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  1. There's NASCAR Heat and Tonka Town...

  2. The Real Garfield

    Hahaha, wow that's a step up from this (for those of you who haven't seen it): "Garfield through Jon's Eyes" So now what happens if they remove Jon?
  3. Two, can you count to it?

    I love your foreign wall plug-ins. Very fancy.
  4. There's NASCAR Heat and Tonka Town...

    I seriously can't believe the Inforgrames one is real. How is it helpful for the company to have some inane song where a lady rattles off all of their titles they have recently released? But the other songs I wouldn't put it past them. Now all these songs have made me nostalgic for the 80s...
  5. PS3 or XBox 360?

    I'm curious about this to any Xbox 360 owners. When you buy an Xbox Live Arcade game, does it download to your 360? Don't you have to buy the harddrive extra or buy the model with the harddrive? And let's say maybe the next year I don't want to renew my Xbox live account, I just want to play the games I already paid for, am I allowed to do that without paying for Xbox live? I only know people with either Wii's and Ps3s, both of which go online for free and allow you to keep any games you download on the system.
  6. The Great "Rock Band" European Rip-Off!

    I really don't like the bad attitude some of the American customers have in that thread. Like this one for instance: "Keep banging your head against the wall then. It has been explained to you by members of this forum and now and "unofficial" statement by Harmonix but you still dont want to look at it from any other view point but your own. US gets it for $170.00 plus 8% sales tax in my area meaning I paid $183.60 out the door. But, I pay $400 a month for health insurance plus co-pays and deductibles to go to the doctor. Europeans pay more for Rock Band but cheaper or even free in some places health care. Fine case of Capitialism vs Socialism if I have ever seen one." Not to mention how incredibly messed up healthcare is in the good ol' U S of A, yet we pay socialized type taxes anyways like Medicare and FICA, none of which we ever see back. I hate those Republican types here who think there is absolutely nothing wrong with the way most of the US can't afford healthcare just because they are well off and will never have to face hard times because of their rich mommies and daddies. Anyways, since I was getting off track, 8% sales tax is nothing like a double the price mark up, and shipping is in no way that expensive. When I have UK customers that buy things from me when I sell on Ebay, it's never much of hit, usually about the same it would cost me to ship the same item to Canada. Everyone overseas is either being ripped off incredibly for Rock Band or someone doesn't know how to add up costs at the publishing company. Maybe some of both. I also do not agree with the Harmonix guy that one of the reasons they charge so much is because there will not be as many Rock Band products made because there will be much less purchases in the UK. Elastic product my ass. I mean they don't do that for any other game, why do it for a game that is guaranteed to sell tons of copies either way? Majesco didn't charge 90 dollars for Psychonauts because they knew it was an elastic product and would sell less. The size of peripherals does not make up for this type of gouging in my opinion.
  7. Uwe Boll: I'm a genius

    This is a weird turn of events. Postal looks like Uwe Boll fancies himself to be John Waters. Not that I like John Waters.
  8. Art/wank games

    I liked the song played during the boss in You Have to Burn the Rope, but other than that, it's just the same joke as Quest for the Crown. I didn't really see it as much of an attempt at an artistic statement. Not like Passage from that other thread.
  9. Michigan: Report from Hell

    From what I've read Michigan seems to be similar in that vein. Like it's a survival horror game, yet you get extra points for spending your time taking pictures of extreme gore and scoping out the best upskirts? How does that work together? I guess I'm mostly attracted because it's a Suda 51 game.
  10. Movie/TV recommendations

    That's a pretty interesting idea. Now that you mention it, it would be better as a TV series. Props to them putting the Jarvis Cocker song in the credits.
  11. Michigan: Report from Hell

    Haha, well I guess that makes me feel somewhat better.
  12. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    Well it was mostly that part in the terms I was confused about.
  13. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    Interesting. How does Muxtape work? It's letting me upload any song, but doesn't that break copyright or license agreements? Not that I'm complaining.
  14. Zero Punctuation "Give yourself a nice saltwater douche, because you're officially a cunt."
  15. Is it wrong...

    What does a Northern accent sound like? On top of that, what's the differences between how someone from Liverpool sounds compared to someone from Nottingham, Newcastle, or Birmingham. Any youtube videos? Any famous people with accents I can reference to? This is all so interesting.
  16. Zero Punctuation

    Ron Perlman played the main character in Chronomaster. That was one of the worst games I've ever played. The weirdest thing is that some people love it.
  17. Alliance and Leicester are Shit

    So do I (although less communist). Mine just started with a load of new fees 6 months ago. I asked them why it's necessary to charge me in places I wasn't charged before such as an automatic withdrawal from my savings when my checking goes over and they said, "Well any other bank and you'd pay three times as much." It's like those service fees and convenience fees that exist for the enormous processing power you absorb for doing a simple computing any time you have to pay ticketmaster because you want to see some Clearchannel band or you favorite band happens to be playing at a Clearchannel venue.
  18. Alliance and Leicester are Shit

    That is exactly my problem right there. It is my fault in the end, but if I can't see an accurate representation of my available balance, even though not all of it's available, it just seems sort of silly to blame me. I usually use the explanation on the phone that I thought the money was going to be there until my next deposit and they usually let up. Although last time they said was my last.
  19. Alliance and Leicester are Shit

    For someone who was about to be charged £400, you actually seem to be taking it pretty well. I get all riled up about $40, which as the same, appeared to be in my account. Online banking is trickery. You must still write everything down I guess. I haven't done that since I first opened my account like a good little boy. I like how they are called something foreboding like "administration fees" instead of in the United States we have the ever-cheerful-to-fuck-you-over "overdraft protection fees." That's for protecting my debt by adding more debt I guess?
  20. Zero Punctuation

    Yeah I'm confused as well about the weird way people are against Yahtzee doing so many reviews all the time or that they constantly say "he's losing it." I'm more happy to have these every week than not at all. It's something to pass the time on during work, and I almost always laugh. But I never miss one either way.
  21. 3ds max

    I can suggest you try to export any objects you need as .3ds and see if you can go backwards, but from what I can remember, it ruins all of your texture information and unsmooths some of your polygons for some reason, sometimes even making breaks. If you have time to set up the character again with the Biped in a Max 8 file, you may be able to save your biped animations as .bip from the motion controls roll out in your Max 9 file and then load it onto your biped in Max 8. (edited from and put after last message.)
  22. 3ds max

    There is no way to save backwards, unlike Flash or Illustrator, which I'm guessing is the option you were looking for. I feel your pain though, I have been in this exact same situation with Max 8 and 7. I have yet to use 9. Is there anyway you can get away with rendering on the computer with Max 9 and have enough time?
  23. "There is no uncanny valley any more," declares French developer

    Those eyes look good alone but I bet if you saw the whole face it would still be the disaster area it has been.
  24. Mass Effect

    Wait, there's more!
  25. Mass Effect Mass Effect should be adults only! It's Luke Skywalker meets Debbie Does Dallas!