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  1. I Had a Random Thought (About Video Games) I just skimmed what this link says because of spoilers, but something different does happen. I think most people don't know the stars impact the ending. Hence me deleting my save thinking I had finished the game 100% years ago. Damn.
  2. Movie/TV recommendations

    Yeah basically what attracted me to them in the first place was the comedy and the funny lines, first Raising Arizona when I was younger then on to Big Lebowski and the rest. The way they write dialogue and situations leading to the exchanges is the big draw for me. The dialogue is still what gets me through their more heady, symbolic, and confusing movies like A Serious Man where I probably would have left the theatre if not for the funny parts. I guess I don't like when they make movies like that because I can only work so hard to unravel the content in a movie that is coy about what it was trying to say and the events that happened. Also I firmly believe that most of the reasons people laugh at Bad Santa are their rewrites of the script and the great dialogue, but they aren't credited as writers for the screen actors guild, just producers for that. And then on just their scripts, I'm also a bit shocked on their credit for writing Unbroken. There is absolutely nothing signature about the Coens in that movie's script and very little dialogue in general. I also felt like Gambit may have shown some of their brilliance in the first half but the movie was directed like a 90s Rick Moranis comedy so I felt like the timing was all screwed up I thought Crimewave was really stupid, but they wrote it after Blood Simple so it sort of figures. I haven't seen The Naked Man but I have it downloaded so I should probably give it a shot. My friend enjoys it a lot. It's an Ethan Coen only script so maybe it doesn't count?
  3. Movie/TV recommendations

    I think I may have enjoyed it if it were 15 minutes.
  4. I Had a Random Thought (About Video Games)

    I have to replay Braid. I got all the stars and never realized there's another ending for doing so, so I've never seen it.
  5. General Video Game Deals Thread

    But it's belong to you though right?
  6. Movie/TV recommendations

    Ladykillers is pretty good, whatever dudes. Lots of laughs to be had and many funny lines stick out. I can't decide if I hate Intolerable Cruelty or A Serious Man more. I thought Inside Llewelyn Davis was super lame not to mention absolutely boring. Don't care about any of whatever that movie was trying to say. Coens work best when they are funny I think rather than an overdose of symbolic nonsense like Barton Fink. I also wish I had walked out of the theatre for both There Will Be Blood and Synechdoche, NY and got those hours of my life back, so judge my opinion on that I suppose. Although I do find Barton Fink very entertaining though, so I don't know what to say there. The more genre, violent films like Fargo, Miller's Crossing, True Grit, and No Country rank very well for me. But Blood Simple is an amateur garbage snoozefest, I'm sorry. With the included DVD commentary on however, it is very entertaining. Also Hudsucker Proxy is indeed very good.
  7. Games with Dead Cats in Them

    Why are there so many dead cats in Bioshock 1 and 2? That's gross.
  8. Games with Dead Cats in Them

    So did they mean to write "cats" where it says "ladies?"
  9. Games with Dead Cats in Them

    Well it's just turned into Cabela's in here hasn't it?
  10. Life

    Hooray SBM!!! Cordeos, that's cool, can I ask here what organization?
  11. Making Mr. Remo Uncomfortable

    I will give you $100 to successfully steal J. Allard's bike.
  12. Making Mr. Remo Uncomfortable

    Oh this is fucking easy. Just ask Max Schaefer of Runic which barber shop he uses and just sit outside and wait until Remo goes in.
  13. The Witness by Jonathan Blow

    How can you purchase half a skateboard?
  14. Games with Dead Cats in Them

  15. Games with Dead Cats in Them

    3 vomit emoticons.
  16. Super Mario Maker

    Can you download these levels so if they are delisted you always have them or are they only accessed with an internet connection?
  17. Games with Dead Cats in Them

    They can't be killable, they have to be post death experience. Then if you are a level designer on Bioshock you just throw them in almost every corner of every room. I can get with this revenge story.
  18. Games with Dead Cats in Them

    I guess you can make the cat in Incredible Machine fall off the screen.
  19. Games with Dead Cats in Them Why?! Are there really a bunch of dead cats in Deus Ex?
  20. I Had a Random Thought (About Video Games)

    Haha was it really just me and you? I want to say it was just me and Sno who finished Killer 7 and even then I took way over the alotted time. Then I played it again right after on hard mode in a matter of two days. As much as I'd like to do this again, I won't have time. Also I would be big on having everyone completing the game, even though we all mostly failed each time.
  21. Nintendo 3DS

    Yeah I am just selling the Animal Crossing stuff on eBay (well the game code, if you have the New 3DS then you have the plates). Nintendo sells basic colors like red, blue, and green from their website at like $10 plus shipping, but that's no fun. So it's to eBay for people in the U.S. to get the better faceplates.
  22. Nintendo 3DS

    I'm bragging:
  23. Powerball Fantasies

    I do not play any lotteries so I have 0 chance, but I was thinking earlier I'd probably start an animation studio, spend 10 years to make a movie that wasn't very good and then still feel proud of myself.
  24. The terrible wallet scourge of the Amiibo.

    Oh yeah, thanks for Target tip aprettycooldude, I was able to get Shovel Knight over the last weekend because of it!
  25. Woof.

    I meant to thank you for that amazing gif the other day. Thank you Mr. Bucket for the smiles.