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  1. I'm putting my ethics on you, ruthlessly!

    Wow, I just thought it was for U.S. citizens with too much money and people who enjoy the linguistic stylings of L. Ron Hubbard.
  2. I'm putting my ethics on you, ruthlessly!

    Is Scientology in the UK?
  3. Tingle's Balloon Fight

    Did anyone import this game for the DS? I received my game in the mail from an Ebay seller who does not speak very good English and I am also the same with Japanese. But the game came with a lot of it completed with the Tingle galleries mostly unlocked and I just want to clear the save data and start on clean slate but I have no clue how to do this nor can I find anywhere on the internet that tells me how. I've tried finding something in the manual but I can't read most of it except the parts that it bursts into English. Mostly this is during parts telling me not to copy the game. Not helpful either way. Any ideas anyone? Is there maybe a sequence of buttons you press in other DS games that clear saved games? Maybe there is a way I can open the cart and take out the battery? Do DS games even use battery backup at this point or is that ancient stuff now?
  4. Tingle's Balloon Fight

    Nah, I didn't have any bugs, just the same problem as the Tingle game where I bought it from Ebay and I didn't have a clue how to erase the saved information.
  5. Tingle's Balloon Fight

    No there's a way to erase that one with a button code also. This is Super Mario Bros. Deluxe right? I think you press A+select at the level select screen for the main game but I could be wrong. I'm not at home right now but I can check the manual for you when I get home.
  6. Tingle's Balloon Fight

    Holy geez man, I'm a little late to see your message but it worked! A message comes up in Japanese and I get some decision which must be a Japanese yes or no and then saves are cleared! You are a friend indeed.
  7. Paprika

    Yeah, you're right too. I'd probably be better off not addressing the subject of good vs. evil, whether it's inner or outer. Not sure there's much I can add.
  8. Tingle's Balloon Fight

    That's not exactly the angle I was going for, but thanks though.
  9. Paprika

    I do agree about the ending sequence and although it makes a sort of a hump of boredom or weirdness right at the climax of the movie, it didn't bother me so much. It did screw the pacing up though and I'm not so sure why a lot of it wasn't at least edited out. I read the team spent a lot of time on the matador sequence so they were probably left with the dire want to keep it in the movie even though it might not be helping it. I also think it's really hard to get away from the good vs. evil thing a lot of stories go for just because it's one of those basic elements to story telling that you might not even know you are doing until it's finished. It's sort of inherent so it's somewhat forgivable. I wasn't bored though, and I did feel for the characters. I mean I'd rather see a Studio 4C production way before any new Satoshi Kon or Miyazaki project anyday. I think they do interesting things by combining the digital age with traditional animation that so many other studios are so afraid to balance or try.
  10. Paprika

    That would be awesome, but I don't think it Studio 4C releases are going to be seeing much exposure over here in the near future unless we have another Animatrix type ordeal. Seems to me that Tekkon Kinkreet, their first major US release didn't reap much in sales even though Sony seems to have put a lot of money into getting it out here. Also you should check out Cat Soup which for some odd reason was released on DVD in the US.
  11. Paprika

    No one seems to care about those movies and I can't get anyone to watch them, but I think they are eye pleasure.
  12. Killer7 box

    Isn't it always 2 disc? On gamecube at least?
  13. Is "Happy Feet" good?

    I found that clip somewhat furry in a very grotesque way. Apparently it IS Oscar worthy though.
  14. Is "Happy Feet" good?

    God no!
  15. What do people think of Blair and Brown?

    I'm not being sarcastic. I'm being as honest as daylight in summertime.
  16. What do people think of Blair and Brown?

    I wouldn't mind working on video games in Ireland.
  17. Amazon UK Games

    Why is it that Amazon UK will not ship video games to the United States? That is incredibly not fair. I demand an explanation!
  18. Amazon UK Games

    The thing is though, I buy Region 2 DVDs and CDs from Amazon UK quite often, and those are clearly allowed. But for some odd reason, Amazon doesn't see fit to ship video games over here. I found a marketplace seller willing to sell the game for like 8 pounds and they said that they ship to the US. Once I told them that Amazon wouldn't let me order from them, they said they can't ship to the US because of PAL format. But it's Gameboy, which doesn't come in PAL or NTSC, just Gameboy format. And if it were a problem with PAL, why can I buy PAL format VHS tapes and DVDs? Garfunkel!!
  19. Amazon UK Games

    I want Tonic Trouble for Gameboy Color, only released overseas. There's not really any other place I've seen it for sale.
  20. Let's Talk About Rayman Again

    Thanks anyways, though.
  21. Let's Talk About Rayman Again New screenshots of the DS version of Rayman Raving Rabbids. It looks like it's not a 3D platformer but a 2D platformer with 3D graphics. At least that's what I get from the screenshots.
  22. Let's Talk About Rayman Again

    So, Aussie Ben, did you ever check the red circle markers on Rayman 3 for GC?
  23. Let's Talk About Rayman Again

    I just now clicked on that mobile phone link. Is this game a downgraded port of the Gameboy Advance version of Rayman Rabbids? All those somersault things he's doing, it's weird. Hey Rodi, where did you read there was going to be a traditional game? The current version is already out for PS2. We are waiting for an Xbox 360 version and a DS version in March.
  24. Let's Talk About Rayman Again

    Hah, I'm guessing you don't have them anymore? But yeah I'm as far as you got on the minigames. 2D Madness 2 is exclusive to the Gamecube and I've seen screenshots, yet for some reason no one can explain how they got it except beat everything on both games. And if it's not too much to ask, did you beat Mad Trax or Wheelis? Do you remember a red circle appearing next to those when you beat them?
  25. Let's Talk About Rayman Again

    Is there anyone who owns both Rayman 3 on Gamecube and on Gameboy Advance and has unlocked the last minigame, 2D Madness 2? No one can help me with this. Ubiforums are full of autistic 12 year olds.