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  1. Let's Talk About Rayman Again

    According to this website, the DS version of Rayman Raving Rabbids is going to be a 3D platformer similar to Rayman 2. So it should not end up being the same as the GBA one. So you are sort of getting 3 different games out of this run.
  2. A Conclusion

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  3. Bueno!

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  4. Earthworm Jim 3D

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  5. Yufster will you marry me?

    I was going to ask Yufster to marry me, "because she is pretty, and I want to marry her." So I was going to post a large veiny penis with an engagement ring around it, proposing to her, but I had problems finding a picture of her. So anyways, I found this instead:
  6. Yufster will you marry me?

    My mom is a drunk and my kids will spank me.
  7. Yufster will you marry me?

    Yeah, I do understand. It was late last night and I should have went to bed instead. I really do agree to have it deleted.
  8. Yufster will you marry me?

    But I will be a centurion idito!
  9. Yufster will you marry me?

    Yeah okay fine, delete it. Sorry.
  10. Yufster will you marry me?

    Hey you guys, making fun of Donnie Darko is so passe... I'm going to go curl up with some Lovecraft now. Adios, ay chi wah wah.
  11. Yufster will you marry me?

    Well I can't do it now!
  12. Yufster will you marry me?

    I don't know, lailoken, what do you think?
  13. Strangers in Paradise

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  14. Fritz Lang

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  15. Expenses

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  16. Dink Smallwood

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  17. Bee Pc

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  18. Pulp

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  19. Full Throttle

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  20. The Preorder System

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