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  1. JamesM said:

    I'm casting no accusations here, but what lead you to discover this?

    I was googling all of the chav actresses because I thought the brunette who pops up dancing a little later on was quite hot and wanted to see if she'd been in anything else or was just a production runner they dressed up.

    I've almost finished watching the first season of Damages - all quite slick and enjoyable, but a bit repetitive. I don't know if I'll bother watching the second season.

    The Friday 13th reboot is dreadful and boring. A shame, as I enjoyed the writers' previous efforts on Freddy Vs Jason and thought they might show similar imagination on this one. No such luck.

  2. So, SyntheticGerbil is a fan of Evan Dorkin, as am I. Anyone else? He's worked on ace shows like Space Ghost and Yo Gabba Gabba, and does many ace comics such as Milk And Cheese, Hectic Planet and Dork.

    I wish this guy got more work/could fix his physical/psychological obstacles that stop him from getting more done!

  3. Speaking as an occasional wannabe screenwriter myself, there's a lot to be said for concision. "Kill your darlings" is the phrase a lot of writers use: If it doesn't advance the plot, illustrate character, or establish tone, then it's gotta go, it doesn't matter how much you love it.

    I mean, what would be the point of including every line of dialogue? You have the game there if you want that experience. The purpose of the video is to boil the game down to its essence, and it does that very effectively in my opinion.

    I didn't say he should include every line of dialogue, that would be ridiculous. But I think that by missing out or fudging some of the coolest moments and lines, while pointlessly including or recontextualising other less essential ones, he misses the essence of the game and the experience of playing it.

    Oh, and as a screenwriter and adventure game designer in my spare time, the phrase 'kill your darlings' is one that haunts me regularly!

  4. ScummVM is really easy to use these days, too.

    That Full Throttle movie is dreadful. It cuts out loads of cool stuff for no reason, but keeps in bits and pieces of dialogue that don't sound half as cool out of context. He even cuts out the 'You know what might look better on your face?' line! Unbelievable!

  5. Wow. This is mighty impressive. It's Half Life in the HL2 engine, isn't it? Will Valve pick this up and publish it?

    Rose: We really haven't had too much interaction with VALVe in terms of what they like and dislike. They have indicated they would like to see one of our builds at some point, although we're not quite at the stage to show them anything! We're really waiting for their opinions and thoughts come release date.

    Montero: Valve has always held firm that they knew someone was going to do what we are doing. Their overall reaction just seems to be to sit back, and see what we do with the project


    Valve also asked them to drop 'Source' from the title of the mod to differentiate it from official Valve product, but that's it, so they seem to be supportive but hands-off.

  6. Aw, I was hoping you'd come up with a brillo idea. Hmmm, maybe the player would have to attach a smooth piece of wood (after giving it to the sandpaper guy) to the running guy, which the ants would chase ah, I got nothin'.

    The three guys were actually a cameo by The Triforce which, I'll admit, did get a little self-indulgent. A remnant from before we realised how many people would end up playing! Still, better to have too much dialogue and detail than too little, I always think. At the very least, it adds some red herrings! EDIT: I went through a similar thing with Governor Phatt in Monkey Island 2, actually - I tried every item three times each on those damn food pipes!

  7. Glad you got round to it Toblix!

    You'll be glad to know that the sequel, 'Time Gentlemen Please' will definitely have some kind of exciting, epic final puzzle.

    Ben There Dan That has had over 15 000 downloads, not including magazine coverdiscs, and shitty download sites like Gamershell stealing it without permission, so after that success we're really trying to make the sequel more polished and tightly constructed...

    PS - What puzzle would you have designed that involved the superpowers of all the superheroes? :erm::crazy:

  8. This is so fucking sad. I used to love adventure games, and I've played all the Sierra and Lucasarts games, etc. to death. Is there a secret ingredient they stopped making in the 90s, or have I just become jaded, surly and tired of having fun? I still love playing Fate of Atlantis, and I think it's genuinely fun, but is that just nostalgia? All the newer adventure games, like the tons of European ones that have appeared the last five-ten years have been absolute rubbish.


    You'll be glad to know, toblix, that there's at least one company making excellent adventures. And I hear their upcoming adventure sequel will have a few homages to FoA...

  9. Ah, thanks Erkki. I managed to solve it by randomly using items on other items, which I hate resorting to.

    In retrospect, I should have realised what the goal was, but the demo doesn't bother making the game dynamics clear at all.

    Rubbish rubbish rubbish.

  10. Very irritating voice acting, ugly character models, random and illogical puzzles. Basic stuff like letting me know what I'm supposed to be doing, or what the controls are, are overlooked.

    Embarassingly, I'm stuck. I've

    got the frozen water in the bucket, and overturned it, and I've got the pickaxe under the door. I have no idea what to do now, or why I did any of that. I suspect I need to melt the ice so it seeps under the door for some reason...