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  1. Where is everybody?

    Going to impress your lady friend with it?
  2. Zero Punctuation

    What are all those previews at the end of the video review this time? Are those supposed to be there?
  3. Problems occurred in the arrangement of the composition

    Huge blocks of text are a turn off for me in potential mates.
  4. Limbo Of The Lost: EPIC FAIL

    Oh goodness, I've been reading this long thread (the NeoGaf one, there was some Remo in there too!) all day. It's almost unreal, but I can't stop laughing at how real it actually is. I mean, come on, the Spawn movie and Beetlejuice promo art?! Holy crap! One other thing I found funny is Just Adventure gave it a B before any of the plagiarism business came up. Just more proof that there's nothing more lacking in credibility than a Just Adventure review.
  5. New DS design?

    I won't object if that's what you want to think.
  6. New DS design?

    Take some awesome pictures of you in that costume playing Phoenix Wright on it, please!
  7. Horrifying Communal Fiction from Thumbs Prehistory

    Although, I think the second WoW gold event ruined my suspension of disbelief.
  8. Horrifying Communal Fiction from Thumbs Prehistory

    That was a pretty good story!
  9. Happy Birthday DanJW

    I wish a happy birthday to DanJW even though I do not know DanJW.
  10. Happy Birthday to Metallus!

    Metallus 83 that is.
  11. Movie/TV recommendations

    I watched Son of Rambow last night. I kind of forgot what specific scenes I thought stood out, but it was great in the theatre overall. Even if you hated the Hitchhiker's Guide movie, I'd recommend it.
  12. Beyond Better & Evil!

    You can count on Idlethumbs to report first!
  13. 50 Cent: Blood On The Sand

    My favorite part is at the very end when he comes to the center of all of this trouble and it's some albino shaman type, then he cocks his shotgun.
  14. 50 Cent: Blood On The Sand

    Looks like 10/10 IGN material!
  15. Movie/TV recommendations

    Those are some damn good socks, Batman or not!
  16. Beyond Better & Evil!

    Surfer Girl sort of alluded to this, but I never understood how much her credibility stands with everyone. Anyways this makes me almost intensely happy, even though I would probably never get around to playing the game until 2 years after release. Sorry about that time I got angry at everyone about sequel rumors. But better yet, try not to remember that...
  17. GTA IV vs. San Andreas

    I can't really vouch for them because the last one I played was Worms World Party, although I did love the series up to Worms Armageddon. I hear pretty bad things about the games after that, so what you are saying, Rodi, sounds pretty plausible.
  18. GTA IV vs. San Andreas

    I lied, but I have played them all somewhat besides Vice City. I think maybe really my only gripe is that the games don't seem to have changed too much between all the GTA3 versions and GTA4, but then again if you have a cash cow.... Maybe I feel they suffer the way all the constant versions of Worms do, but I think Worms is the leader in releasing the same game with different tweaks over and over.
  19. Idle Eyes (aka: art recommendations)

    Man, this is a great thread you guys. I feel inspired and I also feel like kicking myself for sucking. Anyways, I contribute Koji Morimoto, who I guess is most famous over here for directing Beyond from the Animatrix. Check out his short Noiseman Sound Insect if possible. I didn't really know how great he was until I bought his artbook Orange. It has this casual, yet professionally unfinished type of feel to all of his art. More here:
  20. GTA IV vs. San Andreas

    Personally I think it went down after Grand Theft Auto London, but I refuse to clarify why that is.
  21. Stop bumping old posts, you dick

  22. Interplay trawling out Jim and Kurt to make money

    Yeah I understand, maybe I just felt like everyone was giving it a little more trouble than terrible. Also I really wanted to let out my feelings about the game. I used to love Mario is Missing when I was young. I was such a doofus.
  23. Interplay trawling out Jim and Kurt to make money

    You guys are just nuts if you are giving Earthworm Jim 3d any sort of merit. The game is atrocious. Download a copy and see for yourself if you want. Never pay! It wasn't made by Shiny or any of the people who worked on the first 2 games. I TRIED to beat EWJ 3d out of boredom of things to play years ago, but it was a mistake. The game is ridiculously unforgiving, with tons of death pits. It's basically like the new 3D Sonic games. Want to know why I couldn't beat Earthworm Jim 3d? It was a collectathon, BUT a collectathon where it was required for you to get all the golden udders in order to even fight the boss and get to the last level. I know the original Rayman required this and that game was also hard, but it was also made well and with ingenuity. EWJ3D was a complete mess. I was missing just one golden udder, which required me to ride an ice cube, needing precision controls in order to stay on. Needless to say I got very frustrated, I checked an FAQ, and saw that once you actually get to the point of beating the game, you get to play the game again on HARD mode as Jim's woman alter ego. The FAQ basically ended with a "screw this!" type attitude. As of today, I don't know of anyone who was claimed to beat the game on hard mode or whether or not it gives some final ending... If anyone knows I'm curious.
  24. Movie/TV recommendations

    Ugh, I'm really disappointed about this news. I would rather have Del Toro make some more of his own movies.
  25. Prince of Persia Classic

    You liked Prince of Persia 2!? I can't beat that game or even attempt to without getting really stressed out and frustrated. I much prefer the first game by far. I think I remember an Idle Thumbs review about Prince of Persia 2 that was pretty spot on from what I recall on how frustrating it was. There was also a hilarious one written about Alone in the Dark. I think I'll go back and read those...