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  1. Is there an established internet slang term for something that everyone's seen? Like, say, if I posted a thread saying "Hey, look at this 'Zero Punctuation' thing", or whatever.

    If not, can we come up with one, please?

  2. Re. the original question:

    Although most sites don't include the track 'Angel' in the credits, wikipedia lists it as an uncredited track, and this site says:

    The music in this game reflects its gothic theme and features music from artist such as Massive Attack, Collide, and Lacuna Coil. Music posters from these groups are scattered throughout the game world as well.

    I'm still of the opinion that it's so close, it must be a licensed non-vocal version.

  3. Digg it, everyone!

    That's me playing park-zombie/bad Bruce Campbell impersonator. I haven't seen it myself yet due to Flash issues, but I expect I look like a smug cheese advert child for most of it, for which I apologise.

    Dan (he made the film) is a big fan of both World War Z and that 50 000 Volts special...

  4. Two parties on Saturday, very fun, up 'til 3am.

    After 2 hours sleep, get up to scout a location for the tv show I'm working on. Specifically, for a sketch pastiching 28 Days Later, so I was alone on Westminster Bridge with a camera at 6am Sunday morning.

    Got a couple more hours sleep, then watched Shoot 'Em Up (good fun, but not John Woo) and DeathProof (the full-length European cut, amazing).

    Went home, watched Face/Off, fell asleep.

  5. Bummer.

    From the adverts, I figured it was either a really canny realignment of the series to fit the Wii audience... or a shameless rip-off of Animal Crossing. I suspected the latter.

  6. ...up at avclub, which made me actually respect him a little, although he's probably talking complete rubbish.

    Is avclub one of those sites that everyone reads and doesn't need to be linked to? I agree with every one of their reviews, and I love 'commentary tracks of the damned' and the 'savage love' advice column.

  7. So, assuming this is true (or do we now know it to be true?), is it a good thing? Are we excited? Is one-man-show Jack Black just the guy to usher in a new era of film star video games? Or is Schafer going to lose his Midas touch?

  8. Hmm... I dunno... Robert Rodriguez is useless.

    • Sin City (2005) SHIT
    • Once Upon a Time in Mexico (2003) SHIT
    • Spy Kids (2001) SHIT
    • The Faculty (1998) SHIT
    • From Dusk Till Dawn (1996) CLASSIC
    • Desperado (1995) GREAT
    • Mariachi, El (1992) V GOOD

  9. Does anyone know if the new BBC version of Robin Hood is any good?

    It's ATROCIOUS. Even my New-Dr-Who-fan housemate thought it was terrible.

    You thought Kevin Costner was anachronistic as Robin? Wait 'til you see this hairgelled loverboy poncing about amongst the leaves. The whole thing is boring, unfunny, badly directed and flabby.


    Smokin' Aces: Fun middle section where all the characters come together, but ends abruptly in a mess of unnecessary plot twists and loose ends.

    Night At The Museum: Shit, obviously.

    Bobby: Professional but dull. Lots of people do stuff, then Bobby's shot. End.

    The Fountain: Amazing imagery, performances, soundtrack as usual from Aronofsky, but very 2001 in its unfulfilled promise of story resolution. Probably needs a couple of rewatches to appreciate.

    Blood Diamond: Powerful, but jarring mix between message movie and action thriller. How many times can these three characters dodge bullets?! DiCaprio good but accent strained, Hounsou powerful, and Connelly believable and back on the boil.

    Sorry if these have all been out forever in America!

  10. Being an internet idiot, I have no idea why they would do this. Who's going to accidentally type in when looking for

    And what would they possibly do with someone's idlethumbs forum password?

    To quote Tom Hanks in Big: I don't get it!

  11. joined after reading the article on (and buying) Gibbage, that indie-platformer from around the same time.

    Good man! Are you on the Gibbage forums too?

    I found The Thumb through ukresistance or adventuregamers, back when I was working as a tape-monkey, sitting in a basement through the night copying 100s of VHSs of shitty nature programmes and the like. Reading these forums is inextricably linked with the voice of Janet Ellis telling me how wonderful caribou are. Which is no bad thing.