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  1. Filmmaking

    12 hours later is probably too late, but I'd go for the quiet hiker. Second place would be the warehouse workers (assuming you could get access to a warehouse, and also acknowledging that the second half of it feels a bit tacked on - unless the twist is that he is now possessed by Baphomet!)
  2. SGDQ 2018

    What didn't you like about the format? Congrats on getting a game in there, Henke!
  3. SGDQ 2018

    Thanks, edited
  4. Filmmaking

    The whole movie, I meant. I'd be surprised if festivals would be so strict, but I don't really know the (festival) scene...
  5. Filmmaking

    This all sounds great, well done! Seems like you're being a bit hard on yourself that everything hasn't gone absolutely perfectly at every stage and suggested pure gold from start to finish. Every film makes compromises and makes lemonade out of lemons, plus this is your first try! Sounds like it's going really well, and like it will work really well in tandem with the course to give you a ton of learning experience. I'd personally go for commissioned music over licensed, as it will likely be cheaper and more interesting, plus if it's giving an amateur or unsigned band some more experience, that feels more appropriate to the production. And definitely send it to festivals. A friend of mine made a short film with terrible production values, solely consisting of a man eating a fried breakfast then doing a poo in a sink, and got it into a festival or two; the first rough edit of your first scene that I saw deserves to be in a festival more than that film! Also please post it here!
  6. The Big FPS Playthrough MISSION COMPLETE

    Ah, yeah, I had noticed that there's a fair amount of map-checking, skill-upgrading, document-reading and the like. I very quickly assumed that it was all fluff grafted onto a regular shooter and got a bit of a "when do they get to the fireworks factory" feeling, but it sounds like I should try to embrace it. Wolfenstein is not a franchise I would have expected to go in that direction, but it does seem to be becoming a bit of a trend in shooters, along with the arcadey score-chasing.
  7. The Big FPS Playthrough MISSION COMPLETE

    Ah ha, you're right! Off the list it goes, thanks Tycho!
  8. The Big FPS Playthrough MISSION COMPLETE

    I've played through to the start of the second level and so far so Call Of Duty, give or take a couple of robots. I suspect they're slowly easing me into the more interesting stuff that I've heard about with some straightforward opening sections. And that'll have to do it for at least the next couple of weeks, see you for more FPS action soon!
  9. The Big FPS Playthrough MISSION COMPLETE

    @Jutranjo - I did see mention of the train level being hidden in there behind a destructible wall somewhere as well, actually. I guess I needed to speculatively blow more shit up. @TychoCelchuuu - ah, okay, not satire but commentary about how shooters distance you from the real horrors of war or something though, right?
  10. The Big FPS Playthrough MISSION COMPLETE

    Okay, finished. Frankly, I wish I'd stopped at the two-thirds mark, because from there it's just same fight, different room, over and over. No new moves, no new enemies, and even the mind-numbing boss fights get repeated over and over. Plus, the story sank into incomprehensible demon family back-stabbing and failed attempts at pathos. Probably the most frustrating thing of all was that when they finally gave me the new powerful sword that I've been chasing the whole game, I was allowed to run down a corridor for 30 seconds killing a handful of grunts before they took it off me again for the rest of the game! I couldn't believe it! The central dynamics are fun enough that it still came out as a positive experience overall, but it's really frustrating that such a strong first half got utterly fumbled. (There was one absolutely amazing bit that I have to mention, though, where you find a secret room that is a small grassy area from the original, pixel graphics and all. Pretty standard easter egg, I thought, as I walked over to pick up the collectible. As I did, suddenly a heavy metal track kicked in and a black bunny appeared, flying at my neck and ripping me to shreds. The combination of surprise and mixed pop culture references had me cackling even as I desperately hacked away at the little beast.) I couldn't find any interesting videos or what have you about this game. There is a forum thread, but unfortunately no one actually posted in it once they played the game - opinions are scattered through the 'completed games' thread and the like. Seems people had a similar reaction to mine, anyway. In my search through my various games libraries (oh for a free app that allows you to consolidate them all into one list) I've actually realised that I own Spec Ops The Line, but I think I'll play Wolfenstein New Order first before going back to that. I won't get far in, as I'm away for a week or so from tomorrow, so I'd rather just have a quick blast than get one step into what I understand is a cleverly satirical shooter with mediocre mechanics.
  11. The Big FPS Playthrough MISSION COMPLETE

    Also, I don't own it!
  12. The Big FPS Playthrough MISSION COMPLETE

    Yeah, I took a quick peek at the sequel, and while it seems like they have more interesting and varied enemies, and varied blade options with some cool dismemberment stuff, the partly proc-gen RPG stuff doesn't sound up my alley. Shadow Warrior 1 co-op seems like it would be fun, though, shame it isn't available.
  13. At E3, a ton of the voice actors reunited for a live table read of some Grim Fandango scenes. Live music from Pete McConnell and hosting by Tim Schafer! (It's on Facebook video, not sure if one needs to be registered to watch it...) EDIT: youtube version found!
  14. The Big FPS Playthrough MISSION COMPLETE

    I'm over two thirds through now and mostly still enjoying this. Some issues are growing, however: the variety in demons and special moves is starting to slow; the boss fights range from dull (shoot the glowy bits!) to rather irritating (shoot the glowy bits on the back of something that charges at you really fast!); the environments have settled into typical FPS metal corridors; I'm getting pretty tired of scavenging for coins. Overall, it's that standard FPS problem where I'm in the end-game and I don't feel as powered up as I should. I'm still having enough minute to minute fun to keep slashing my way through, though.
  15. The Big FPS Playthrough MISSION COMPLETE

    To Shadow Warrior? Yeah, I really enjoyed it - I think it really worked well with his youthification and the pleasingly specific archetype of 'young, ambitious Westernised Japanese man who doesn't believe in all this stuffy tradition and supernatural nonsense', and it was also cool to see a lot of effort go into such a light-hearted scene - licensing the track, doing some really good 'singing along' lip syncing, a ton of custom backgrounds and props etc. The writing in general is really fun, if not super-sophisticated. There are clever nods to the Hero With A Thousand Faces and some cute lampshading as well as some well-acted banter.
  16. The Big FPS Playthrough MISSION COMPLETE

    I'm about halfway through this now and still enjoying it. It's progressing nicely, with better weapons to match the bigger demons that are coming in. It all feels very DOOM '16, actually - a lot of arena fights where you have to use certain moves to get health back, you use demon hearts as weapons and there are big plinths of gore and bones sticking out of the floor that you pull stuff from. There was even a Hell ("Shadow Realm") level where you had to run round a big circular arena and shoot the shiny bits off a massive lumbering demon, but that might be more DooM3 now I think about it. Anyway, you can really see the pattern of arcadey style-rewarding wave-shooting in this and Gunslinger, which I guess may have been started by Bulletstorm, and which DOOM got a lot of credit for adopting. Small complaints are that it's often too tricky to swap between guns and sword, and thereby fully strategise when dealing with a collection of big and small demons, and also that it's unclear how to get higher karma rewards for stylish or unusual kills. I might look that up before I get back to it, actually...
  17. E3 2018

    So we now have Bioshock Infinite, Doom Eternal and Halo Infinite. Is this the new "Origins"? Will all games with an ouroborosian moniker be bound to include a parallel universe plot? EDIT: oh wait, Duke Nukem Forever didn't, so I guess not.
  18. Id's Rage

    More gameplay: Looks nice enough, seems like they're having fun with it, and the driving/shooting feel more coherently linked now. Does seem like they're going more for open spaces and DOOM '16 style fighting, rather than the dense art design and corridor-shooting of the first one; hopefully they'll keep some of that in here, but it seems like this is set later so all the buildings have collapsed and vegetation's grown back in.
  19. Still newer forum!

    @tabacco Would it help for whoever first reports a thread to reply to it saying so? There's a few of these per day now, and I don't know if it's annoying for you to get like ten reports for each thread, but I also don't want to not report for that reason in case everyone else is thinking the same!
  20. The Big FPS Playthrough MISSION COMPLETE

    Yeah, gave up on that and moved onto Shadow Warrior 2013. So far, this is really good! The fidelity isn't AAA but the strong visual design compensates for that - bright open spaces filled with cherry blossoms, leaping fish and hopping bunnies. If it's a little cliched, they at least lampshade it with a comment from Lo Wang. Speaking of whom, they've de-aged the protagonist, so his quipping feels more appropriate than with the bald, white-bearded Pai Mei type of the original - here he's an ambitious and abrasive young man, introduced speeding his sports car through the hills of Japan, singing along to The Touch and lighting a cigarette. (Unfortunately, they replaced the original caucasian actor with another, and indeed the entire voice cast seems to be a whitewash.) They've also given him a sassy demon sidekick, who's really fun in a Ryuk from Deathnote kind of way. I groaned when I realised that there would be an emphasis on sword combat, but it's actually really fun so far - you can generally hack your way through enemies pretty easily, slicing them into pieces in an OTT update of the original's gory kills, you're given a heal move very early and the special sword moves are simple to pull off so far. I'm finding it a lot more accessible than the saber mechanics in the Jedi Knight games. I also groaned when I realised that it's got an RPG-lite leveling system, which means I'll be scrabbling round for money in every drawer I can see. It seems pretty generous, though, and is closer to Gunslinger's arcadey flair-rewarding set-up than, say, Bioshock Infinite. My only niggle so far really is that the demon enemies are too skinny - they feel more like DOOM '16's imps than the bulky Goro types from the original. It compromises the Big Trouble In Little China feel that this game otherwise very successfully carries over from the '97 version.
  21. [DevLog] Cwine!

    Good stuff!
  22. The Big FPS Playthrough MISSION COMPLETE

    I finally got my key layout comfortable again (arrow keys for movement, "," and "." for strafing, "/" for fire), even though I still can't figure out how the inventory works, and I'm quite enjoying this. Now I've put it on easy and turned (vertical only?) auto-aim on, I can enjoy the more puzzley elements (finding the controls for a remote control car that has a key on it so I can drive it within reach, getting the power going so I can drill a new passageway into the floor) and the atmosphere (car alarms that go off if you jump on them, hitting gongs to open doors, rabbits leaping around gardens). The attention to detail definitely calls Duke Nukem 3D to mind. Speaking of which, there are a lot of racial stereotypes and some incongruous nude manga babes in there, but it mainly hits the knowing Big Trouble In Little China vibe. I'm stuck on a death-trap lowering-ceiling room at the moment, and I'm not sure if I can be bothered to find out how to get past it - as much as they dress it up, the old-school 'navigate huge map, find coloured door keys' set up is a bit wearing without DooMTM's excellent combat and level design. EDIT: ehh, so there was a small gearbox in the wall that I had to spot from a certain angle through the gates that came down, then shoot. The next thing after that is a button puzzle, so I'm probably going to give up on this out of principle rather than get out a pen and paper and try to figure this thing out.
  23. The Big FPS Playthrough MISSION COMPLETE

    Backlog-buster, eot! Backlog-buster! But glad to hear it's not a revered classic, I won't feel too bad giving up on it within five minutes! I think the new one was well-liked, though?
  24. The Big FPS Playthrough MISSION COMPLETE

    Okay, I gave ROTT '13 a little longer, but beyond the nostalgia appeal of seeing the old vanity card get busted through by a nice crisp one, the ugly intro illustrations updated to a Dave Gibbons-esque motion comic, and the first level remade exactly, it's not that fun. Honestly, it feels like someone's bought an FPS creator on Unity and made an asset-flip game. I got a couple of chuckles from the silliness, such as eyeballs splatting onto your camera when you get a particularly gory kill, but the lack of any pacing or enemy AI or interesting level design made me unwilling to replay from an old checkpoint when I hit a bug where a gate won't open. So onto old Shadow Warrior. I have the impression this is well thought of but I may not have the patience for old controls...
  25. The Big FPS Playthrough MISSION COMPLETE

    Well, I'm glad you were gunslingin' along with me in any case. I gave ROTT '94 about five minutes, which isn't really a fair shake but it seems pretty awful. I remember being excited at that time because it had duel-wielded pistols and proper human enemies - this seemed like an even more hardcore game than DooMTM! It turns out it's a weird mix of edgy (downed enemies beg you not to execute them, the 'quit?' window says stuff like 'press Y to hang yourself') and really goofy (bounce-pads, jaunty Amiga platformer music, a magic power-up that lets you shoot what are basically the energy balls from Half-Life 2's citadel out of your hands). It's all a lot less good-looking and tightly-designed than DooMTM though, so I can't really be bothered. Onto the new one!