neverwinter single player. Was the multi player worth trying? The single player disappointed me. Was the second one good?
  2. Idiot that plagues the internet (WOW and MMOs)

    MMOs feel to me like a pretty, though narratively watered down, alternative to table top rpgs. I started playing table top games a year or two ago. You get all of the fun of hanging out with friends, and an infinitely customizable world (at least in the case of GURPS. I'm all for multi player games. I would LOVE a co-op RPG, possibly with a story builder so that you could have something custom. That would be GREAT a world that you and your friends impact. Once a multi-player game becomes MASSIVE, however, I feel that the experience starts to wain. You have to deal with a great deal of imbeciles.The more people exist in the world, the hard it becomes to do anything of substance. Everything that you've done has been done by someone before you. You are a extraordinary person in a land where extraordinary people are common. A co-op would allow for the same "hanging with my buddies" feel with far less of the irritation.
  3. Securing a Wii

    After seeing the gallon of milk episode of Jackass some people I knew in college were bet $100 that they couldn't drink a gallon of milk without throwing up. Most of them quit when they began to feel ill.
  4. Securing a Wii

    It's like any substance, if you take in too much your body can't handle it. Ever watch someone try to drink even half of a gallon of milk in an hour?
  5. How did you find Idle Forums?

    Skumm Bar led me to Mix 'n' Mojo. That led me here.
  6. Wii? Fuck Me!

    you may wish to contact nintendo directly. They might have faster turn around dealing with you directly.
  7. Sixaxis controller wins emmy... what?

    Also, I posted this in the news post as well, but I thought I'd mention it here too: Sony is one of the event SPONSORS You can argue whether they bought the award, but money DID change hands.
  8. Sixaxis controller wins emmy... what?

    It's a very strange quote. You get what he INTENDS to say... but what he actually says is very different.
  9. Sixaxis controller wins emmy... what?

    Sony's Kaz Hirai on the abysmal failure of Sony's intended world wide launch: "a worldwide launch for any console is quite ambitious. In fact, it has never been done before. I suppose if we had simply done a mild upgrade to the PS2 and not pushed the envelope so hard, it would have been easier on ourselves. However, if we did that every time, we wouldn't be Sony." taken from:
  10. Sixaxis controller wins emmy... what?

    I don't understand why people complain about Nintendo not having a charger. Just buy a AA-AAA charger. Then buy several packs of batteries. Put them in everything in the house. Forget about buying batteries for a long time. A decent charger can be found for $20, though it may cost a bit more if you don't like buying things made by Sony.
  11. What kind of game is Kingdom Hearts?

    it's a good game. it costs very little at this point.
  12. Securing a Wii

    I keep seeing Wii (it seems like the plural of Wii should be "Wii" and not "Wiis") sold on Ebay an Amazon for 7-800 US dollars. Is anyone actually paying this much?
  13. Electronics store bullshit

    Yeah... my mom went to buy a TV, 'cause her TV was broken, and the clerk confused her until she left. She doesn't even have cable. I don't know why the hell she ended up buying a $700 HD TV. I told her that she should get a cheap regular one and wait until HD was required if she wasn't going to get cable. Then my dad didn't understand the manual. He didn't know you had to run the channel scan to get the channels. He had me fixing it over Xmas. Then I had to set up his new high speed.
  14. Electronics store bullshit

    An acquaintance of mine went to a game stop to ask about a wii recently. The GS employee told her that Nintendo was experiencing problems with the remote (the physical remote itself, not the strap) and would likely recall all units in January so that they could sit in a warehouse until the problem was sorted out. I called bullshit, but at the same time I'm curious. Have any or you heard anything like this? What's the biggest load of horse shit a person in an electronics store has tried to sell you?
  15. So I just played Dreamfall...

    It was interesting though: I knew I was playing a bad game, but I couldn't stop playing until it was over. I don't finish many games either. I beat this one in 2 days.