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  1. Movie/TV recommendations

    Also saw this movie with my girlfriend who is a Neil Gaiman book (but not comic) fan, and was pleasantly surprised. I think it ended up less "mature" than the book from what I hear, but it was still pretty funny and more clever than the usual despite some fairy tale type cliches we are all used to. And the visuals were cool. As well as Deniro in drag. Oops.
  2. sexy failures

    I'm lovin' their perpetrator.

    You just had to have that up your sleeve didn't you? And uh... Ridley Scott?!

    Well either way, when am I getting a Monopoly movie? That one should be good.
  5. sexy failures

    I'm lovin' their drop shadow.

    No I knew that after looking at the fine print in the instructions a few years ago, but the movie substantiates the name as Clue. Since it is after all, a movie based on a board game. Starring Tim Curry. As Gabriel Knight.
  7. Double Fine: News sometime this month!

    Well, I haven't really been keeping up, but I hope for the best.

    The movie they made was called Clue not Cluedo, so in your faces.
  9. Double Fine: News sometime this month!

    I think they just simply didn't advertise the game beyond making a website for it. It was quietly released and no one cared, bought the game, or even knew about it despite all around good reviews. Then Oddworld Inhabitants went out of business, pissed at EA. Is this right, guys? To be fair, I can see Oddworld Stranger's Wrath as much less appealing than the Oddworld games before just because it introduced new characters, no matter who liked or disliked the new gameplay mechanics. So who knows what EA will do with another niche game not developed by them and starring a new cast of characters? There's not even brand recognition in Brutal Legend beyond Jack Black starring.
  10. Trine

    The environments and the gameplay look great, but somehow the character animations are too lifeless, which is sort of detracting, but I'll add this to my growing list of indie games to play.
  11. Sonic: Unleashed

    Any word on who the lead designer is for this particular game? It seems like with all the raving about this actually being a good Sonic game it can't possibly be led by Takashi Iizuka, who in my opinion has single handedly been involved in making each Sonic game progressively worse since Sonic Adventure. Funny how a game that was panned the minute information was leaked has got everyone excited. Even the ever complaining who doesn't usually talk about games animation was making posts about the Unleashed intro and how good it is.
  12. Don't worry, you'll be dead soon too

    It's really addictive though. Every youtube video must be accented with the idiotic comments for the full experience. A game one of my former school friends was playing was to type in your favorite video game plus Linkin Park and see what comes up. I couldn't find any comments thinking combining for instance Oddworld and Crawling IN MAH SKIN was a bad idea. The only game where the comments expressed outraged was the awesome Grim Fandango Linkin Park music video.
  13. A Prince of Persia?

    I don't know, Ubisoft did it to Rayman in the third game, but what they did to the new PoP was much less offensive than Warrior Within. I do enjoy the gameplay more though. My guess is the US market is where the big money comes from. All of my friends and I love acting cocky all day and dishing out the one liners in our everyday American lives. The Prince is really someone we can relate to on a level that our parents just don't understand.
  14. This is my favourite song of all time

    I hate DIC so much. Every DIC series has this extravagant intro where all the animation is on 1s and the cameras are turning around the characters in 3d drawn space. Then the show is some of the cheapest crap of nonmoving slow paced drawings you've ever seen.
  15. A Prince of Persia?

    When playing it, I totally got the Soul Reaver impression as well, oddly enough even mentioning to my friend that it's a lot like Soul Reaver 2. The combat and climbing style seem vaguely similar too. Not that this is a bad thing. I'm really happy Prince of Persia is for the most part getting a return to form. I wish the Prince didn't have that awful voice and dumb attitude, but I guess that's to be expected. Also Elika's hair looks really ugly sometimes. The shaders didn't do too well on her.
  16. This is my favourite song of all time

    Whatever way I'm imagining is just making me crack up. I think you've gotta get really PUMPED first, and then you sing it!
  17. Kinetic typography in games

    You should check out the movie Hackers, you'd love it.
  18. This is my favourite song of all time

    That one too, but earlier... Hahaha, also thinking of UK versions of things: Ninja is such a bad word! I see in the comments on that particular video someone chimed in that, "The american intro sucks and sounds gay. The german intro rulez!" So there is this as well: Certainly sounds seedier, I guess.
  19. I can't kill my backlog of games!

  20. This is my favourite song of all time

    I had no idea it was from the UK until now, actually. It was the title song of the first Power Rangers movie and it was awesome to sing when you are in the third grade and kicking and punching on the playground.
  21. This is my favourite song of all time

    It somehow makes me think of this dreadful song from my childhood:
  22. 911 Call Transcripts

    I somehow get the feeling he may laugh later at it, you act sort of silly and say weird stuff in a panicked state of mind. I was in a major car accident a few months back where I was at the end of some crazy driver smashing 4 cars along the freeway coming home from work, and I ended up ricocheting from the last car into the concrete wall on the side, completely totalling the front end of my car, the windshield and wheels. I thought I was dead and got out of the car very confused as everyone who had stopped was asking me if I was okay or was hurt. I wasn't hearing them well and sort of ignored them and went back into my car to get my lunch kit and the Zelda Collector's Edition for Gamecube that I remembered I had left under my seat before they towed my car away. Also the little boy who called for his mom seemed like he was just charming the operator. Made me smile.
  23. Rosy Rupee Land

    Well I can still play the game, but I'm a stickler for having a complete manual to every game I own. That and the game seems a tad complicated, so I may just wait until someone on posts an instruction manual only type of buy, but it doesn't seem to be that common to do that in the UK as it does on Ebay US. Just seems sort of silly for them to offer five languages in the game, but only four in the instruction manual. But I did get away from France with an Oggy and the Cockroaches DVD set as well as the Tex Avery boxset, so not all was lost.
  24. Bootleg copies on eBay

    Hahaha, I've had this happen when I bought the first Mario Advance game on Ebay about 4-5 years ago. Same type of meticulous thought and care put into making a complete game with a printout box and manual on glossy paper except with obvious errors that are apparent when you look closer. Whoever printed the box on mine scanned the original cover art but retyped the blurb on the back and messed it up bad with tons of spelling mistakes and Engrish. The manual was scanned slightly crooked page by page but not retyped and the game cart had a weird hologram sticker. The worst part about bootlegs though is the game will hardly ever save properly, although I don't know if this applies to DS bootlegs. Problem is I never filed a claim on Ebay or reported it as I didn't get around to examining the box or manual to my purchase until a year later. I probably should have put more thought into my pirated game sooner when I saw the weird hologram sticker, but I figured since it was an early title it had a different sticker. I hope you file a claim right away, as you'll surely get your money back and you won't have to return your item. Always works for me when someone sells me a bootleg DVD or CD. Had a hilarious case of the latter where someone sent me a HP CD-R of a Charle Chaplin soundtrack with the title written on it with a black marker. The seller claimed it was a legitimate import promotional item and that I should pay shipping to return it if I want my money back. Paypal just found my favor, refunded the money, and I trashed his CD-R instead.
  25. Annoying gaming news site headlines

    Synthetic gerbiling his favorite thread!