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  1. Job seeks programmer (for Dutchies only)

    Cool, maybe I'll do that. Do you guys like brownies? I bake brownies on occasion and I've been told they're great.
  2. Job seeks programmer (for Dutchies only)

    This sounds very interesting indeed! And I thank Rodi for bringing it to my attention. I fear, however, that I don't have the expertise to be considered for the job. I've worked with C++/DirectX (I have three "Game Development Series" books) off and on for only a couple of years, I worked with Java and Object pascal for a while too. Aside from lacking the skills, I'm still in school (2nd year of college). I plan on majoring in Software Engineering. Sounds like a great oppertunity, though. Damn shame.
  3. Captain August launches

    I was fortunate enough to see this comic as it progressed from it's early stages Congrats on the finally getting it online thing buddy
  4. Duke Nukem 3D

    Oh my, don't tell me you're one of those people? Duke3d has more lines than just those few from AoD and then Duke3d IS a parody of alot of other stuff aswell. This game is still one of my favorites! Still awaiting the true sequel haha Anyway as already mentioned theres a opengl port out. This port also supports high res textures and 3d models. For anyone interested in those, head over to the official duke3d source release forum: linky. I haven't tried them myself, but from what I've seen (screenshots etc.) the high res textures are really well done. Work on new network code is also in progress for JonoF's port. Which I'm really looking forward to.