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  1. Glad you're enjoying it, twmac!

    There's now an updated version at with keyboard shortcuts and a few other little improvements/fixes. Possibly not worth your re-downloading if you're quite far in, but then again it wouldn't take you too long to get back where you are now, and enjoy all the benefits of hotkeys.

    We've hit the 5000 download mark, which is great, and hopefully we'll get a lot more people playing it off the upcoming PC Zone coverdisc (not the updated version though, sadly).

  2. Thanks for all the response!

    You'll be glad to know that there's a news item up on Adventure Gamers now.

    @ brkl: It's a shame we couldn't get ambient Mike Watts music throughout the game, but that would have involved paying him, which we couldn't do with a budget of zero! We tried to put a fair few ambient sound effects in to make it less quiet, though...

    @ vimes: I can see your point with a lot of the stuff you didn't like, but in the end, we were writing it as freeware in our spare time, and couldn't polish it forever... Regarding the beginning, we were inspired by the beginning of Day Of The Tentacle, which eases the player in magnificently - great intro, find-a-door single-room puzzle, great cutscene, find-an-item whole-house puzzle, great cutscene, open up new character and whole game. I hope at some point we'll be able to get Tim Schafer to take a look at Ben There, Dan That, especially with all the DOTT and Full Throttle references in it.

    Anyone else played it yet?!

  3. I loved Gibbage (bought it as well). I'd really love a sequel which would be friendly to the HDTV I have as a secondary monitor and my gamepads, but I guess it's good for Dan to do other things.

    Gibbage 2 is a strong possibility, with much wider compatibility, better cartoony graphics, more accessible gameplay, destructible terrain, a level editor and online play. Zombie Cow has one or two other things in the works first, though...

    (if it's new, you just created an awesome way of introducing the genre to non-experts, congrats!). From time to time though, the said dialogs are a bit too wordy and there's a number of frustrating issues with the UI but I'll detail these on your forum.

    All in all I'm having a very good time and I think anyone should try this.

    Thanks bud, good to see you at the all-new forums! We defo tried to make the game accessible for people who have never heard of an adventure game before, now that the genre has fallen from its golden age. I think we mix the wordy with the succinct quite well, but I can see your point. And we decided not to spend huge amounts of time on stuff like what we considered in the end to be just niggles with the UI, as it's a freeware game. We wanted to have fun creating the story first and foremost, without worrying too much about the odd rough graphic or UI 'quirk'!

    EDIT: We're having a few teething problems with the hosting company, so the site may be down for a little while. If so, please try again later!

  4. I'm afraid it's already time for my bi-annual plugfest again. *ahem*


    Part-time Idle Thumbs forumite, and my best mate, Dan Marshall has launched Zombie Cow Studios Size Five Games. He has a few games for download, including 'Ben There, Dan That!', an adventure game written by me and Dan. It's a tribute to the classic Lucasarts adventures, and is now available as a Special Edition on a "pay what you want" pricing scheme. [EDIT: you're probably best off buying it in a bundle with the sequel these days]

    Please pass it on to anyone who you think might enjoy it, and direct any questions or requests for exclusive site content (interviews, etc) to, and we'll be more than happy to help.


    Thanks everyone, and see you in two years for the next plugarama!


  5. Preferably Psychic Bears.

    There is a new one out, it be about Haze. Entertaining, if entirely obvious slagging off of the title.

    No-one likes Haze. There's certainly no reason to expect Yahtzee not to bash it.

    Didn't twmac mean he bashed the name of the game (because it's similar to 'Halo')?

  6. Day The Earth Stood Still is a great film, and I can actually see how the planned contemporary remake would work, as long as they keep it very low-budget. Even with Keanu Reeves in it.

    The Happening was indeed balls, as was Incredible Hulk - two hours of time-killing until the final fight sequence, which was quite good.

  7. Um yeah you shouldn't watch anything with rifftrax/mst3k you actually intended seeing.

    Personally, I'd much rather watch Jurassic Park as normal for the 50th time than with some jackass making jokes about how Laura Dern's opened her mouth quite wide after seeing a dinosaur for the first time...

  8. It was a rip-off rather than an official remake. Wikipedia sez:

    The sitcom has often been criticised as being a 'British version of Friends.' However, in interviews Steven Moffat has cited Seinfeld as being more of an inspiration and this can be seen in some aspects of unusual plotting and character interaction.

  9. On the whole I was always confused while going through the game. I know HL2 is hardly the game for huge plot exposition through talking characters or -god forbid- cinematics, but it did leave me puzzled about what was going on. Never having finished HL1 I was only roughly aware of what happened at the end with the G-man, but even so I couldn't quite extrapolate what had happened to the world. Why is City 17 important? Why are the Vortigaunts suddenly allies? Were the Combine introduced in the first game already? All things that weren't very hard to fill in myself, but they did remain somewhat obscure.

    This fan-collated timeline is pretty cool, although it does go into Eps 1 and 2, so you'll only want to read up to 1.6.

  10. Quite cool, but it could have gone a bit quicker in the opening stage - it took me so long to figure out the conceit, I would have given up if it wasn't thumbs-recommended.