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  1. What did you learn today?

    I guess there's more politics at play. Really to me it just seemed ridiculous that this hit the BBC *World News* in times like these. People get offended every day whether they are famous or not and some people are total twats but I just don't think that qualifies as international news at all. Also I didn't know who Russell Brand was (or Jonathan Ross for that matter) but he's was that guy in the latest line of Apatow romantic comedies, that I'm having a very hard time remembering the name of right now, although he wasn't putting on a character, he's really like that. Asssssstonishing.
  2. Blue sky in games?

    GBA only, but haha, that's not going to help your RPG overload.
  3. What did you learn today?

    I heard about this yesterday morning on this radio station I listen to that plays the BBC World News for an hour in the mornings. Since I was hearing about it on the radio I couldn't pinpoint exactly what was so offensive, and suddenly they started having what I think were supposed to be "common people" arguing like it was a Monty Python sketch, featuring an old hen shouting that there are RULES AND REGULATIONS for a reason and that she won't support this filthy talk while another younger man was shouting back about choice and that the radio represents free choice. Very bizarre. What made it most bizarre is when I googled to find out who this granddaughter is that is so offended and find out that yes she is an exotic dancer/model that works at Satan's Sluts. I guess this doesn't constitute as learning anything of value but I was amused either way.
  4. Blue sky in games?

    Well the licenses for Spyro and Crash have been given to different developers once Insomniac and Naughty Dog decided they didn't want to make them anymore. Admittedly I haven't played any of the newer games out of the PSX era so I guess you shouldn't take my word, I've just heard bad things. But I gave up on Sonic. I played up until Shadow and since Sonic went 3d it seems the games have just gotten worse with every passing year. I thought the first Sonic Adventure was well made, with lots of fast and interesting levels like the old genesis games, but Sonic Adventure 2 watered it down with levels that were just beyond frustrating and tons of bottomless pits around while you constantly grind everything. I never enjoyed any of the Sonic Advance titles and Sonic Rivals was just kind of sad. I have heard good things about Sonic Rush Adventure and some good talk about Sonic Chronicles so maybe those might be okay? I really just sort of wish Sega would close the book on Sonic, as this all kind of sucks for me personally since I used to be a huge Sonic nut growing up. I saved up all my allowance for the comics, watched the shows, got every game I could, and then realized two years ago I keep buying bad Sonic games out of nostalgia. Such a sad tearjerking story, I know. Oh also on topic, Mother 3 (Earthbound) has a translation available for download at if you find the rom. I know you never see the sky in any Earthbound games, but I always imagined it as blue.
  5. Blue sky in games?

    Braid had some nice skies, but I'd avoid any Sonic, Spyro, or Crash Bandicoot games.
  6. Pirate crack-down catches non-pirates...

  7. Yikes!

  8. Yikes!

    Crap! Wrong forum! Sorry, please delete!
  9. Pirate crack-down catches non-pirates...

    I never really understood if people actually get convicted for copyright infringement on these sporadic raids or if companies just randomly subpoena people based on their IP address in order to make everyone afraid of file sharing. At least in the US that's what it seems like. For instance, 4-5 years back the RIAA was going nuts, but I really didn't know or talk to anyone personally who had to go to court over owning copyright MP3s even though there was tons of talk about it. People on Soulseek became super paranoid about making their files readily available but did anyone actually get into real trouble? It seemed like you could easily get the court case dropped either way as the article says, you can't actually be convicted unless they have undeniable proof: your hard drive. Kind of like that silly truancy thing they started my senior year of high school in Texas where they send you to court for missing x days of school or more, yet it seemed random on who they actually chose to go to court, seemingly targeting some kids who had only missed 3 days and bypassing kids who may have been gone for weeks. Not to mention when you go to court you miss another day. In the end I think it was just yet another scare tactic. Also good for Pirate Bay for inserting red herrings. Don't get me wrong... I think people should definitely pay someone or some company they support, but in a case like Fallout 3, this is a game with tons of hype and millions of dollars involved, which will no doubt attract fringe users who will never care to pay. It's only natural that such a big money game publishers and developers will be the first to make sure every last dollar goes into their moneyhole. I don't feel sorry for Atari or Bethesda, piracy happens for multiple reasons that everyone here knows, no need to be a jerk about it and send random households to court.
  10. Dead Space

    Just curious, Toblix, what other kind of quits do you do?
  11. Manny says: vote no on 8

    Ah crap, a mistake now held here forever in front of my eyes! I'll still edit the original message, though.
  12. Prince of Awesome

    I think I saw that video before a long time ago on the CD rerelease of Prince of Persia 1 and 2. I didn't know about Mechner's site though and had no idea that Jordan Mechner was actually going to be that involved in the movie. Nor did I know he had actually made a film (documentary) before. I guess I figured he's one of those old timey designers that get heralded for their old games and just float around quietly in the present from project to project, like Eric Chahi or Frederick Raynal. I guess I figured he wasn't that talented... maybe? Besides the original PoP and The Last Express as his best games, I figured the Sands of Time was mostly made good from the input Ubisoft designers. But then again, Ubisoft does make some pretty mediocre games as well sometimes. Prince of Persia 3D, which I hear he didn't have much to do with, and Prince of Persia 2, which he did have a lot to do with, were both pretty infuriating. I hate Prince of Persia 2 more actually. I really enjoyed that Thumbs review a long time ago on how god damn hard the game was. It was just unnecessary. To be fair, I haven't played Karateka though, and I've always liked Mechner's interviews and comments. I wish he was more involved in the rest of the Sands of Time games, as I know the messed up parts of those last two were all Ubisoft. On a side note... is he involved in the new Prince of Persia?
  13. The Games Industry

    Could you guys just keep pitching it under different names?
  14. Screw Barack Obama

    Well if Obama loses or is frauded out of votes, then he won't have anything to worry about either way.
  15. Screw Barack Obama

    I don't think he's coming back. He used to post at the Sam and Max boards but has also disappeared.
  16. Soo Star Wars The Old Republic tomorrow then eh?

    Wait, I thought this was supposed to be a Loom sequel...
  17. Little BIG Planet

    Nintendo did something similar on Ocarina of Time for the Fire Temple (Although I was under the impression it was at the Gerudo Fortress...).
  18. Brütal Legend without publisher !!

    Yikes, I can't help but feeling if this happens, we may have another Oddworld Stranger on our hands.
  19. Grand Theft Auto IV

    Yikes, that deserves an achievement award.
  20. Idle Thumbs 1: Let the Games Begin

    Who owns the Lucasarts collection is the picture?
  21. Send us questions!

    Can we ask silly meaningless questions?
  22. Spore

    I'm shocked! You seem like such a nice person online. Although that's a really funny story.
  23. Nintendo DSmeh

    Yep, definitely an Apple imitation. I think that's obviously what they were going for with the lowercase i. While I think the two touch screens are cool as I remember thinking that's what the original DS did, this reeks of one of those bad Nintendo ideas they tend to sometimes have. I can't help but think of the Gameboy camera and printer when looking at this, and I usually love Nintendo's crap (except maybe the Virtual Boy and Gameboy Pocket and Micro... although, the Virtual Boy has that awesome Wario game, so it is redeemed a little bit). It will suck if newer games require the functions of the DSi to play correctly and will force you to buy a new DS. They probably won't do that instantly, but I'm betting they will phase into that the way they did with Gameboy Color. But on the other hand, Gameboy Color was long overdue by the time it appeared on the market, and if I remember, it appeared a few years after the Game Gear was pretty much dead. I guess I don't care about losing the Gameboy slot like some people. It already sucks playing Gameboy games on the original, since you have a smaller screen and it plays advance games only, so I have to keep a GBA around anyway.

    Mmm... Punch Out... I was being overly negative because it's incredibly silly to rerelease Gamecube games on a system that plays Gamecube games. I forgot to mention that another Warioware game is coming, which always makes me happy, whether the series is getting tired or not. Also it'll be fun to do the Mario Paint things they are adding in there on the DS, which strikes me as odd that they haven't made another Mario Paint yet. Although will people get angry with the the black outlines on the 3d characters the same way they have been with the new Prince of Persia? "I agree re the cell shading, i am sorry as i have been a student and fan of all the previous units of the series, but that outline is just unacceptable. I am an artist by profession and such a visual forcing and imposition is just not bearable. I am sorry for i am sure they did some nice work on the sets and the figures....but it was too far." YOU HAVE GONE TOO FAR PUNCH OUT!

    This is the only thing that shines among the news that there will be yet another DS except with a camera and that for some odd reason Metroid Prime 1 & 2, Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, and both Pikmins will be rereleased for the Wii with superficial updates.