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  1. Mr. Robutt

    I am not sure that is exactly what he was saying with that quote, “Money hasn’t been real since we got off the gold standard. It’s become virtual software. The operating system of our world. And we are on the verge of taking down this virtual reality.” There's no talk of a return to that but there is a bitcoin like created currency that is corporate owned that comes into play later.
  2. Mr. Robutt

    Well this thread just became super disheartening.
  3. I Had A Random Thought...

    I think they are just playing jump rope.
  4. I Had A Random Thought...

  5. Sam & Max on Youtube

    Ah okay. It's certainly funny to me that in that time this guy's VHS rips have been made obsolete by an actual DVD release.
  6. Sam & Max on Youtube

    Ahahaha, why did this thread get restored? I hope "fr34kystyle" reuploads soon!
  7. Mr. Robutt

    Yeah I saw that, I would say to keep going until the end of season 1 just because Also thanks Mington, listening now!
  8. Mr. Robutt

    Funny you should say that. A few of the people who watched this show after my recommendation dropped off on season 2 for being too out there. While the first season was pretty easy to latch on with only two of my friends quitting after On the men in black, While I thought it was amusing, I wasn't that into the Commodore 64 part near the end of season 2. It felt like it was trying too hard to be David Lynch and I don't think it fit in with the overall tone of the show, not to mention it being too unlikely. Seriously the sitcom thing made way more sense to me. I guess it can have its self indulgence sometimes though. On The Dark Army As season 2 went on I am pretty sure Angela's desire to take over E Corp was just a facade. You see that the end game on everything she has been doing in the company is towards getting evidence even if it means dropping the inspections from the civil lawsuit to get closer to the proof of the wrongdoing at the plant. However my guess is that self preservation kicks in and her motives change when she sees that she may be in more trouble by turning over the files to the FBI as a whistleblower plus Dom shortly after shows she's pretty much got her. I hope Tyrell is not the main character. He is too disgusting. I was actually really wanting him to be dead but I guess that's not happening now. [/spoiler] About Dom Sorry if that's a lot of response Marginalgloss, but I do like your ramble. I want to talk more about this show with people but the only other place I have is just Reddit, which I'm not active in. The imdb boards are trash and are thankfully being killed in a week.
  9. Mr. Robutt

    What? I had no idea this existed until now. Guess I'll give it a try and see. The reviews on both app stores are really night and day.
  10. Mr. Robutt

    I want to make a thread for the show Mr. Robot, because ever since I started watching it last year, it has become one of my favorite shows ever. My wife and I love this show and are eagerly waiting until whenever season 3 is done. I know the show was originally written as a movie and a season is considered an act but it's possible it may go on to a fourth season? Whatever the case, the creator Sam Esmail is insane because he took it upon himself to write and direct every episode in season 2. How on earth does one manage that? This show is incredibly difficult to talk about without spoilers at every second so I don't know where to begin. I like rewatching the seasons closely and seeing all the little touches in each season and how intricate it can get. I was sort of lost at the end of season 2 until I rewatched that recently after buying the blu-ray and having time to pause and read subtitles just in case I didn't catch something. There were a few twists and plot points I completely missed first time through but now I have a pretty clear idea of what has been answered and what the questions are that remain. Season 2 is definitely harder to figure out. I also bought the accompanying journal/book and I am about halfway through but it's not really that great compared to the show. There's some stuff apart of the big ARG thing they have going on but I don't really understand how to solve any of the puzzles and the ones I see that are solved online don't really enlighten much. I guess in many ways this show is seriously cathartic and reflects the angry untrusting teenager (I suppose) that will always be a part of med. I find all of the characters except Tyrell and Joanna enjoyable. I don't really like Alf though, never have. One caveat though, I am a bit worried that this show might end in an unsatisfying way. Will it be Funny though, it does seem like our political climate in the US gets more fucked up in between every season, so the show is almost a little bit more tame than the real world. EDIT: Fun fact, in the second to last episode in Season 2 there is a Commodore 64 with Maniac Mansion installed on it. I noticed this on the rewatch and posted it on the Thimbleweed Park Facebook. Whoever runs the Facebook got a kick out of it. I don't think it was Ron Gilbert since they used a smiley face.

  12. New forum: Movies & Television!

    Christ, we're all old.
  13. Shaving My Thumbs

    Hey beardies, how do you shave your face with the cheapest and most efficient equipment? I absolutely hate shaving and I hate paying for razors as well. I don't think my facial hair is especially thick but it seems to grow quickly and after not shaving for nearly two weeks, I remembered to do it today and went through about three of the cheapo disposable razors in one go. I was super frustrated because it seems so wasteful and I think that's maybe a new record. I used to use the Gilette Fusion razors with the replaceable blades because they send you a free one in the mail when you're 17, but I started realizing those fucking replacement blades were a god damn rip off. $20 or whatever for a three pack is insane when I could only get three or four full shaves from each cartridge until I had to throw it away. So a few years ago I switched to disposable Gilette razors after doing some not incredibly in depth research about this and reading a recommendation for the Gilette Custom Plus 3, I got a 12 pack of those on Amazon for about $18 every few months. They seemed to be good for about two full shaves each, which isn't the worst, but seems like a better value than the Fusion cartridges. But about 2 months ago I couldn't renew my Amazon order for the Custom Plus 3 because the page listing was no longer available so I tried a 30 pack of Sensor 2 Plus for $25, the aforementioned razor where I had to kill two to finish off this unruly beardedness. Won't be doing that one again. So is acquiring bulk packs the Custom Plus 3 over and over my best bet at spending on my face or is that kind of wrong? I feel stupid constantly throwing away hunks of plastic with blades on the end, but this idea of Fusion cartridges that last forever and are amazing on your face are a fairy tale. Is that just how blades work unless I buy a huge blade like a barber in a silent film? My wife thinks I will slice my face open if I do that. I most likely will. I also don't use shaving cream as I've never really found the stuff makes a major difference and instead seems to create a gross mess. What about those doofy looking electric razors that have circles like alien devices? Those just seemed like a waste of money but also too much work recharging and keeping track of parts, cleaning and such. But if they save more money in the long run and are effective, maybe that's a good way to go. Bonus question, what's the best way to not get all my beard hairs in the sink so that I don't have to also buy Liquid Plumber every half year?
  14. Comics Extravaganza - Pow Bang Smash!

    Just to answer this real quick, that's him. Well at least I think it's him, going by the eyebrows. Jamie Hewlett used to do a lot of illustrations for UK computer game magazines in the latter half of the 80s. Phillip Bond (another artist from their Deadline magazine collective) used to do a lot of the same magazines though so it's possible it could actually be Phillip, as it sort of also looks like his work because the early styles of the two often look similar to me. Since I was a little boy back then and not a commodore user, I only know this because I spent a couple of years a while back collecting issues of Commodore User on because Alan Martin posted a page of Hewlett's "Groovy Arcade Stories" on some blog (which appears to be deleted) which is some long lost cyberpunk sort of comic with a not-Tank-Girl that was collected sporadically for a few years. Not sure if there's any kind of definitive list in what issues they appeared in online since looking it up just brings up me blabbing on some Gorillaz forums asking about them. Besides that though he did a lot of spot B/W illustrations for the magazine. But if you go by the 1987 illustration from their self published zine Atom Tan (That oh god I wish I could own) being the first "thing" none of these are pre Tank Girl, but a lot of these computer game magazine gigs were concurrent with the first few Tank Girls stories and the development of Deadline Magazine.
  15. Please tip your postmate

    Yeah I shouldn't have, I'm sorry.
  16. Please tip your postmate

    It says it doesn't factor in tips or commissions. But I see the info, and I still feel sad for everyone stuck on low pay unskilled work is that minimum wage is so low. Anyway, I'm sorry for getting personal, I'm sorry for assuming about people, and I'm sorry for thinking getting a bad job is that easy. This is not what I've found for bums like myself or people I know but I will concede that of course there are lots of other people out there with situations that are no good because of factors outside of their control. I still stand by all the issues with tipping or not tipping with Favor or Postmates and I probably shouldn't have posted here because a lot of it is venting my frustration not only with the company's pay scheme, but the way the other drivers talk to me in person or on the Facebook group about customers and then dealing with jerky restaurant staff. I just think/thought it's important to note because of the strange way the pay scheme is set up, tipping more does not really change their take home pay and I feel only encourages Favor or Postmates to continue their exploitative business model. I will leave you guys alone now.
  17. Please tip your postmate

    Well, best of luck to you then.
  18. Please tip your postmate

    The only thing I can think of is you must have a degree and are overqualified or seem like you might jump ship. This is my experience with difficulties I have now. This is exactly how I feel. Situations may suck and when it comes to being shorted, any bad job is better. Even welfare might be better.
  19. Please tip your postmate

    No that's not what that means, but why not try everything outside of fast food and dishwashing if it all pays generally the same? You still made the choice to only look in those categories. Someone who is getting paid under minimum wage probably would not be picky on getting out of that situation. What is your situation that you can go that long without any kind of job or income?
  20. Please tip your postmate

    I can go over every low paying job I've ever taken and tell you not a single one was hard to get. Every time I've had to do this stuff in life I've applied to as many places as I could at once and try hard to chose which one sucked the least. If these shitty jobs want you, they will sometimes call the same day you put in your application and get you in an interview/online test ASAP. Things that most well off people don't want to do like janitorial work, working at a gas station, stocking shelves at a retailer, working at a call center all have high turnover and will get people in as soon as they can to fill gaps. If you don't know this, I'm pretty sure you've never looked for this type of work. Unless you want to tell me a story on how hard it was to find a CVS or 7-11 that was hiring? If you are in a small town, the available work gets slimmer, but small towns are a magnet for fast food places and Walmarts over restaurants where you have the potential to make under minimum wage due to illegal activity. Hell, in the past two years of financial hardship, I've learned almost anyone can work at the IRS or the Post Office if they follow the rules and show up to group hiring processes. Those pay even nicer, are friendlier towards higher minorities and the elderly, but they are almost always full time. Poorly paying jobs just aren't that difficult to find, it's when you want a good wage to live on or if you want to do the thing your college degree and student debt say you should do, that's what's hard in this country.
  21. Please tip your postmate

    And what does that have to do with there only being one illegally paying job to select from? The actual issue with minorities is they are pretty much all stuck at minimum wage jobs, can't afford college, can't move up to higher paying jobs because of social factors, not that they are stuck working as shorted bartenders and waiters and can't find work at Target or Walmart or something. Also if you are poor and stuck in a bad job, you probably don't have a car, and you probably aren't working a delivery job which requires a nice phone like Favor or Postmates or Uber. No one is stuck at these 1099 tech jobs.
  22. Please tip your postmate

    Significant? Have any info to back this up that it's that difficult to find unskilled jobs paying minimum wage? How many minimum wage unskilled jobs have you done? How hard was it for you to get hired? The fact that you think it's not up for debate tells me you have had limited life experience. If someone actually had to pay bills depending on making said minimum wage and they were barely making it, working at a place that is shorting you less than minimum wage and continuing to work there is a sillier concept. The fact that you guys saying it's somehow advocating that it's not easy to find such bad jobs tells me you probably always were well enough off to never have to work these type of places to pay rent, or your parents paid for all of your room and board and expenses until you were out of college. Even the poorer friends I have with a bad track record of employment that jump from crappy job to crappy job have no issue finding the next bad paying job. Any general crap job is better than being paid less than minimum wage. The problem isn't finding unskilled labor, it's that they pay SO low. And to act like people don't have a choice in where they work is completely not a part of this reality. Sometimes the choices are slimmer, but I would venture to guess there are very little if any cases where there is only ONE JOB and you must work only that ONE JOB. And if it's below minimum wage and operating illegally, by golly you better stay there and we will weep for you because there is only one job! Just like high paying jobs, minimum wage jobs are very hard to come by, so please hold on for dear life and never leave that restaurant where you are making $4/hr.! There are no other jobs, there are no other restaurants in this town. In fact the only business in this town is the one restaurant that pays below minimum wage, for 100s of miles in any direction it is just desert! Come on, in no way I'm advocating that the American Dream is real, I'm simply talking about the reality of the situation, of which many of you don't seem to grasp because you just haven't been there, so get off yer high horse.
  23. Please tip your postmate

    The easiest way to change the W2 tipped jobs to change is to get laws changed. Although that might take forever, as it already seems to have. The other choice is for employees to not work there, customers to not eat there, and not to tip over a bunch to encourage restaurants and all that this is a great system. Try to take your businesses to places that don't require a tip or restaurants that pay their employees well and don't allow tips if one is in your area. Favor and Postmates, corporate is probably not going to change unless people aren't using them or people aren't working there. Favor did indeed pay more on guaranteed rates a couple of years ago when less people were employed there. These tech industry "garage startups" are generally about some sort of cheapass exploitation. They don't have to follow any kind of federal laws so aren't under the same pressure. The more people use them, the bigger they get, the more they get to call the shots. People SHOULD NEVER work at Favor or Postmates if they are trying to support a family, especially if you are using the only vehicle available to your family. There are just a lot of similar jobs where you use your car that pay more, like the plethora of other delivery services and hotshot drivers in the city, all of which don't rely on tips. They are just usually full time and not flexible and not anywhere as easy since you don't just handle one order at a time or sit around and wait. As I've explained here multiple times, tipping over can make just as much impact as not tipping at all because of the unfavorable math involved. The way for this job to pay well is to raise the guarantee much higher and then get rid of tips. Don't feel bad you just gave a Favor driver 15%, that is fine. It communicates that you don't hate them, and that's about it.
  24. Please tip your postmate

    Well when you go and use Postmates again are you going to call corporate and tell them you want a better payment structure? Are you going to stop using them and tell them it's because they should pay their employees better? It's not the same as W2 tipped employee types, so you can't really help on some mass protest and law changes in that case, because they aren't protected under federal minimum wage laws. When it comes to Postmates or Favor, as a customer the only compassionate thing you could do is not make small orders so you don't waste their time and gas, so no more buying a burger meal just for you. Otherwise you could always give them cash tips only. Anything else is just pointless unless you want to start egregiously tipping whatever their minimum rate is and up each time you order, which is simply a silly waste of money and encouraging these companies to pay a crappy wage. See all above messages why this will not work for these app delivery services.
  25. Please tip your postmate

    I don't think pizza places generally give me a tip suggestions, but these app companies have tip suggestions on checkout, usually $5 or 15%. They say that it suggests more if you have to drive a long distance, but I've never seen it reflected in the tipping.