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  1. Katamari Damacy coming to DS!

    That's alright! Just play Mario 64 and Wario Ware on the DS and Resi 4 in the meantime and the world will live happily every after... Amen.
  2. Katamari Damacy coming to DS!

    Not really. Sites like importmadness and DVD Box Office, still work out cheaper than going to the local Game or Virgin to buy your games even with postage (which I think both do for free throughout Europe).
  3. Katamari Damacy coming to DS!

    Why does it matter? The DS is region free, kiddies!
  4. Xbox2

    Great. So the big development is that Live features such as buddy lists, and music playlists (hard disk required, RRP £99.99) are now controlled at chip level. Well excuse me whilst I don't piss myself with excitement. Surely seeing as these features were mentioned even before the first Xbox was originally launched (and it wouldn't exactly have been hard to incorporate them on to the Xbox dashboard), they should have already been there in the first place. So far Microsoft have promised: no hard disk, no HD-DVD, they won't commit to backwards compatibility, the inclusion of features already in most games (but OMG at chip level!), and an improved processor and GPU. Great...
  5. Where's the DS love?

    I'm with Nick on this one. DS offers something different and that's all that matters. If I want to play regular almost PS2 quality games on a widescreen, I'll do it in my living room on my PS2 and on my widescreen TV, in better quality and without having to buy a fucking memory stick for the pleasure. I dont know about you guys, but after 20 odd years of gaming I'm increasingly becoming bored and jaded with the games that are out there as well as the endless stream of sequels, licenses and spin-offs we have to endure. We ought to be commending Nintendo for pursuing a direction which encourages developers to think differently and stops them from making lazy ports of existing console games. Anyone up for a game of Band Brothers then?
  6. european gamer afraid of cooties?

    ...and while we're on the topic of boxart let's not forget the truly, truly, horrible "artwork" that Sony decided to use for the US version. No wonder it was met with mass apathy by Joe public.
  7. Snowball of releases coming our way

    All you'll need is Bard's Tale, ignore the rest... Maybe I exaggerate slightly, but it will be very good and it will be a crying shame for it to get lost amongst all the identikit pap released this time of year.
  8. Howdy all

    Ummmm... My name is Simon and I work at Babel with Spaff, Ben and Kenty. I spent last week in London with Kenty attending ECTS, EGN and Gamestars Live. You'll see a full report in all its technicolour glory very soon. PS: Make sure you look out for "Scrotal Impact" in the report...
  9. Howdy all

    I did think about using an "umlaut", but a) the keyboard I was using didn't have one, and more importantly I'm too lazy to look on the net for the ASCII code.
  10. Katamari Damacy will rock you.

    No problemo. It's worth spreading the word for great homebrew games (especially one made by the guy that made rRootage).
  11. Howdy all

    My apologies, it just seemed a better entrance to make to the forum, as opposed to the "fuck you, bitches" as suggested by Spaff ¬¬ I promise I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever leet speak again. EVER. *pinky promise*
  12. Katamari Damacy will rock you.

    If you're fans of Katamari Damacy it's worth checking out Tumiki Fighters. It's a completely insane, homebrew shoot-em-up. In which, you have to stick bits of enemies that you've defeated to yourself, to become a huge ball of ownage (KD stylee), and it rules!
  13. Howdy all

    Prepare for the pnw, bitches...