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  1. Spider drawing

    That certainly was awesome... I think they should get married, and she can take the $233.95 off as a one time thing.
  2. How can this not be awesome?

    Yeah, but he could certainly make use of having the same name as a famous author. Maybe even unscrupulous uses...
  3. How can this not be awesome?

    Metallus83 will rise again! (couldn't get the image to insert into my post!) (MTV can lick balls though.)
  4. How can this not be awesome?

    From reading many interviews with him over the years I really doubt he would have liked that as he seems sort of perpetually ornery, but it would have made a good story. I'd like for him to make another movie after this by himself that is hopefully less purposefully(?) difficult, but since you mentioned Spike Jonze, I'd really like for someone in the industry to shine some light on whether or not Where the Wild Things Are will ever see a release. The test clips I've seen look promising, even though I hear they had problems with putting CG mouths on people in giant costumes. Also it has a brilliant screenplay written by resident Thumbs forum member Metallus83.
  5. Fallout 3

    I agree with castorp's spoiler, even though I have nothing to say about Fallout 3. I also think toblix complaining about anything ever is sort of this forum's trademark and should not be taken from us, the unworthy. "toblix complains"
  6. IdleThumbs through the years - Word for word

    Ron's may be just a *bit* bigger.
  7. How can this not be awesome?

    This might have been the most disappointing film I've seen in a long time. I was expecting wonderful things, instead I got some derailed movie similar to what Jake described earlier in the thread (whether he was serious or not) where I was checking my watch to see if it was over yet. The only amazing thing about this movie is that somehow it stretched two hours of real time out to three and a half. Oh well... I WAS a huge Kaufman fan, I even collected all his National Lampoon articles from Ebay, but I don't know now. I heard he was quiting screenwriting though, so we'll see. I had a similar experience when I saw Tideland, but Gilliam's track record is too good for me to care that much, and I could at least make sense of Tideland until maybe the last 10 minutes.
  8. Grim Fandango puzzle/design document released

    I don't understand, I can still get to the document... or did he remove the link from the news? I don't know where it was in the action news in the first place.
  9. Grand Theft Auto IV

    They let you play against US Xbawks users in Norway?
  10. How can this not be awesome?

    This is playing downtown in my city. I think I may go see it today or tomorrow. I love Kaufman films but Phillip Seymour Hoffman gets on my nerves.
  11. President Obama!

    Haha, I thought that map n0wak put up was a joke someone did with the liquify tool in Photoshop. Go figure. Also nice to know all of Houston (and Harris County) ended up blue. Maybe it had a lot to do with the complete mishandling of the Enron trial and Centerpoint Energy's inability to do much right after a major hurricane. The rest of Texas' major cities which made the counties blue in those particular parts were San Antonio, Austin, and some of Dallas/Fort Worth/Denton (I don't know which is where on that tricity setup). Also, here's my shoddy attempt at merging those other two maps.
  12. Boku (Microsofts LittleBigPlanet?)

    That's funny there's someone else out there who was equally impressed by rat. Thanks for finding that. Man, I feel like such a loser for missing this game. I love how the engine makes the music start over every time you enter a new screen. I'm going to add MikeM16 to my AOL instant messenger and see if he turns up and then I'm going to question him about what he's done with his life since then. But the sequel was a major improvement. I hope that turns up as well!
  13. Yikes, that's highly unprecedented. I somehow didn't think this was a life or death matter.
  14. Grim Fandango puzzle/design document released

    A lot of that concept work was on the old official Grim Fandango website. I remember printing some of the nicer ones out at home and posting them on the walls of my room. I'm hoping this "Lucasarts Rogue Book" coming out... someday, is going to contain a majority of this stuff. I really don't care all about the history part, as I doubt it will do a better job than Mixnmojo, who is almost as slow as this book coming out (but I can and will wait). I was wondering about that when looking through it. Will Lucasarts care enough to tell him to take it down? Does anyone there now even know they made a game called Grim Fandngo?
  15. President Obama!

    At least in presidential elections, the last time a democrat won Texas was in 1976 for Carter. I wasn't born then so I can't really comment. It's really not so crazy in the Austin/Dallas areas and surrounding cities.
  16. President Obama!

    He's not president yet, and in the debate he said he didn't agree with marriage, only civil union. He may have meant it or he may have been pandering to undecided voters and is planning something. Congress would have to be in agreement though on making it a basic right undeniable by any state and Obama would have to not veto it, which I bet hypothetically would be the case. Also it would sure help if maybe the Supreme Court could come in as well and clarify. But I really doubt the federal government is going to give gays rights across every state anytime soon. While Obama did win tons of electoral votes, 46% of the country voted for McCain who's platform specifically wants to ban gay marriage. They might have voted based on the religious values Palin represents, tax cuts, and whatever else bugs people about gay marriage (I don't know) or not for that reason at all, but I think a lot of the country still gets obsessed with whether or not gay people (a census of 3% of the population I hear) will marry eachother. I don't even see how it affects most people even if they are against it, other than having outrage towards people who aren't exactly like them. Hooray for Texas! Actually I was surprised my state actually garnered 45% for Obama out of the popular vote. Maybe even a little bit proud, but, Jesusland will always prevail.
  17. Boku (Microsofts LittleBigPlanet?)

    I remember trying to make at least 5 different games for Klik and Play when I was around ages 11-12. Mostly I just ended up doing a lot of animation and artwork for the game intros and then never working on it again, since I didn't understand how to actually make games. I lost all these files though. One was a zip I actually put on my old Xoom website but didn't save it. I remember seeing two amazing adventure games (by those standards) called Rat and Rat 2 for Klik and Play that actually made use of keeping inventory throughout multiple screens and having actual puzzles. I was wanting to figure out how to do that, but after opening up the game's resources I saw it was super complicated for a 12 year old, and I really only had art and animation interest. Still do. I wish I could figure out what happened to the guy who made the Rat games or where to download them again.
  18. President Obama!

    Hurrah! Hahaha, that redneck lady was filmed before the election. I wonder what she's saying now?
  19. Metallica

    Maybe the other guys in the band? I don't understand why they aren't past their due yet. I guess as long as smalltowns have meth they'll have Metallica.
  20. Þe Olde Videogame Muzak

    I still love the odd soundtrack for Beyond Good and Evil. I wish more games had that kind of variation in their music, without obviously clashing with eachother. Mobygames says the guy who did the soundtrack hasn't done anything else though.
  21. Mother 3

    The Mother (Earthbound) games work pretty much just like any regular JRPG, but what makes them enticing is the humor, art direction, and story. I haven't played the third one yet, but I will when I get a chance past the already huge backlog of games I have. The SNES one was great, and the NES one as well. Although almost the same game, the second one fixes a lot of the tediousness of the first game. I don't like JRPGs, I can't stand the Phantasy Star/Final Fantasy anime folklore nor the game mechanics. I really only play ones that play like Zelda or the Mario and Luigi series, but I have enjoyed the first two Earthbound games despite the turn based, random encounter, and town/overworld setup that I find as the genre's shortcomings. Most of the fun lies in the weird dialog that goes between characters, sort of like the humor found in Link's Awakening but ramped up times 5. The locations and characters all have this 1980s United States suburban feel that juxtaposes weirdly with how dark the stories get (on the first two at least). Also the enemies might be the most prominent feature as they get increasingly more strange as you keep playing. Within the first 5 minutes of the original Mother I had fought a lamp, a doll, a rat, and then went outside and fought a hippie who's only major means of attack was calling me names. But all that being said, I think if you want to get into Earthbound, you should start with the only legally released one stateside, the regular SNES Earthbound, as it's more balanced and fixes many of the flaws in the original Mother (Earthbound Zero). Earthbound Zero is available many places as a ROM since it was the English prototype, but I found some guy in Canada a couple of years ago who put the ROM on a cart I sent him and now I can play it on a physical NES. He also put a slick label on it, making it seem awesomely official.
  22. I'm wondering if we'll find out who specifically decided to namedrop the Xbox 360 and Call of Duty 4. Not just Call of Duty even, number 4. Is it that taboo to just be vague and say a kid was grounded from playing his video games? Did the media get the exact information or did the Dad want to let it be known that Call of Duty 4 is where you meet predator's online?
  23. Þe Olde Videogame Muzak

    Sounds like we need a piece on the life, times, and gameography of Peter McConnell.
  24. I accidentally a fleshlight (NSFW)

    I think you accidently the whole Hawaii.
  25. I think it's more the other way around, that Microsoft is covering their ass ahead of time, sort of like what twmac just said. I think this news is really funny for some reason, like I want to tell the parents that's what happens when they get between a boy and his video games. But that's the evil bastard in me, and it will be a really sad story where I'll feel bad for everyone involved if we find out this kid is hurt or in trouble.