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  1. Megaman 9!

    So, I see since you beat it in one day, how many hours did you put into it?
  2. Ah that Remo, certainly making the big time now.
  3. shake it

    Yeah I sort of wish Wario wasn't always confined to the handheld arena for his main adventures. I guess that's going to change right now though. I thought how Wario couldn't even die in II and III was pretty edgy for a Japanese game developer. The branching paths and puzzle solving were really different but fun as well. I'm also guilty of owning a Virtual Boy simply so I can play Wario Land for it. Haven't played Master of Disguise though. Heard it wasn't designed very nicely. I know it also wasn't developed by Nintendo though, much like Wario World and Yoshi's Island DS. I also see now that Wario Land Shake It is not designed by Nintendo either. I feel like it will be great though.
  4. I wish you guys would bring back your news... Somehow I think if there was at least just one strong journalist who reported the nitty-gritty and left out all the press release bullshit and got straight to the point, then many others would follow suit. But that would only happen if this one strong journalist had a large enough audience.
  5. Lame

    It sucks you guys lost your jobs, but this was gold. Sorry, though!
  6. Help me leave my country!

    Take me with you Mr. Lobotomy! I don't like it here much either! EDIT: You guys are making the Netherlands sound very appealing. What video game companies are there? Are they any good? Do they hate citizens of the ol' US of A?
  7. Idle Eyes (aka: art recommendations)

    I really like Jim Woodring too, although I can hardly understand what's going on in a lot of his comics (most seem to be just retelling of his dreams whereas the Frank ones all seem symbolic of... something). They are nice to look at though.
  8. Interview with Exiled Sonic Designer I don't know what to say about him, but his theories sound plausible enough. One major thing I notice between Western and Japanese games is that the latter tend to have a high concentration of time attacks, hi-scores, ranking, replaying, and general tedium, especially in newer Sonic games. The Sonic franchises definitely went downhill without him. I liked his little sketches in the original Japanese manuals for the levels of the Genesis (MEGERDRIVER) games. Anyone played Floigan Brothers? I have a copy of it, but I'll get around to playing it in probably 2011, then I will give my impression.
  9. Interview with Exiled Sonic Designer

    Haha, I'm just being dramatic. He left Sega voluntarily after Sonic and Knuckles but did some work on Sonic R afterwards.

    Somehow I did see that one where Luigi Cries to Unfitting music a few weeks ago but I had no idea it was part of an emerging Youtube genre, but I guess I'm not surprised. HERE'S TAILS DYING FROM LUNG CANCER TO UNFITTING MUZIK:
  11. Where is everyone?

    I don't know, that job takes great responsibility only the above average and beyond can handle. Did it for 3 months the summer of 2003 and I just didn't last.
  12. "There is no uncanny valley any more," declares French developer

    More like wipeøut if you get my drift.
  13. Let's play Castle Crashers!

    Okay, I don't have much to contribute since it will probably be 2 years before I catch up with the games I own and buy an Xbox 360, but I would love to own these:
  14. Where is everyone?

    I forgot to mention I was busy committing suicide. Also the last game I finished was Snake's Revenge and Fatty Bear's Birthday Surprise, so although I love reading everything you guys write and I make notes and lists of a lot of things you guys recommend to play on a later, I simply have nothing to add.
  15. "There is no uncanny valley any more," declares French developer

    You are Ragnar TóóÓóóóóÓóÓÓóóóóÓÓúúíóÚúúúúúÁrnquist's biggest fan!
  16. Where is everyone?

    Qualitative filter papers, obviously... which don't cry in the shower.
  17. "There is no uncanny valley any more," declares French developer

    See, I know this, but I tend to get really stuck on them with anyone really, but even moreso with people in the public eye. David Cage to me is another Ragnar Tornquist, like they have both have great ideas, but somehow their egos get in the way and turn their projects into some unrefined mess. (I didn't want to put the 'ø' in Ragnar's name because that would give the impression I'm smart enough to do that on my own with out copying and pasting the 'ø' from his name in google.)
  18. "There is no uncanny valley any more," declares French developer

    Is it okay for me to hate this game already without playing simply because I despise David Cage? I remember on AdventureGamers when he has a whole forum devoted to his Q&A sessions. The guy was a self proclaimed genius. I really don't think this game is really being sold on it's actual design or storytelling, but is garnering all of it's hype through it's challenge of the uncanny valley. Yeah, it's doing okay with that stuff, but a lot of games are looking just as awkwardly realistic without really even showing it off. I also don't believe anyone thinks video games will "break the uncanny valley" (if you can or if it truly exists) before the movie industry. Not just because of budget and available talent, but simply because it would be much easier to fake realism on a 2d screen where the camera is set and controlled, undetermined by the player (viewer), instead of within a realtime 3d game engine. "You may have seen this interactivity showcased in the game's Games Convention trailer, with the character opening a refrigerator with a sweeping arc of the right analog stick." But anyways, I can't wait for this sort of interactive real-life refrigerator opening that is nigh upon us.
  19. Which old Sonic games should I avoid?

    I guess that's why I've never been able to beat any Sonic games on GG or MS besides Triple Trouble and Chaos without save states. I did beat Sonic Spinball on Genesis once in third grade, but I couldn't be bothered now without save states either. That game is intensely hard on the last two levels (and it's a four level game right?). Really I thought Sonic Spinball was made very well and that's why I kept playing until I won, no matter how hard it was. I think the people behind Sonic Spinball also made Comix Zone, which I also used to think was one of the coolest games.
  20. Which old Sonic games should I avoid?

    Yeah it's true, Sonic 2 only requires you to simply jump to turn into Super Sonic. The strategy I use is pretty much like most have said here, which is to make sure I get all the chaos emeralds within the first 5 levels or so, which also works well in the first Sonic game, but that game does not have Super Sonic, so you don't have to deal with turning into him. I used to beat the game all the time as a kid by just piling on the lives and collecting rings throughout all the early levels and using them all on the last boss and Wing Fortress, but at that age I didn't understand the point of even getting the Chaos Emeralds or that Super Sonic even existed, so I just simply didn't bother with special stages. Hah, you could just get Sonic Mega Collection Plus and make use of save states if you want to get all Chaos Emeralds and beat the last boss. I've never been able to accomplish both at the same time no matter how hard I try. One hit kills on end bosses are no fun.
  21. Which old Sonic games should I avoid?

    Hmm, I've actually succeeded on Sonic 2 on genesis getting all of the Chaos Emeralds but died on the last boss because once you get all the emeralds you can't save up over 100 rings to get lives, since the game requires you to turn into Super Sonic after 50 rings at each time. But here's a tip. On the bonus levels, turn Tails off if he is on computer control following you. He lost a lot of rings because the computer controlled Tails was sluggish on Sonic 2 bonus levels and would hit the bombs.
  22. Which old Sonic games should I avoid?

    If this is the same set of Game Gear games as what comes with Sonic Gems and Sonic Mega Collection (Plus) then Sonic Chaos, Sonic Triple Trouble, and Tails' Adventure are all pretty awesome titles. I really don't prefer Sonic 1 and 2 on GG as I can't beat them without the help of save states. But I need save states to get the emeralds on Sonic Chaos as well... so... All of the GG games are sort of broken in their own little way, but some are still pretty charming. There's not really the same quality Nintendo put into their handheld versions of popular franchises.
  23. When you reach 30...

    That is not a cartoon in your signature at all!!!
  24. Rather pleasing...

    I too sometimes worry about skipping the sugar pills during my period and wondering if it will turn the volume to 11.
  25. Metal Gear Solid 4 - Guns of the Saucer Men From Mars

    Cex is a bastard.