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  1. Rosy Rupee Land

    Here's a neat little update... I decided to contact for one of their English manuals after scouring for a bit, and they sent me this: So, I think they are going to send me a free manual in English! Right?! That's what it sounds like, doesn't it? If so, thanks Nintendo UK!
  2. Sorry, another piracy/DRm article...

    I certainly wish someone would. Especially Benoit SOKAL, adventure genius.
  3. Kohl advert uses LeChuck's theme?

    Can I direct you over to a a little ditty called LeChuck's Lament? Now that would make an awesome commercial.
  4. Ridiculous

    Didn't resist.
  5. Game Damage

    That's more my problem with this and a lot of game review/critique shows like this. Many hosts seem so ingratiated with how clever and sarcastic they are and it makes me cringe. Something like GamePro was enormously cheesy and very aged, but the hosts were just there doing their job, so that us 7 year old extreme skateboarders in the US could relate. And they gave free codes, cowabunga dudes. FACTAROO WOLVERINE ALRRIIIGIGHT. I hardly remember most of these games though, many of them seem really obscure. EDIT: Oh my how the B-Man has aged...
  6. he/she = e

    I'm from Texas, y'all. That is all.
  7. Game Damage

    I don't know what you are trying to say, that is so much more entertaining than Game Damage, BUD YEAH! WARP CITY! AM I IN SAN FRANCISCO OR WHAT?! On a side note, I am glad DVD killed VHS so that I never have to mess with the tracking ever again.
  8. Ad fail

    Sounds like you are made out to be Ludwig II and you can hide the secrets of the lost Wagner opera only for Gabriel Knight to find.
  9. Spider drawing

    Why?|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318 WHY?! "Q: i do not understand why this is worth aucting so high. what can you do with a mail atachment? so confused. Nov-13-08 A: Hi! What can you do with anything? Only your imagination and creativity is the limit." That IS a good question. What can I do with... anything?
  10. Club Nintendo

    They should really cut the amount of points needed to buy things in half or at least give you double the points on the games you have, since really the only thing you can expect to sign up are games published by Nintendo. In order to get Game and Watch you have to have bought the equivalent of 27 DS games or 16 Wii games, which is really kind of a lot. If they get around to releasing an English version of Tingle's Balloon Fight, I'm sure it's going to be double those points because it is a pretty good game. Add all that to what I'm sure is a limited supply of these special games, and unless you work at a rental store and steal all the pin numbers out of the cases, you're kind of screwed, especially if you didn't just want a "free" game and you wanted some of the other knick knacks they sell. That said, I took the pin number out of my work's copy of Wii Fit.
  11. Club Nintendo

    They are bringing this over now? And I can register games I've bought over the years?! Awesome... It's only first/second party Nintendo games right? I imported Tingle's Balloon Fight but it would be nice to have it in full english. EDIT: I registered what I had and Gamecube games are worth nothing, as well as a few DS games, and I don't own a Wii, and my Gamecube and DS serial number counted for nothing. I guess it's Ebay for me as soon as people start putting up the English version of Game and Watch.
  12. Movie/TV recommendations

    I haven't seen it, but I really doubt it. But... I love that movie.
  13. Sonic: Unleashed

    So how accurate is Yahtzee's description? I must know as a former Sonic junkie.
  14. sexy failures

    Was there any fail in that video? I didn't see any.
  15. Movie/TV recommendations

    Speaking of, have you heard of Delgo, this animated film that has been in production for 10 years and has set new records? It's not Hollywood but its cast sure seemed to do the trick! I love American animation, so gorgeous. You wouldn't shoot a police man. Well besides shooting a policeman, this weekend I'm going to see Slumdog Millionaire, that should be good. Danny Boyle hasn't let me down for at least his last 3-4 films, I forgot where that stinker The Beach lies in the timeline.
  16. Movie/TV recommendations

    Yeah I can see exactly what you were saying, but I guess Stardust didn't bother me that much in all of those categories.
  17. sexy failures

    My brother typed that when I was away from the computer.
  18. Spike VGA awards

    You can always just take the Chitlins, Whiskey, and Skirt song as a figurative depiction of what will happen soon since it appears that from the surroundings of the game the time is drawing nearer to an apocalypse, if that makes sense. Also I think Edison's Chron-o-jon's require probably just as much technology as hovering cars, 200 years in the past during the constitutional convention aside.
  19. Spike VGA awards

    I think it only makes sense that Tim Schafer is also related. They all look so similar.
  20. sexy failures

    Good morning, Father Christmas!
  21. sexy failures

    Haha, well here's the family trees thing: Boy did they make a big deal on right wing radio last year though. There's also similar cases on the same site with Target and Best Buy. I mean they are private retailers, and they can do what they want whether they want when they say "happy holidays" to gain more sales instead of Christmas, which is what most of their displays, design, and items are aimed at anyways. I guess I don't really see Christmas as a secular holiday. Most people here will celebrate Christmas one way or another whether they are Christian or not, or dangerous Atheists like my girlfriend and I. I think it's more of an American tradition involving Santa Claus and presents (not to mention time off) than our pal Jesus. Same thing with Halloween and it's "questionable roots." But that's just me on my soapbox, a guy who is all for separation of church and state (and business and state) yet feels these holidays are an integral part of our culture, although someone else will tell you different in Texas. Also it turns out Black and Orange day happened to a school in Toronto, so it's not a U.S. thing. Oops! And I found this hilarious Hanukkah message that was in a Party City catalog: Happy holidays indeed!
  22. OMG!

    The hedgehog one is kind of cute, although the part of the song where the cardboard tube gets stuck on it's head makes me sad because I had one that kind of started bleeding profusely trying to get it back off of it's head while I was at work.
  23. sexy failures

    Yeah, I know you weren't in favor. Just I heard about this too many times all over the U.S. to not instinctively grit my teeth. Last year retail stores didn't want to say they were selling "Christmas trees," only "family trees." And some public schools apparently were wanting Halloween to be called things like "Black and Orange day." I'm confused on where this P.C. stuff even starts. Is it the crazy left or the crazy right? Is it just crazy?
  24. sexy failures

    Augh I hate this stuff, it fills me with Christmas anger. If my Jewish boss can celebrate Christmas and have a Christmas party at his house, then we should all be fine. Santa > Christ, anyways. (Don't stone me please)
  25. OMG!

    Oh shit, what's next? Cat flushing a toilet?