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  1. I didn't get it. Doing a google image search I see that he's Graham the car crash evolution guy. But Fritz didn't make it, right? It's an existing pic from a couple of years ago...
  2. The Big FPS Playthrough MISSION COMPLETE

    Finished. The ending was, as with most of the game, impressive while didactic and hollow. It was cool going to Rapture and then all those other places in quick succession, going through a looping series of doors, but my reaction to the story was finally "so what?" This is why Half Life 2 is heralded as great storytelling - it doesn't tell a story that would be good for a book or a movie or an RPG, it takes a pared down, tropey storyline and tells it mostly through the environment with the occasional fun vignette filled with believable characters. With BI, I barely had a handle on the story most of the time because so many layers of backstory and ongoing twists were being thrown at me, and yet at the same time certain points and themes got hammered over and over again. I couldn't find too much making-of stuff, but here's a review from RPS that mostly aligned with what I thought, though was a bit more forgiving of its flaws. I'd be interested to hear what others here thought of it, especially the themes and narrative. I'm going to skip Zeno Clash 2, as I'm unlikely to enjoy it that much judging from my experience with the first one, and I just want an FPS I can enjoy right now! I'm not convinced Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon will be it, but I suspect I'll at least be able to muck around in it if I get bored, and not feel so obliged to make it all the way through...
  3. The Big FPS Playthrough MISSION COMPLETE

    I hope it's close, I don't know if I can handle being told that Comstock and Fitzroy are the same, or that maybe Elizabeth is creating the other universes, many more dozen times...
  4. The Big FPS Playthrough MISSION COMPLETE

    I finally got some time to play a bit more of this. I just played another huge chunk of it and holy shit I'm still only about 75% through (I just fought Elizabeth's mother in her ghost-ish form in the graveyard). It's feeling really repetitive and the balancing of the powers/weapons/health really does not encourage experimental play or proper use of the levelling-up system, especially the two-weapon system. I also never find the ziplines particularly useful or fun in a firefight because I can never tell where the hell I'm going. I'm tempted to quit, but as I'm not actually stuck and they're still throwing lots of production value at me, I might push through to the end... What was the infamously garbagey bit, @Merus?
  5. Related: homogeny in God Of War reviews leaving problematic aspects of the franchise unexamined
  6. Plug your shit

    Very good! I remember you asking aaaages (maybe years) ago what that music piece was called. Presumably that wasn't for this? (Also what is it called please?)
  7. Marvel movies

    Apparently Hemsworth was complaining a lot about the patch in Ragnarok interviews, and they started CGing it on at some point. Re Valkyrie, apparently you don't see the Taskmaster's ship at the start of IW, so that combined with the "Thanos killed half my people" line has led fans to assume she got away on that ship along with the Kiwi alien and the remaining Asgardians.
  8. Marvel movies

    Appropriately for this thread.
  9. Marvel movies

    Agreed on a lot of stuff there. (I don't think Dinklage was in In Bruges, though.)
  10. Other podcasts

    I'm glad I got that Soundcloud download working, because this 'cast is great! Thanks for the recommendation.
  11. Marvel movies

    I didn't like Infinity War either. It made me appreciate what a good overall job Avengers 1 did despite its flaws, though one could argue that movie had an easier time of it with far fewer characters to juggle. So my Marvel opinion remains 'Iron Man 1, Thor 3 and Jessica Jones 1 are fantastic; the rest of it is a mix of good, solid and awful.' It's telling that those three have very little franchise baggage to deal with...
  12. Jeff Goldblum

    I've been having similar thoughts. But I suspect that his acting career is fading enough that it won't really be a big issue...
  13. Filmmaking

    This reminds me of an anecdote Robert Rodriguez tells on the Dusk Til Dawn commentary (or making of doc, perhaps) - when he was shooting a conversation scene for El Mariachi, he got a ton of shots of a dog watching the actors, knowing that he might have to use it to paper over continuity cracks in the edit. While shooting a similar scene on DTD, he shot a ton of George Clooney reactions, but not before telling him about the El Mariachi trick and that in this scene, George was "the dog". (To Clooney's credit, his reactions are great.)
  14. Far Cry 5

    Far Cry 5 has the worst endings in all of gaming history, apparently.
  15. Movie/TV recommendations

    Yeah, I found the 'title song' segments very self-indulgent without the songs actually being funny or, uh, 'musically good' - needed clever verse lyrics and some different musical styles at least. I generally agree with the defense of the show, but I can totally understand people bouncing off it hard. The thing about Mickey's flaws vs Gus's is that his are all about denial whereas hers are out on front street, so it takes longer for Gus and the other characters to really define his issues - Mickey actually starts dealing with her shit a lot sooner and more honestly than Gus. But this can sometimes feel like the show is not equal in its acknowledgement. I did consider it as an example of a "comedy show interested in nurturing it's characters humanity where they don't come across as immature all the time" which Patrick mentioned as rare in the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend thread (I didn't want to bump that thread with it though as my partner and I have given up on the show). The characters (who I guess are early to mid thirties?) at least act like 22 year olds rather than 12 year olds...
  16. Movie/TV recommendations

    Dollhouse? That ended up amazing but the first few episodes were dreadful.
  17. Not that I've played Last Express (yet), but this sounds like a comparable concept...
  18. Movie/TV recommendations

    Thank you for the link and spoiler warning/tags, I'll check it all out when I'm done with the season!
  19. Movie/TV recommendations

    Nothing to match those, I'd say...
  20. Movie/TV recommendations

    You seemed to think that happened in season 2 when you posted about it in the Crazy Ex Girlfriend thread. I didn't notice the change, but that's probably because I skip the titles every time because of the nauseatingly chipper theme tune. Anyway, turns out I am enjoying Ash Vs Evil Dead season 2 more! It has a lot of the same problems, but the sections were fantastic. Hilarious, gruesome and inventive. This is what it's been missing! (Now if it could just chill out on the lore and the ham-fisted character arcs...)
  21. A video about Bright which touches on some similar stuff: Interestingly, Ellis cites District 9's aliens not being indigenous as a boon to the allegory...
  22. Just read this Cracked article [EDIT: forgot to link to it, thanks Spenny!] about how the allegories in Bright, X-Men etc are flawed. I was hoping for some examples and explanations of it being done right. So, does anyone disagree with the article? Or, if not, can anyone think of any examples of successful prejudice allegories in genre fiction. One that comes to my mind (without much thought put into it or a recent viewing, so feel free to destroy me) that at least got closer is District 9, because while the aliens were supposedly repulsive due to their insectoid looks and cat-food diet, that comes across to me more as the humans' judging them to be repulsive or fearful because they're different. They're generally friendly and non-violent; they do get a bit rowdy, but to a level that seems mild when they've been stuck in an internment camp slum for 25 years - perhaps it's less ham-fisted this way than to have them all angelic and meek? I have read criticisms of it that most of the actual black people in it are voodoo gangsters, though...
  23. Also, why not watch the 5-10 best Original Series episodes first? Tick all the boxes!